During an interview with Ryan Satin of the Out of Character Podcast during WrestleMania weekend, Sami Zayn joined to talk about his interactions with Vince McMahon over the past several months.

Sami Zayn recently worked with Vince in November along with Austin Theory where they talked about the Cleopatra egg gifted to Vince from the set of The Rock’s movie Red Notice. He also detailed how Vince used Baron Corbin as a comparison in what he should work better to do during his promos.

“Even I will get in the pattern of screaming and a few weeks ago I thought I did a pretty good job with a backstage interview and then I saw Vince ‘you’re screaming at me, you’re just screaming at me,’ and I’m like man, he’s right though,” Zayn said. “You want to say no I wasn’t really screaming but you take a second and I’m like yeah, yeah I am screaming aren’t I?

“We all refer to what we know and we all grew up on 80s or 90s wrestling, late 80s, early 90s you watch some of those backstages, especially like Survivor Series 89 or 91, you listen to the words, it’s absolute gibberish. It’s just big crazy men screaming at you and when you were young you were like ‘oh wow, this is going to rule.’

“If you actually listen to the words, it’s just nothing. Sometimes there is the inclination to revert to just being angry and I am a bad guy, so I’m angry, so ahhhhh. That’s not where I think my bread is buttered but I do venture into those waters every now and again.”

“Another thing Vince said in that same talk he was like ‘you’re yelling at me and when you yell at me I just check out,’ which I get and he used Baron Corbin or someone as an example and he was like ‘look at Baron Corbin, he used to be tough and talked like whatever but that’s not what took him to the next level. It was being happy and laughing that’s just so obnoxious that you just want to punch him in the face.’

“I think he genuinely sees me as an obnoxious human being already, really I think he does. So he’s like ‘that’s where your character is, that’s where your heat is.’”

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