WWE WrestleMania 38 Night One: Logan Paul And The Miz vs. The Mysterios

The Mysterios vs. Logan Paul and The Miz

We go back to the ring and Jimmy Smith welcomes us to the next match. He's joined by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. Out first come The Mysterios – Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio. Out next comes The Miz and social media star turned boxer and podcast host Logan Paul. Logan is apparently wearing an expensive rare Pokemon card around his neck. He and The Miz are wearing matching black & yellow gear. Logan's brother Jake Paul is sitting behind the announcers.

The bell rings and the two sides have some words. Miz starts off with Rey. Miz unloads on Rey in the corner and beats him down thanks to a quick distraction by Logan. Miz stomps Rey and in comes Logan. Logan works on Rey's ribs and talks some trash. Rey applies a headlock but Paul picks him up and puts him against the ropes. They run the ropes and Paul does a split to avoid Rey but he does it at the wrong time and Rey decks him. Paul tags out and in comes Miz.

The Mysterios double team Miz and Dominik covers for a 1 count. Miz sends Dominik into the corner but he counters and hits a big moonsault. Paul rushes in and rocks Dominik to prevent a tag. Dominik with a flying takedown to both opponents. Dominik gets a pop as he keeps contorl, then flies out to drop Miz at ringside. Dominik comes back in as we see Miz pull Rey off the apron. Miz backs off as the referee sees him. The distraction allows Paul to hit Dominik from behind.

Miz takes over on Dominik in the corner. Paul tags back in and hits a big running powerslam in the middle of the ring. Dominik kicks out at 2. Miz takes over on Dominik again and covers for a 2 count. Miz grounds Dominik with a headlock now as Rey waits for the tag. Miz ducks a right hand but has his neckbreaker blocked with a back-slide for a 2 count.

Paul comes back in off the top with a big Blockbuster on Dominik for a 2 count. Miz and Paul double team Dominik in their corner now. Miz sends Dominik into the turnbuckles but he decks Paul off the apron. Dominik keeps fighting and drops Miz with a tornado DDT. They both go down and Rey is fired up for the tag now.

Rey comes in to a big pop and drops Miz with a hurricanrana. Rey goes on and hits the top rope senton. Rey rolls through a Sunset Flip and kicks Miz in the face for a 2 count. Rey fights back in from the apron now. He goes to the top and hits a moonsault onto Miz for a 2 count as Paul makes the save. Paul and Miz go for a double suplex on Rey but Dominik breaks it up and Rey rolls Miz for a close 2 count. Rey drops Miz into the ropes for 619 as fans cheer. Miz blocks the 619 but Rey counters that into a tornado DDT. Miz still kicks out at 2. Rey with the Three Amigos suplexes to pay tribute to WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero but Miz blocks the third and cuts him off.

Paul tags in and he knocks Dominik off the apron, then boots Rey. Paul is all smiles as most fans boo him now. Paul grabs Rey and tells everyone to watch this. Paul hits a suplex and holds it. Paul now does the Three Amigos as the boos get louder. Paul hits all three suplexes, then does a kip-up in the middle of the ring. Rey is down and Paul takes it all in. Paul goes to the top, does the Guerrero shake, then hits the big Frogsplash but Dominik breaks the pin up just in time out of nowhere.

Dominik hits a big suicide dive to Miz into the announce table. Dominik chases Paul back into the ring, where Rey is waiting to drop him into the ropes for 619. Rey and Dominik hit a double 619 to Paul. Dominik with a Frogsplash to Paul, then Rey hits a Frogsplash to Paul. Miz quickly tags himself in, sends Dominik into Rey, then drops Rey with a Skull Crushing Finale for the pin to win.

Winners: The Miz and Logan Paul

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