WWE NXT star Sarray took to social media earlier today to celebrate the 11th Anniversary of her first match. On that night, Sarray went one-on-one with one of her mentors, the Japanese in-ring legend, Meiko Satomura.

Since Meiko is the current WWE NXT UK Women’s Champion and Sarray is signed with NXT 2.0 in America, Sarray hopes that they can have another singles match one day. But this time, on a grand platform like WWE so everyone can see how much they’ve grown.

“It has been 11 years since my debut,” Sarray wrote. “My opponent was Meiko Satomura I hope that I can have a match again against Satomura-san in NXT #WWENXT #WWEUKTour.

Sarray was on a 3 match winning streak until February 22, 2022. She would suffer two back-to-back losses and hasn’t been a prominent part of NXT 2.0 since March 15.

Meiko Satomura has been undefeated in WWE NXT UK since last April and reigns as the current NXT UK Women’s Champion. She has traveled to America in the past to perform, including being a part of the 2018 WWE Mae Young Classic Tournament.

​​Wrestling Inc. reader Hiroaki Kawafuji contributed to this article.


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