AEW Dark Elevation Results (05/09) – Swerve & Keith Lee Vs. The Factory, Abadon Vs. Emi Sakura

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Here is what happened on the show tonight:

Dark Order (Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds, Preston "10" Vance and Alan "5" Angels) vs. Josh Fuller, Ryan Mooney, Diego and Brandon Scott

Dark Order comes to the ring with Anna Jay and hits their pose on the apron. Fuller, Mooney, Diego and Scott are already in the ring. Angels and Fuller start off the action. Angels delivers a chop to Fuller and sends him to the corner. He delivers another chop, then gives Fuller some fists to the head. Angels hits a one leg drop kick off Fuller.

Angels tags in 10 who then tags in Uno. 10 and Uno hit a double shoulder tackle on Fuller and pose. Uno delivers chops to Fuller in the corner of the ring. Uno tags in Reynolds. Reynolds hits a side step, then a clipping elbow on Fuller. Reynolds delivers a double drop kick to Fuller. Reynolds is sent off the ropes and is hit with a knee by Scott who is standing on the apron. Reynolds send Mooney off the apron.

Fuller tags in Mooney. Mooney attempts a toss over his shoulders, but Reynolds escapes. Mooney tags in Scott and Reynolds tags in Uno. Uno knocks Scott to the mat, then delivers a big boot. Scott delivers a kick to Uno's rib cage. Fuller and Scott attempt a double move on Uno, but Uno sends them into one another. Uno gives them a double stunner and tags in 10. 10 delivers a double shoulder tackle to the pair. Mooney tries to hit 10, but 10 ducks and delivers a slam. With Fuller and Scott sent to opposite corners, he delivers a forearm to both. 10 hits a delayed suplexes to Diego who is also in the ring.

Reynolds hits Mooney with a knee. Angels does a backflip off the apron to take out the other members of Mooney's team. 10 and Uno hit the Dark Order finisher for the win

Winners: Dark Order

Abadon vs. Emi Sakura

Sakura comes to the ring, followed by Abadon. The bell rings and Abadon bites Sakura's arm. Abadon sends Sakura into the corner, but Sakura reverses it and delivers some chops to her to the tune of "We Will Rock You". Abadon bites the rope to keep Sakura from delivering a jaw lock. Abadon flips Sakura over in the ring,then does a back flip off the apron.

Abadon sends Sakura back into the ring. Sakura delivers some stomps to Abadon's neck before sitting on her back. Sakura delivers a rotating back breaker and goes for the pin, but Abadon kicks out. Sakura tries to get Abadon up on her shoulders, but Abadon reverses it and bites her shoulder. Abadon hits a cutter on Sakura, then hits the full body backsplash. Abadon punches Sakura.

Sakura goes for a few chops on Abadon, but Abadon reverses it and hits her finisher.

Winner: Abadon

"Pretty" Peter Avalon vs. Sonny Kiss

There is a short commercial break. Once the show returns, Peter Avalon comes to the ring accompanied by Ryan Nemeth. Sonny Kiss comes out after to a big pop. The bell rings and the two lock up. The crowd cheer for Kiss. Avalon hits a headlock takeover, but Kiss then hits a leg scissors. Avalon hits a shoulder tackle.

Kiss delivers a high hip toss to Avalon, then gives him a Huricanrana. Kiss hits a backflip springboard elbow on Avalon. Kiss holds Avalon above their head, then drops him. Kiss delivers a backflip into a knee strike, then goes for a pin but Avalon kicks out. As Kiss hits the ropes, Ryan Nemeth grabs their ankle. Kiss exits the ring to go to the outside before Avalon hits a taupe suicida. Avalon tosses Kiss into the ring, goes for the pin but is unsuccessful. Kiss kicks Avalon a couple times before he reverses it and goes for the pin. Avalon is unsuccessful.

Avalon bodyslams Kiss and goes to the top rope. He attempts a moonsault, but Kiss rolls out of the way. Kiss hits the drop kick on Avalon. Kiss hits the crossbody off the top rope and goes for the pin but Avalon kicks out. Kiss hits the split legs, but Nemeth causes a distraction. Avalon attempts to hit a forearm on Kiss who is standing between them, but Kiss moves out of the way and Avalon hits Nemeth. Nemeth tries to hit Kiss, but Kiss ducks out of the way and he hits Avalon instead. Nemeth is sent off the top rope. Kiss rolls up Avalon for the win.

Winner: Sonny Kiss

There is  another short commercial break.

John Silver vs. Tony Deppen

John Silver comes to the ring with Anna Jay and Alex Reynolds to a pop. Deepen is already in the ring. The bell goes and the two lock up. Silver hits the shoulder tackle and then an uppercut. Silver hip tosses Deppen. Deppen hits the double knees to the back of Silver's neck. He goes for the pin but is unsuccessful. Deppen delivers palm strikes to Silver. He then delivers a chop before Silver gives him one right back. The two then give one another forearms enforce Silver gets fired up and gains the advantage. Deppen delivers a high knee strike, then Silver hits him with a fore arm. Silver throws Deppen into the corner and delivers a knee strike. Silver hits the big spin for the win.

Winner: John Silver

There is then a clip of the new AEW interview show, Hey! (Ew) featuring Arn Anderson.

Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland vs. The Factory (QT Marshall and Nick Comoroto)

In the main event, The Factory comes to the ring first accompanied by Aaron Solo, followed by Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee. Swerve and Lee get a massive pop. QT Marshall and Swerve start off in the ring. Marshall kicks Swerve, then Swerve delivers a chop. Swerve knocks Marshall to the mat. Lee is tagged in. The pair deliver a double chop to Marshall. Lee jacks up Marshall's shoulder by locking his elbow and holding him high.

Marshall attempts to hit a strike on Lee, but Lee no sells it and hits a massive double chop on Marshall. Lee delivers a big bell toss. Marshall tags in Comoroto, who is immediately double chopped by Lee. Marshall and Comoroto deliver a double flapjack to Lee. Comoroto chokes Lee on the ropes.

Comoroto hits Lee with a fist, then puts him in the corner. Marshall chokes Lee with the tag rope. Comoroto tags in Marshall. The pair deliver a double rib shot to Lee. Comoroto is tagged back in and hits a spear in the corner. Comoroto mocks Swerve.

Comoroto and Lee brawl back and forth. Comoroto makes the tag to Marshall, who knocks Swerve off the apron. Marshall delivers another rib shot to Lee. Marshall tries to suplex Lee, but Lee reverses it and suplexes Marshall. Lee tags in Swerve and he takes down Comoroto. Swerve clips Marshall in the knee and hits a clubbing forearm to Marshall's back. Comoroto enters the ring after being tagged and Swerve takes him down again with a forearm. Swerve goes for the pin, but Comoroto kicks out.

Swerve tags in Lee. Comoroto picks up Lee, but Lee escapes. Marshall delivers a boot to Lee. Comoroto hits Lee with a big spear and goes for the pin, but Lee kicks out. Swerve drives Marshall into the mat from the top rope. Comoroto tosses him out of the ring, but Swerve lands on his feet and takes out Solo. Swerve delivers a release suplex to Comoroto, then Lee hits his finisher for the win.

Winners: Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee

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