Ahead of his big match with Cody Rhodes on WWE RAW this week, The Miz stopped by to speak with The Detroit News“WWE’s most must-see superstar” talked about how his character has evolved since being a Tough Enough contestant so long ago.

But even if The Miz might not be everyone’s favorite persona WWE has created, he pushes himself to stay great for the ones that do consider him one of the best.

“You’re never going to be the most popular, you’re never going to be the most hated, you’re never going to be the most, because everyone has a different opinion. One guy will say Shawn Michaels is the greatest, another will say Hulk Hogan, or The Rock, or Stone Cold Steve Austin. One guy might even say The Miz! But it’s my job to make sure more people, each and every time I’m out there, says, ‘it’s The Miz.’

“And so I’m always striving for that,” he says. “I know that I can never do it, but I’ll strive for it, I’ll push for it. And maybe someday it will actually happen.”

Miz looks to be a ‘good hand’ in the world of WWE, a chameleon that can fit in any role that they assign him going forward.

“I would say my role in the company now is as a person who can develop newcomers but also be in the main event, or help the main event out, or be on the mid-card. I can be anywhere,” he says. “I’m the person that they’re like, ‘hey, we’ve got this,’ and if they give it to me, they know it’s going to be gold.”

But with his focus drifting more towards developing the rising WWE stars, is retirement on the horizon for The Miz? Not quite yet, he instead hopes to continue developing WWE talent and the celebrities that come in to wrestle.

“Not yet,” he noted. “My goal, whenever a celebrity comes in, is not to have them just sit on the sidelines and watch me work. What the fans paid to see is, ‘is Logan Paul going to be able to do this?’ And I want to be able to give fans that answer, whether it’s positive or negative. So I’m going to push whichever celebrity is out there to be their absolute best, and it only works if they have the heart, the dedication, the will and the athletic ability to do it.”


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