In a new interview with Chris Van Vliet, WWE Hall of Famer Lita opened up about her recent run in WWE that culminated in a WWE RAW Women’s Title match at Elimination Chamber 2022. The multi-time WWE Women’s Champion was proud of what she added to her legacy but isn’t closing the door on more work with the company.

“It’s not, not on my radar because I just know how everything there, and nothing has changed, by the way, from when I left and when I got there. It was like, ‘oh, things happen last minute. Plans are changing at all times.’ So I will be there if nothing less than to watch it,” Lita said. “But yeah, you know, and maybe it’s like, I don’t know, am I scouting? Am I looking at different match possibilities and combinations? I just feel, you know, kind of more connected to them than I did before.

“I mean, we’ve all talked about, like, kind of sometimes you have to go outside the bubble and be like, I can’t, I have to do my own thing and not worry about over there. You know, I felt like that’s what I was doing when these opportunities just fell in my lap. I wasn’t gunning for a spot, I wasn’t, you know, booking things in my head or trying to come up with these match possibilities. They just fell in my lap. It was really inspiring just being able to sit down and talk to all of the girls that are there, and they were so excited because they know they were in the beginning of their career and just how many possibilities there are now. You know, I feel really good and proud if I had my last match.”

Despite being okay with her match against Becky Lynch being the final chapter for her character, Lita also feels like she could use one more big, final moment to ride off into the sunset.

“I had these like one-off appearances since I left my active career, but nothing that was like, meaningful enough and felt like, ‘oh that was the last thing,’ or, ‘this is how people will remember me’. It was just like, ‘oh, like, a fun thing with Heat Slater, or it’s just like, Evolution, this opener tag match,’ you know?” Lita recalled. “I’ve had fun spots since retiring, but nothing that felt big. You know, but, I’d already done the big stuff so it’s not that I was looking for that, but this just felt very different.”

For someone who held multiple WWE Women’s Titles and made enough of an impression on WWE to be in the HoF, Lita notes how her recent run had a carefreeness to it. She felt more like she had nothing to lose already having a successful career behind her.

“I was talking with Vince about this whole last run and I was like, ‘it just felt really fun to go out there and do it because it didn’t feel like there were any stakes’. It’s like, I’ve already got the ring, this is just, you know, a cherry on top, and I felt that I could really be in the moment there and really enjoy it which was really nice because I don’t feel like I soaked that in a lot because things were so busy or I was distracted,” Lita explained. “And so, that was really nice with this match that I could really be in the moment. And I don’t mean the match. From the moment I was asked to be in it to the moment, I got back on the plane to fly home. Just really could be thankful for it and take it in going, ‘wow, this is such a crazy experience. This is, like, I’m so fortunate to be here and it just felt really nice.”

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