NPJW Windy City Riot Live Coverage (4/15) – Jon Moxley Vs. Will Ospreay, Chicago Street Fight, More

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s live coverage of New Japan Pro Wrestling's Windy City Riot PPV at Odeum Expo Center in Chicago, Illinois. Join us for live coverage, beginning at 8 pm ET! The PPV is available on FITE.


Here is what's in store for tonight:

  • Jon Moxley vs Will Ospreay
  • Tom Lawlor vs Yuji Nagata
  • Chicago Street Fight: FinJuice (David Finlay and Juice Robinson) and Brody King vs TMDK (Jonah and Shane Haste) and Bad Dude Tito
  • Tomohiro Ishii vs Minoru Suzuki

The Factory (QT Marshall, Aaron Solo and Nick Comoroto vs LA Dojo (Karl Fredericks, Clark Connors and Yuya Uemura)

Yuya starts off the match against Aaron who gets taken to the mat right away. The two men exchange counters leading to cheers from the crowd. Aaron strikes Yuya with a back elbow but ends up on the receiving end of two arm drags.

Yuya tags in Karl who hits a massive chop on Aaron. QT is tagged in which elicits a chorus of boos. He doesn't stay long in the ring and immediately tags in Comoroto.


Comoroto tasks Fredericks to the mat, and tags in QT. Fredericks gains control of the contest and knocks both Solo and Comoroto off the apron. He lands a series of punches to QT in the corner which causes everyone to storm the ring.

The signal from the venue goes dark and finally, the commentary is available when it returns. Connors takes advantage of Solo down in the ring to hit a dragon elbow from the top. He gets a two-count. All members of LA Dogo trade hard shots to Solo's midsection as they are in control.

Comoroto enters the ring and takes out everyone from LA Dojo. In an impressive feat of strength, he slams all to the mat at once. Yuma enters the match and lands many blows to QT. QT turns things around with an impressive lariat taking down Yuma. He stops paying attention which allows Yuma to hit a german suplex pun combo onto QT.

Comoroto breaks up the pin and runs after Yuma but gets dumped to the outside of the ring. The ref didn't see a low blow from QT which is followed by the cutter for the win.

Winners: The Factory

Fred Rosser, Josh Alexander, Alex Coughlin, Ren Narita and Chris Dickinson vs Team Filthy (Royce Isaacs, Jorel Nelson, JR Kratos, Black Tiger and Danny Limelight)


Everyone storms the ring to start the match and things erupt into full chaos. Rosser kicks things off with many clubbing blows to Limelight. He hurls him into his corner and tags in Alexander. Limelight nails a dropkick to Alexander's face and follows it up with a senton over the rope.

Alexander makes easy work of Isaacs and Nelson. Coughlin's tagged in and hits a powerful belly-to-belly suplex across the ring to Nelson. Coughlin and Narita double team Nelson with a duel hip toss. Narita makes sure the ref is paying attention to who is legal.

Narita tags in Dickinson who easily takes down Isaacs. Isaacs is set up in the corner and gets splashed by a running Dickinson. Dickinson puts both members of the West Coast Wrecking Crew in the corner and clubs both. Team Filthy hits the ring to pose over a fallen Dickinson.

Kratos finally enters the match and smashes Dickinson in the face. He drives Dickinson into the mat. Kratos sets Dickinson up for a suplex toss and launches him across the ring. He goes for the cover, but it's not enough for the win.

Kratos tags in Limelight who does a lot of trash talking to Dickinson. He hits a superkick to the gut of Dickinson but is met by a massive clothesline in response. Both men are down and Rossrer and Tiger are tagged.


Rosser is cruising with the hot tag but his momentum is halted by Limelight and Black Tiger. However, he prevents their double clothesline effort. Rosser slams Tiger into the mat with a running Death Valley Driver, but the pin attempt is broken up.

WCWC tries to double team Alexander, but he breaks free. Kratos appears out of nowhere and drops Alexander with a pop-up powerbomb. Coughlin enters next and trades back and forth blows with Kratos. He's having trouble taking the big man off his feet which he does with a powerful suplex in the middle of the ring.

WCWC works together again leading to a big fallaway slam off the top onto Coughlin. Nelson hits an elbow drop from the top but Narita and Dickinson break up their celebration.

