New SmackDown Superstar Raquel Rodriguez, FKA Raquel Gonzalez, was least bit bothered when WWE changed her name after the main roster call-up.

In a recent interview with Bleav in Pro Wrestling Podcast, Gonzalez detailed the circumstances that led to her name change.

“They just basically said, ‘Hey, you’re getting a name change and this is it.’ And I was like, ‘Cool, that’s fine.’ I really had no big arguments with it at all. It was just a simple little switch,” Rodriquez admitted.

“It’s funny, I was just joking with Rhea (Ripley) last Friday because she was actually at SmackDown, and her initials are R-R. Rhea Ripley. And we’ve always joked about being a tag team, and we had our feud in NXT. Well, now my initials are R-R, Raquel Rodriguez. So it kind of just feels like it was meant to be, so I’m okay with it. We’re starting to think of new tag names.”

Gonzalez revealed her parents broke out in tears of joy when learned of her main roster call-up.

“They just immediately start crying because they, they totally understand,” Gonzalez said. “You know, it’s been five to six years for me, since I moved from Texas, the farthest away from my home state. And my family is so very, very close. Like, I talk to my dad every day. So he’s heard every struggle I’ve been going through. Every doubt I’ve ever had. My dad has heard me cry in the mornings. He’s heard me cry at night [cries]. Sorry, I’m getting emotional. I’m so emotional right now.”

WWE aired a new vignette on this week’s SmackDown to highlight Raquel Rodriguez’s dominance in NXT. It was also announced that Big Mami Cool will be making her in-ring debut on next week’s show.

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