MVP Releases New Hip-Hop Track In Honor Of 4/20

WWE's MVP is celebrating April 20, a day that's been come to be commonly associated with cannabis, by releasing a new track on Spotify.

Along with artists Smoke DZA and 80 Empire, "Legalize It" is centered around the title's suggestion — legalizing marijuana on a national level in the United States.


"Hey everybody, I just released a new song. It's available now on Spotify!" MVP writes on Twitter alongside a clip of the music video.

Numerous states and cities in the US have decriminalized or legalized cannabis in some capacity, but it still remains illegal on a federal level. Charges for marijuana possession vary depending on the amount held and where you are located.

For example, in the areas where cannabis has not been decriminalized in Georgia if you are in possession of less than one ounce, you can serve up to one year in prison and pay up to $1000 fines. In Chicago, however, carrying up to an ounce of cannabis has been decriminalized and recreational cannabis is sold in stores.

There is much debate regarding how the day of April 20 became a holiday of sorts for cannabis. Some say it's a police code for smoking in progress, others believe it is the date, long ago, that marijuana officially became illegal in the US.


According to sources like TIME and others, the most credible story points to a group of students at a high school in Marin County, California. They would meet up at the same statue on the campus of San Rafael High School to smoke at 4:20 p.m. The group, Steve Capper, Dave Reddix, Jeffrey Noel, Larry Schwartz, and Mark Gravich, would say '420' to one another to signify it was time to partake. This apparently caught on over the years, leading to the celebration of April 20 as we know it today.

On WWE television, MVP recently affiliated himself with the rising RAW star, the giant, Omos. Bobby Lashley, MVP's former client, is currently locked in a feud with the two men after MVP betrayed him to work with Omos.

You can find the full song available to stream below.