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Here is what happened on the show tonight:

The show starts off with Tony Schiavone greeting the audience, alongside Paul Wight, Mark Henry and Anthony Ogogo. Justin Roberts annouces Brandon Cutler and Bear Bronson as both competitors make their way to the ring during their respective entrances.

Brandon Cutler vs. Bear Bronson

The duo lock up, then Bronson throws Cutler down to the mat. Bronson locks in an arm lock on Cutler, but Cutler escapes. Cutler rolls outside the ring and runs away from Bronson around the ring, who is hot on his heels. Cutler grabs his spray, but Bronson delivers a taupe suicida out of nowhere to Cutler. Bronson tosses Cutler back into the ring and delivers a body splash into the corner, but Cutler moves out of the way. Cutler delivers a drop kick to Bronson, then sends him into the corner and delivers punches to Bronson’s head. Bronson picks Cutler up and powerbombs him.

Bronson picks up Cutler for the bodyslam, but Cutler escapes. Cutler almost sends Bronson into the ref so he can grab his can of spray to cheat to win. When he goes to spray it, Bronson moves out of the way and Cutler almost sprays it on the ref.

Bronson hits a modified Boss Man slam on Cutler. He delivers a split leg drop for the win.

Winner: Bear Bronson

Back from the commercial break, the commentary team pushes the Draft Kings app for placing bets in AEW. Brody King comes to the ring with Alex Reynolds entering next accompanied by Dark Order who stay on the ramp.

Alex Reynolds vs. Brody King

The pair lock up before King tosses Reynolds in the corner and delivers a cannonball. King delivers a chop to Reynolds chest. He gets Reynolds up on his shoulders, but Reynolds escapes and delivers a couple punches to King’s head. King manages to get Reynolds back up on his shoulders and tosses him over. Reynolds delivers a diving elbow, followed by a kick and multiple forearms, but King is still standing on his feet. King delivers a chop that sends Reynolds to the mat, then delivers a Gonzo bomb for the win.

Winner: Brody King

Nyla Rose and Emi Sakura enter together with Vickie Guerrero and head to the ring, followed by Yuka Sakazaki and Anna Jay.

Yuka Sakazaki & Anna Jay vs. Nyla Rose & Emi Sakura

Rose and Sakura get to work right away and start beating up Sakazaki and Jay. Sakura and Jay brawl outside the ring, leaving Rose and Sakazaki to start off the action. Rose chokes Sakazaki off the ropes, then kicks her on the mat. Sakazaki makes the tag to Jay. Jay sends Sakura off the apron, then hits Rose with a series of forearms. Rose sends Jay into the corner, but Jay moves out of the way and delivers a series of forearms to Rose.

Jay tags in Sakazaki. Sakazaki kicks Rose in the side of the head, then goes flying off the top rope. Sakazaki goes for the pin, but Rose kicks out at one. Sakazaki climbs up on the ropes, but Guerrero tries to interfere. The ref catches her, giving Sakura and Rose the chance to attack Sakazaki. Rose delivers a flying knee to Sakazaki who is hanging off the top rope. Rose goes for the pin, but Jay breaks it up.

Rose tags in Sakura. Sakura delivers a series of chops to Sakazaki, before delivering a flying crossbody. Sakura delivers a modified backbreaker to Sakazaki, then goes for the pin but Sakazaki kicks out. Rose attempts to illegally hit a lariat on Sakazaki, but Sakazaki moves out of the way and she hits Sakura instead. Jay jumps on Rose’s back to inhibit her as Sakazaki goes for the Magic Girl merry-go-round. She hits it and pins Sakura for the win.

Winners: Yuka Sakazaki and Anna Jay

After the match, Rose attacks Sakazaki and tosses her out of the ring.

There is then a short commercial break, followed by a clip from the new Hey (Ew!) show.

The Gunn Club come to the ring, alongside Billy Gunn. The Acclaimed come out next and Max Caster come out to a huge pop (hometown heroes) and cut a rap promo. Zack Clayton, Bryce Donovan, GKM and Lucas Chase are already waiting in the ring.

The Acclaimed & Gunn Club vs. Zack Clayton, Bryce Donovan, GKM, & Lucas Chase

Caster and GKM start off the action. The two lock up and Caster locks in an arm lock. Caster tags in Austen Gunn. He runs off the ropes, then Colten Gunn tags himself in. Caster tags himself in for the Mic Drop. Bowens is tagged in and hits a slam for the pin.

Winners: The Acclaimed and Gunn Club

After the match, The Acclaimed and Gunn Club scissor each other (with their fingers of course!)

Evil Uno and 10 come to the ring with Eric James and VSK waiting inside.

Eric James & VSK vs. Evil Uno & 10

James and Uno start off the action. James goes for a kick to the midsection, but Uno catches it and sends James to the mat. Uno stomps on James’ hands and throws him into the corner. He tags in 10. 10 gets James up for the delayed standing suplex and hits it. He tags Uno back in. Uno hits a standing suplex on James. James hits a drop kick and tags in VSK. VSK delivers a few kicks to Uno, but when he attempts a kick to the midsection, Uno catches it and reverses it to deliver a cutter. Uno tags in 10, who hits the lariat. James tries to interfere, but 10 and Uno deliver a cutter-suplex combination off the ropes. 10 delivers a spinebuster to VSK and tags in Uno. 10 and Uno hit the Dark Reckoning for the win.

Winners: Evil Uno and 10

Trish Adora comes to the ring first, then Mercedes Martinez follows her. Justin Roberts announces the duo and states it is a ROH Women’s World Championship match.

Mercedes Martinez (c) vs.  Trish Adora for the ROH Women’s World Championship

Before the bell rings, the two shake hands. The bell rings and the pair locks up. Martinez locks in an arm lock, but Adora reverses it into another arm lock. Martinez takes Adora down to the mat and the two exchange a series of submissions. Martinez hits Adora with a few fists, but Adora rolls her up. Martinez kicks out at two. Adora goes for another roll up, but Martinez kicks out at two again. Martinez hits a couple lariats, then a kick that Adora side steps. Martinez hits an exploder belly to belly. She sends Adora into the corner, then delivers a boot and a drop kick. Martinez goes for the cover, but Adora kicks out at two.

Martinez hits Adora across the chest several times. She locks in a headlock on Adora, but Adora escapes. Adora hits a big elbow on Martinez before she hits an enziguiri. Adora delivers a German suplex and pins Martinez, but Martinez kicks out at two.

Martinez gets Adora up on her shoulders, but Adora escapes. Martinez delivers three standing suplexes to Adora, followed by a corkscrew off the top rope. Martinez locks in a dragon sleeper and Adora taps out.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez to retain the title

Post match, Martinez helps Adora up and shakes her hand.

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