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Here is what happened on the show tonight:

The show starts off with an ad promoting Double or Nothing Live from Vegas. Max Caster then comes to the ring and cuts a rap promo on Tyler Uriah. Anthony Bowens is absent, so Caster allows a fan to say Bowen’s line (“The Acclaimed have arrived”).

Max Caster vs. Tyler Uriah

The duo lock up and Caster puts Uriah into a bent arm lock. Caster sends Uriah off the ropes and delivers an arm drag. Caster delivers a kick to the midsection. He goes for a chop, but Uriah ducks out of the way and delivers a drop kick instead. Caster then delivers a drop kick of his own to Uriah. He gloats in the ring.

Caster delivers a fist to the head of Uriah. He gets Uriah up on his shoulders, but Uriah escapes and rolls up Caster. Caster kicks out at one. Uriah goes for a backslide, and Caster kicks out again. Uriah attempts a small package, but Uriah kicks out at two.

Caster hits a flapjack on Uriah. He sends him to the corner and goes for a jumping elbow strike, but Uriah moves out of the way. Uriah hits a couple clotheslines, followed by a backflip. Caster hits a leaping stomp on Uriah for the win.

Winner: Max Caster

After a short commercial break, Marina Shafir comes to the ring, with Layna Lennox already waiting inside. Taz sings along to Shafir’s music as she comes to the ring.

Layna Lennox vs. Marina Shafir

The pair lock up. Shafir delivers a side flip to Lennox and the duo lock up again. Lennox locks in an arm submission, but Shafir escapes and counters it with an arm lock of her own. Lennox hits a kick to the midsection, followed by a couple flips to Shafir. Lennox hits a running knee as Shafir sits on the mat.

Lennox goes for the drop kick, but Shafir moves out of the way. Shafir hits a series of kicks and knees on Lennox as she lays on the mat. She sends Lennox into the corner. Shafir tosses her out of the ring. Shafir drops Lennox face first on the apron and then tosses her back in the ring. Shafir kicks Lennox in the face and delivers an uppercut followed by a hip toss. Shafir hits a round kick to the spine. She hits a pumphandle, followed by a modified straightjacket for the win.

Winner: Marina Shafir

LA Dojo cuts a backstage promo with Lexy Nair. They sya they aren’t happy because QT Marshall is following them all over the country alongside their legendairy recruits. They say that they’re the best around and everyone is trying to follow what they do. They say they want blood for putting VKG through the table and say it’s over for QT Marshall.

The Work Horsemen enter the ring first, followed by Bear Country.

Bear Country (Bear Boulder and Bear Bronson) vs. Work Horsemen (JD Drake and Anthony Henry)

Bear Bronson and Anthony Henry start off the action. The two lock up. Henry kicks Bronson in the chest multiple times as Bronson asks for it. Bronson gets fired up and the two exchange a series of forearms and kicks with one another. Henry goes off the ropes and Bronson delivers a shoulder tackle that knocks Henry to the mat. Bronson hits a Samoan drop on Henry and tags in Boulder.

Boulder sends Henry off the ropes, but Henry kicks him in the midsection. Henry tags in Drake. Drake hits Boulder with a chop, but Boulder no-sells it. He goes for a second chop, but Boulder catches it and counters with a forearm. Boulder hits Drake with a series of elbows, then a bodyslam to the mat. Boulder tags in Bronson.

Boulder locks in an arm lock. Drake makes the tag to Henry after two attempts. Henry hits a double stomp on Bronson and goes for the pin, but Bronson kicks out. Bronson hits Henry with a few chops. Henry hits a kick to the head and goes for the pin but Bronson kicks out. Henry tags in Drake.

Drake hits a big chop on Bronson, but Bronson then hits a few forearms. Henry knocks Boulder off the apron and hits a senton. He goes for the pin but Bronson kicks out. Drake sends Bronson into the corner and tags in Henry. Henry hits Bronson with a kick to the midsection, then one to the face. He taunts Bronson for not being able to make the tag and delivers a double stomp. Bronson hits Henry with a series of forearms and tries to make the hot tag, but is unsuccessful. Henry attempts a roll up on Bronson, but Bronson hits a double standing leg drop.

