The Wyatt Family Reunites In New Photo

In a new image posted to Twitter, the Wyatt Family, Adam Scherr (Braun Strowman), Erick Redbeard (Erick Rowan), and Windham Rotunda (Bray Wyatt), reunite and pose with each of their four fingers extended. Scherr explains that along with the late, talented Brodie Lee as a part of their family, they make up the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.


"War. Death. Famine. Pestilence. Forever the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse!!!!! 4Brodie #TheFamily #BrayWyatt #LukeHarper #ErickRowan #BraunStrowman," Scherr writes.

The new title for the group is interesting and rather fitting, though it's unclear if this will be used in a wrestling promotion going forward. Adam Scherr and EC3 are currently producing their own wrestling promotion titled 'Control Your Narrative', so it is possible the trio makes an appearance there. It is also possible they reunite on a national-level scale, possibly in AEW or WWE, however, nothing has been confirmed as of this writing.

Earlier this week, Rotunda officially changed his Twitter name to a red circle, while also changing his photo to a sketch of a one-eyed creature. He then wrote, "I do think it's true that 'he who makes a beast of himself, gets rid of the pain of being a man.'


"But," Wyatt tweeted. "But if you become the machine, you don't have to feel at all. #What If. To be sentient."

Bray Wyatt hasn't been involved with pro wrestling since WrestleMania 37 last year, where he was defeated by Randy Orton in singles action. Though, he did do recent fan signings and meet & greets at WrestleCon in Dallas, Texas during WrestleMania 38 weekend. Wyatt was released from WWE in August of 2021.

Scherr and EC3 have been working on producing content with Control Your Narrative and Pro Wrestling TV. They are reportedly set to debut a linear channel and on-demand streaming app, provided as a free ad-supported service to viewers across the world.

"With PWTV, the way professional wrestling is consumed will change forever," said CYN co-founder EC3 in a press release. "We are very excited to partner with PWTV to bring the stories, skills, and abilities of a distinct and driven group of talents to the wrestling world."

Erick Redbeard recently appeared as a surprise tag team partner for Death Triangle (PAC and Penta Oscuro) at AEW Revolution on March 6, 2022. They, unfortunately, lost to House of Black (Brody King, Buddy Matthews, and Malakai Black) in a trios match at the pay-per-view.


You can see the image below: