During the latest episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the AEW superstar spoke about his time in IMPACT Wrestling as “Broken Matt Hardy” and the cinematic “Total Nonstop Deletion” event. Matt Hardy mentioned how AEW tag team The Young Bucks were planned for the event but had to back out due to a scheduling conflict.

“Originally this event was scheduled to be done a couple of weeks earlier but there was all this controversy between Billy Corgan and Anthem over who owned the ownership and booking of these events,” Hardy said. “We had to move this two weeks later and then The Young Bucks were in Japan at the time.”

On a previous episode of the podcast, Hardy revealed that his brother Jeff paid $5000 out of his own pocket to create the volcano used in the first ever Hardy Compound match, The Final Deletion. Matt also revealed that WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin told him he was a fan of the Broken Universe, calling it badass.

Continuing to talk about Total Nonstop Deletion, Matt Hardy revealed that a police officer showed up that night. The former WWE Tag Team Champion said even though they didn’t have a permit, the officer left after he realized that The Hardy Boyz were involved in the match.

“At one point we were doing this scene, a policeman pulled in,” Hardy said. “And he said ‘hey guys, what’s going on here,’ we said ‘hey man, how are you?’ He said ‘oh sh**, what’s going on Hardy Boyz, how are you doing?’ We said ‘we’re filming something for this show coming up,’ he said ‘did you guys have a permit?’ We said ‘no no, we don’t have a permit,’ he said ‘it’s okay, you guys just go ahead.’ We do okay in Cameron, we get away with stuff.”

Aside from The Young Bucks, Matt Hardy said there was someone else who was planned for the event that couldn’t make it. The former WWE superstar was supposed to replace Hornswoggle to team with Rockstar Spud but had to be replaced after he couldn’t make it.

“Initially it was going to be Ryback,” Hardy said. “And then at the last second something changed and he couldn’t make it. Then we had to get someone at the last second and we ended up getting [Hornswoggle].

Hardy also spoke about The Rock n Roll Express being involved in the match and mentioned that Ricky Morton told him WWE contacted the team for the Hall of Fame because of their appearance in the match.

“Ricky was so great, he told me he was so thankful for this opportunity,” Hardy said. “He said just whenever he was on the show the match had a decent buzz around it, he said ‘I really feel like this is why WWE called us, we got into the WWE Hall of Fame. It was after we appeared there, thank you so much for keeping us in mind and wanting us to be there,’ I was like ‘thank you for doing it, you made it special,’ he’s great.”

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