Henry makes the tag to Drake as Bronson is able to make the hot tag to Boudler. Boulder knocks Henry and Drake to the mat. He hits them both with a scoop and slam each. Boulder hits a double diving shoulder tackle. Boulder gets Drake and Henry up on his shoulders and hits them both with a Samoan drop. Boulder tags in Bronson and the duo go for a Bear Bomb, but Henry makes the save. Drake tags in Henry and delivers a couple kicks to the chest of Boulder. Drake hits a running knee strike on Boulder and Henry hits a DDT on Bronson. Henry goes for a running knee srike. Boulder drops Henry on the apron outside the ring.

Inside the ring, Bronson hits Drake with a cannonball. He stack Henry on top of Drake and they hit a double cannonball on the two to cheers from the crowd. They hit the Bear Bomb for the win.

Winners: Bear Country

Emi Sakura comes to the ring with Devlyn Macabre already waiting inside.

Devlyn Macabre vs. Emi Sakura

The two lock up and Sakura locks in a midsection submission. Sakura hits a chop, then a kick to the face. She throws Macabre to the mat by her hair and locks in a Romero Special. Macabre is dumped to the mat by Sakura, and she kicks her in the jaw. Macabre tries to hit Sakura with a few forearms, but Sakura counters them and delivers forearms right back to her. Macabre hits a kick to the shins, followed by a thrust kick and a pump kick. Macabre hits a running cutter and goes for the pin but Sakura kicks out. Macabre tries for a suplex, but Sakura counters and hits her with a reverse DDT. Sakura hits Macabre with her signature chops and a running crossbody. She hits Macabre with a backbreaker and goes for the pin. At the last minute, she lifts her up. She hits Macabre with a Queen’s Gambit for the win.

Winner: Emi Sakura

Angelico and Jora John come to the ring, with Baron Black and Anthony Catena already inside.

Angelico and Jora Johl vs. Baron Black and Anthony Catena

Angelico and Black start off the action. The bell rings and the duo lock up and hit one another with a series of submissions and reversals. Angelico sends Black into the corner, but Baron escapes and tags in Catena as Angelico tags in Johl.

Johl and Catena lock up. Catena sends Johl off the ropes. Johl hits him with a shoulder tackle and sends him into the corner. Johl hits Catena with a chop. Catena hits Johl with a drop kick and a right hand. Johl hits Catena with a thrust kick on the chin. Johl hits an overhead throw and tags in Angelico.

Angelico locks in a submission, but Catena escapes. Angelico tags in Johl and he kicks Catena to the mat. Johl gets Catena up for a delayed suplex, but Catena escapes and tags in Black. Black knocks Angelico off the apron and takes down Johl. He hits Johl with a spinning backfist, followed by a modified atomic drop and a backstabber. He hits a lariat and goes for the pin, but Johl kicks out at one. Black goes off the ropes, but Angelico hits him with an insiguri from the outside. Johl gets Black up on his shoulders and hits a modified cradleshock. He tags in Angelico. Angelico locks in a Navarro Death Roll for the win.

Winners: Angelico and Jora Johl

Ryan Nemeth comes to the ring, followed by Trent Beretta.

Ryan Nemeth vs. Trent Beretta

The pair lock up and Beretta sends Nemeth into the corner. Beretta hits a cpuple big chops. Nemeth knocks Beretta to the mat, then locks in a side headlock. Bereta sends Nemeth off the ropes and hits a back elbow. Nemeth rolls to the outside and Beretta hits a drop kick through the ropes. Nemeth hits a DDT to Beretta on the outside. Nemeth tosses Beretta onto the stage face first. Nemeth sends Beretta back into the ring and goes for a pin, but Beretta kicks out at one and a half. Nemeth hits a drop kick. Nemeth taunts the crowd, giving Beretta the chance to recover. Nemeth turns around to a running knee from Beretta for the win.

Winner: Trent Beretta

After the match, Peter Avalon attacks Beretta from behind. He beats him down with multiple kicks to Beretta. Rocky Romero makes the save to Beretta, but Avalon and Nemeth roll out of the ring before he can attack them.

Skye Blue comes to the ring, with Amber Nova wating inside.