Rosser and Kratos end up in the ring alone, but Rosser flees to the outside. With everyone at ringside, Kratos does an insane dive over the turnbuckle onto everyone involved.

Despite this, Rosser gets Tiger in the ring by himself to win the match with a Chicken Wing submission.

Winners: Fred Rosser, Josh Alexander, Alex Coughlin, Ren Narita and Chris Dickinson  


Lawlor runs to the ring after the match and attacks Rosser with WCWC by his side. He whips him with a dog collar, but Rosser is saved by  Yuji Nagata

Strong Openweight Championship Match: Tom Lawlor Yuji Nagata

Lawlor and Nagata hit each other in rapid succession to open this title match. Nagata hits legs strikes to Lawlor's glues and sends him into the corner. While in the corner, Nagata pummels him with more kicks.

Lawlor gets to his feet but is met with kicks by Nagata every time. Lawlor seeks refuge outside the ring which allows him to chop Nagata from the outside. Nagata starts a submission move in the ropes which forces the ref to start the five count.

Lawlor drags Nagata out of the ring and hits more chops. Lawlor corners Nagata into the steel barrier and punches and kicks him into the front of the crowd. He poses over Nagata and throws him back into the ring. Nagata hits a Ric Flair strut and kicks Nagata in the back of the legs. He forced Nagata to run and nails a Russian Leg Sweep.

Lawlor stays on Nagata with an armbar, but the crowd claps for Nagata to break free. He breaks Lawlor's grip and makes it to the bottom rope. Lawlor keeps working over the leg and goes for the pin. He secures a two-count, and Nagata starts to make it to his feet.


Lawlor goes back on the offensive with more legs strikes, but Nagata takes control. He doesn't stay in control long because Lawlor switches things up and locks in a modified sleeper hold. POnce again though, Nagata forces the rope break.

Nagata hits a big exploder suplex on the outside of the ring buying himself some time. The ref begins the count and Nagata gets back into the ring. The ref starts the count, and Lawlor's struggling to make it back into the ring. He walks right into the path of devastating leg strikes from Negata.

Nagata drives him into the mat with a butterfly suplex, but he can't put away the match with it. He attempts another suplex but Lawlor counters into an ankle lock. Nagata counters that and locks Lawlor into a crossface. Lawlor's trying to find the ropes, but he's in the center of the ring.

Lawlor gets his hands on Nagata's feet and goes from the ankle lock into the figure four. Nagata eventually traps Lawlor back into the crossface in the middle of the ring. This time he makes sure to keep his ankles away from Lawlor's clutches.

Finally, Lawlor finds the bottom rope and forces the break. Nagata is firmly in control and hits a huge knee strike to Lawlor's face in the corner. On the top rope, Nagata hits another exploder. He goes for the pin, but it's only a two. Nagata brings Lawlor to his feet, but Lawlor locks in a side headlock. They trade sleeper positions for a bit until Nagata hits a back suplex.


Lawlor's left ear is busted open, but that doesn't stop him from trading blows with Nagata. Lawlor gets back in control and hits his finisher for the win. No title change.

Winner: Tom Lawlor

United Empire (Aaron Henare, Great-O-Khan, Jeff Cobb, TJP, Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher) vs Bullet Club (Hikuleo, Chris Bey, El Phantasmo, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) and Scott Norton

Bey kicks things off against TJP. Bey hits a running shoulder tackle and drops TJP to the mat. They exchange many counters before TJP tags in Henare and Bey tags in Hikuleo. Hikuleo hits a job and tries for a chokeslam, but he settles with a pop-up punch to the face.

Henare's first time wrestling in USA isn't starting off well. Hikuleo is easily overpowering him. Henare hits a roundhouse kick to his face which makes him retreat. Hikuleo tags in Norton which pops the crowd.

Norton asks for Cobb which he gets. Cobb doesn't take long and suplexes Norton into the mat. Norton gets his turn and drives Cobb into the ring with a suplex of his own. The men face off nose-to-nose and do a test of strength. Cobb wins the face-off, but Norton takes out Cobb and TJP.


Norton tags in Phantasmo who drops TJP with a kick to the face. Bey's back in the bout and going after TJP once again. Bey grinds TJP's neck into the bottom rope. Phantasmo's tagged back in and rakes TJP's back. For the first time Anderson's tagged in, and the crowd is hot for him.

