Tony Khan Says Forbidden Door Will Feature “Dream Matches People Thought They’d Never See”

AEW Owner and President Tony Khan was a guest on the Superstar Crossover with Josh Martinez prior to Dynamite that aired on April 27.

Tony explained that in regard to the upcoming Owen Hart Tournament, the brackets could not yet be revealed until all the wrestlers involved had qualified. The official tournament will begin on May 11.

"The bracket, I'm not gonna be able to reveal until everybody has qualified. Or at least everybody that is going to be announced has qualified," Khan said. "We'll have this great bracket when we come back to New York on May 11 at the UBS Arena on Long Island. We had a great crowd there last time, we're gonna have a great crowd on Long Island again, and it's going to be a great time May 11th. I'm excited about kicking off the Owen Hart Cup Tournament with some huge matches."

Tony Khan was asked how long it took to put together the Forbidden Door pay-per-view, which will be co-hosted by New Japan Pro-Wrestling on Sunday, June 26.

"It's something that we'd talked about for a long time," Tony explained. "Now, with international travel opening up, it's possible. We've, I think, built a great relationship between AEW and New Japan Pro-Wrestling."

The AEW head honcho also disclosed that he will work closely with NJPW's lead booker, Gedo, to build the card with dream matches that fans thought they'd never see at Forbidden Door.

"I certainly am going to work closely with Gedo in putting this card together," Tony Khan said. "The two of us will have to decide who we can send from our respective companies, what the matches are gonna be, and we'll make the best matches we can for the pro wrestling fans. They're gonna be dream matches that people thought they'd never get to see."

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