Triple H Comments On How Competition With AEW Affects WWE

WWE Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development Paul "Triple H" Levesque says AEW being in competition with WWE is a positive for the pro wrestling industry.

Triple H recently spoke with Chris Vannini of The Atlantic and was asked about competition between the two companies.


"As far as the competition aspect goes, it's great. It makes everybody sharper," he said. "You get lazy if you're all there is and everybody goes about their business. The end of the day, it'll make us better, and we'll all be better for it.

"All those things have forced us to be in a better place right now. Not that we wouldn't have gotten there anyway, but we had to do it quicker in some manner. That's an important piece of it, right?"

Triple H continued and said there's room for everyone to operate.

"As long as there aren't things hurting the business overall, I think any of that stuff is good," he said. "If you're a 6-year-old kid, you turn on the TV, wrestling is on and you like it. Now you're caught up in it. Then you start sampling all of it. You get to where you're a huge fan. That's the money. There's room for everybody to do it.


"It's like saying the USFL or XFL is starting up and the NFL is panicking about market share. It's just going to increase people's love for football. If you love football that much, you'll watch all of the football, and it's great. But the NFL is not sweating that."