Anderson hits his own back rake on TJP and tags in Gallows. He gives his own rake which looks more powerful than the previous two. Hikuleo comes back in and hits TJP from the top rope.  Norton sets up TJP for a powerbomb but hits a back rake instead.

Davis enters the match and knocks all of Bullet Club off the apron. Davis hits a double scoop slam onto Phantasmo and Bey, but it's broken up but Hikuleo.

Khan smashes Gallows and Anderson with chops to the neck, but he gets his with a big boot. Aussie Open looks to close the match, but they get stopped by Phantasmo. Aussie Open nails the Fidget Spinner onto Bey to win the match.

Winners: United Empire

Chicago Street Fight: FinJuice (David Finlay and Juice Robinson) and Brody King vs TMDK (Jonah and Shane Haste) and Bad Dude Tito


The bell sounds, and everyone's attacking each other with chairs. It's chaos as this match gets underway. After multiple streaming delays, the match returns with Finlay flying into his opponents after a fire extinguisher to the face. After ANOTHER delay, we are back in the ring to multiple chairs set up.

Jonah's blasted in the nether regions with a chair shot. Jonah's set up in between the chairs while Finlay takes to the sky. However, Tito's up and takes out FinJuice. Juice looks under the ring for a new weapon to use and pulls out a ladder.

He blasts Tito in the face with a ladder from the corner. Juice sets Tito up on the ladder, but he's caught and sent into the ladder with an exploder suplex. King chops Haste into a garbage can and brings a door into the ring.

Jonah's back to his feet and sets up a chair to use against King. Jonah launches himself into King's seated body to take him out.

Jonah drives a trash can into Finlay's skull in the middle of the ring. Finley gets destroyed by everyone in the ring and thrown into the ladder. However, he kicks out of the Blue Thunder Bomb. Jonah, Haste, and Tito get SLAMMED into a pile of chairs in the center of the ring off the top rope.

After smashing Jonah in the face with the shillelagh the big beast is finally conquered.


Winners: FinJuice (David Finlay and Juice Robinson) and Brody King

Jay White vs Shota

Shota takes it to White as soon as the bell sounds. Again the FITE feed cuts out as a match begins, so it's difficult to follow the action. When my feed returned, Shota was attempting a pinfall onto White.

White drops Shota with a bladebuster, but it's not enough to pick up the win. White tries for the urinagi, but Shota stops him. Instead, White catches Shota with a knee to the ribs.

After ANOTHER abysmal feed issue, the action returns with Shota attempting another pin on White. White drives Shota into the corner rib first. Shota hits a german suplex pin combo to get the closest near fall of the matchup.

Out of nowhere, White hits a blade runner to win!

Winner: Jay White

Tomohiro Ishii vs Minoru Suzuki

The two hard-hitting men exchange power strikes to start. Neither man takes advantage in the early stage. Suzuki swings and misses multiple leg strikes as Ishii makes it safely to the corner.

Suzuki takes Ishii to the outside and throws him over the steel barrier. Both men grab steel chairs, forcing the referee to let them fight. Back in the ring, Ishii scoops Suzuki with a power slam.


After more back and forth strikes between the two men, Ishii rocks Suzuki with a strike dropping him to the ground. Next time around it's Suzuki dropping Ishii, but Ishii "Hulks Up" and returns to his feet. Ishii hits a running clothesline into the corner, but he can't take Suzuki off his feet.

Once again the feed is cut out, but Ishii is the winner! Following the match, Eddie Kingston shows up to confront Ishii in the ring to challenge him to a match for the PPV event next month.

Jon Moxley vs Will Ospreay

Moxley and Ospreay do battle in the sea of people before making their way to the ring. Finally, back in the ring, Ospreay chops Moxley off the top turnbuckle and crashing to the floor below.

Outside the ring, Ospreay launches Moxley into the steel barrier. Moxley's split open already in this main event match. A chair thrown to his face is responsible for the crimson mask. Ospreay stays on the wound by doing a series of closed fist punches to it.

Moxley's struggling to stand, and Ospreay stomps him and hits multiple elbows to the wound. Moxley hits a dangerous looking german suplex onto Ospreay, but he appears to be okay.