WWE Hall Of Famer & Others React To Vince McMahon Botching Stone Cold Stunner At WrestleMania 38

Wrestling Twitter has been abuzz over WWE Chairman Vince McMahon botching a Stone Cold Stunner from WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin on WrestleMania Sunday.

As seen in the video clips below, McMahon stumbled a few steps against the ropes until Austin caught him and hit his signature move. Another camera angle of the video also shows Austin laughing as he tried to catch McMahon for the stunner.

The moment occurred few minutes after McMahon defeated Pat McAfee in an impromptu match. After the match, McMahon encouraged Austin Theory to pose for the crowd but AT&T Stadium came unglued when the glass broke and out came Stone Cold. Theory tried to attack Austin, but McMahon hit his protégé with a stunner instead. This was followed by Austin and McMahon having a beer toast, until the Texas Rattlesnake dropped his old rival.

The likes of WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, Disco Inferno and Noelle Foley posted their reactions to Vince McMahon's botched stunner, as seen below.