During the latest episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy featuring Christian Cage, the former WWE superstar spoke about the “let it play out” mindset in wrestling and why he believes WWE has lost that trust with fans. Matt Hardy mentioned why he believes WWE has lost trust with its fans and doesn’t believe the company has the same freedom of letting things play out like AEW does.

“I feel like with WWE now, if you hear that expression, ‘let it play out,’ they’ve kind of burnt their trust with their consumers, with their fans,” Hardy said. “I just don’t think people trust them anymore because there have been so many times where people were patient and they waited for it to play out, and it just never did. I think they just lost trust with wrestling fans when it comes to that.”

As a guest on the show to talk about their tag team ladder match at WrestleMania 2000, AEW superstar Christian Cage spoke about his comeback to wrestling in January of 2021 and why he was ready to come back so quickly. The former WWE superstar spoke about how it helped him be ready for his comeback by staying in shape as he went.

“As long as you’re taking care of your body,  you’re working out, you’re trying to feed yourself properly, that also goes a long way as far as longevity,” Christian said. “Even when I was retired for seven years, yeah, I wasn’t as strict as, obviously, when I was getting ready to come back, I really dialed it in. I still worked out and tried to eat as clean as possible even if I was not as quite strict as I was when I was competing, but I think that’s key. Trying to take care of your body.”

Christian Cage also spoke about how he’s felt since coming back at the WWE’s Royal Rumble last year, talking about what the future holds for him in wrestling. Christian recently had a stellar match with Adam Cole on AEW Dynamite, and has been working alongside the AEW Tag Team Champions The Jurassic Express. The former partner of Edge said he’s just focused on putting quality matches together and enjoying the ride AEW has taken him on.

“I get to pinch myself sometimes, getting this back is a gift for me after it seemingly being gone for as long as it was,” Christian said. “I’m just trying to take everything in as much as I can now, knowing it’s not going to last forever. I know that. It was taken away once and at some point, it’s going to go again, so I’ve just got to enjoy the time I do have. At this point, my only concern is putting on quality matches and enjoying myself, and giving back to the AEW fans that are so passionate and come out and support us every night.”

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