Naito Comments On Possible Dream Match Against Top AEW Star

Don't expect New Japan Pro-Wrestling's Tetsuya Naito to issue any challenges for a possible match at the upcoming Forbidden Door pay-per-view.

NJPW is promoting the show alongside AEW and it will be held at Chicago's United Center in June but instead of issuing challenges for a match on the show, Naito feels it's more appropriate to wait for potential challengers to come to him.


"There is no wrestler I want to call out," Naito told Sports Illustrated. "The reason is simple. Wrestlers in AEW will all gather and shout, 'I want to wrestle Tetsuya Naito!' and 'I want to fight Los Ingobernables de Japon!' It isn't hard to see this happening. It won't take long before it does."

Some fans may be interested in seeing Tetsuya Naito in a match involving Andrade El Idolo. Andrade's history with Naito dates back to before Andrade's days in WWE. As La Sombra in Mexico's CMLL promotion, Andrade was a founding member of Los Ingobernables. The faction later welcomed Tetsuya Naito into its ranks and Naito would go on to establish his own incarnation of the group when he returned to Japan from Mexico.


"Do people want that?" Naito asked SI. "Are they interested in me teaming with Andrade? Are they excited? My answer to that, of course, is, 'Tranquillo.'"

Tetsuya Naito's excursion to Mexico changed the trajectory of his career but he appears to be in no hurry to spend any extended time away from the pro wrestling rings in Japan right now.

"I love New Japan Pro-Wrestling, so I don't want to take a break from the game," Naito said. "But if I ever go abroad, I want to go for a long time.

"I want to wrestle in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Palau," Naito continued. "I want to show Los Ingobernables de Japon to the world."