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Here is what happened the show tonight:

The show opens with Paul Wight and Mark Henry greeting fans at home. Ryan Nemeth comes to the ring, accompanied by Peter Avalon. Konosuke Takeshita follows them, getting a pop from the audience.

Konosuke Takeshita vs. Ryan Nemeth

The bell rings and Nemeth hits Takeshita from behind. He gloats in the ring, but Takeshita is unimpressed. He knocks Nemeth to the mat and delivers an Irish Whip. He goes to the top rope and hits a drop kick. Takeshita hits a suplex and goes for the pin, but Nemeth kicks out. Nemeth hits a few elbows, followed by a drop kick to Takeshita’s back. He delivers a spear in the corner.

Nemeth locks in an arm and back submission on Takeshita, but the referee counts to four and Nemeth breaks it. Nemeth delivers a series of knees to Takeshita, then hits a shoulder drop. He goes for the pin, but Takeshita kicks out.

Nemeth locks in an arm submission, but Takeshita escapes with an elbow to the head. He hits a few forearms, followed by a modified neck breaker that sends Nemeth to the mat. He hits a spinnning sit out powerbomb. He goes for a  knee, but Nemeth reverses it into a DDT. Nemeth goes for the pin, but Takeshita kicks out.

Takeshita hits a lariat, followed by a forearm to the side of Nemeth’s head. He goes off the ropes, but Avalon interferes. Nemeth goes to attack Takeshita, but he ducks out of the way and Nemeth hits Avalon. Takeshita hits a high knee for the win.

Winner: Konosuke Takeshita

After a couple short promo videos for Forbidden Door and Rampage, Caprice Coleman has joined commentary. Mazzerati comes to the ring, with Mercedes Martinez following.

Mercedes Martinez (c.) vs. Mazzerati for the ROH Women’s World Championship

The bell rings and Martinez goes to shake Mazzerati’s hand. Mazzerati blows her off and refuses.

The two lock up and the two exchange submissions. Mazzerati goes to the outside on the apron, but Martinez pulls her back in for a delayed suplex. She goes for the pin, but Mazzerati kicks out.

Martinez locks in a headlock, but Mazzerati escapes. Mazzerati attempts a kick to the head, but Martinez ducks. Mazzerati hits a DDT and goes for a pin, but Martinez kicks out. Mazzerati hits some forearms, then chokes Martinez on the ropes. Mazzerati hits a snap suplex and goes for a pin, but Martinez kicks out.

Martinez hits an overhead double choke slam. Mazzerati hits a leg sweep, followed by a kick to the side of Martinez’s head. She goes for another pin, but Martinez kicks out.

Mazzerati locks in a rear choke, but Martinez escapes. Martinez hits a lariat, followed by an elbow. She hits an execution forearm, followed by a big boot. Martinez hits a drop kick to Mazzerati in the corner. She drags her to the center of the ring and hits a spine buster. She goes for the pin, but Mazzerati kicks out. Martinez gets Mazzerati up on her shoulders, but she escapes. Mazzerati goes off the ropes, but Martinez catches her and hits the Execution. She locks in the Brass City Sleeper for the win.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez

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