Skye Blue vs. Amber Nova

The bell rings and Nova asks the crowd how old Blue is. She mocks Blue by asking if she’s 12 and demands a new opponent who is a real woman be sent to the ring. The crowd cheers for Blue as Nova continues to mock her. She shoves her rag into Blue’s face. Nova sends Blue off the ropes and Blue goes for a roll up but Nova kicks out. Blue hits Nova with an arm drag. Nova sends Blue face first into the top turnbuckle and then delivers a suplex. She attempts a pin, but Blue kicks out. Nova locks in an arm submission, but Blue makes it to the bottom rope to force a break. Blue hits Nova with a kick to the head, followed by a clothesline. Blue hits a shoulder tackle, followed by a running knee strike and a drop kick. Blue goes for the pin but Nova kicks out.

Nova kicks Blue to the mat and attempts a pin, but Blue kicks out. Blue hits a kick to the side of Nova’s head and goes for a modified Dragon suplex for the win.

Winner: Skye Blue

In a post match interview with Tony Schiavone, Blue says she has grown lots in her time at AEW and says she is excited about her future in the company.

LA Dojo comes to the ring, followed by The Factory.

LA Dojo (Alex Coughlin, Clark Connors, Karl Fredericks, Yuya Uemura, and Kevin Knight) vs. The Factory (QT Marshall, Aaron Solo, Nick Comoroto, Brick Aldridge, and Blake Li)

Li and Connors start off the action, but the two teams get in the face of one another and start brawling outside the ring. Inside the ring, Li delivers a chop and an elbow strike to Connors, but he no-sells it. Connors knocks Li to the mat. He delivers an uppercut and then tags in Uemura. Uemura hits a double hip toss and attempts a pin, but Li kicks out. Uemura tags in Knight and the two deliver a double back elbow followed by a double elbow drop. Knight goes for the pin, but Li kicks out. Knight drops Li to the mat. Li hits an uppercut and goes for the pin, but Li kicks out. Li tags in Aldridge.

Aldrige delivers a beal to Knigh and sends him into a boot in the corner. He tags in Comoroto and the pair hit a double Irish whip, followed by a pancake drop. Comoroto hits Knight with an elbow across the jaw. Comoroto tags in Marshall, who then tags in Solo. Solo knocks Knight down to the mat and hits a modified hip toss. Solo goes for a pin, but Knight kicks out.

Solo tags in Marshall. Marshall immediately tags in Comoroto. Comoroto hits a suplex to Knight, but Knight kicks out. Comoroto tags in Solo. Knight hits a back breaker on Solo, and tries to make the tag, but Solo tags in Marshall who prevents this from happening. Marshall hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Knight. Knight reverses and hits a diving shoulder tackle. Knight tags in Fredricks as Marshall tags in Li. Li hits a forearm, but Fredricks reverses into a spinebuster. Fredricks hits a stomp to the back of Li’s head, then hits an elbow drop and goes for the pin but Li kicks out. Comoroto tags himself in and Fredricks hits him with forearms. Comoroto sends Fredricks to the mat. Aldridge tags himself in and the two deliver a move for the top rope. Aldridge goes for the pin, but Fredricks kicks out. The two teams start brawling with one another again. Comoroto and Coughlin exchange hits. Comoroto goes for a vertical suplex, but Coughlin reverses it and hits him with one instead. Li hits Coughlin with a diving uppercut. Connors takes him out, but Uemura takes him out with a double corkscrew. Aldridge takes him out. Marshall sneaks into the ring to hit Fredricks with a cutter, but Fredricks escapes and sends Marshall out of the ring. Marshall makes a sneaky tag to Aldridge. Coughlin and Knight hit Aldridge with an electric chair-kick combo for the win.

Winners: LA Dojo

Josh Woods comes to the ring first, followed by Wheeler Yuta for the main event. There are three judges sitting at ringside in case the match goes over the 60 minute time limit.

Wheeler Yuta vs. Josh Woods for the ROH Pure Championship

The bell rings and the duo shake hands. Woods waste no time and go straight for Yuta. Yuta and Woods lock up and take each other down to the mat, trying to roll one another up. Woods locks in a submission, and Yuta makes it to the bottom rope and uses his first of three ring breaks. Yuta hits Woods with a couple chops to the chest, then hits a back elbow. Yuta hits a modified Tornado DDT and hits an arm drag. He goes after the hand and the arm of Woods.

Yuta hits a stomp on Woods. He goes for an arm lock again but Woods escapes. Woods and Yuta exchange forearms and Yuta locks in another arm lock. Woods escapes once again. Yuta tries to send Woods off the ropes, but Woods hangs on. Yuta sends him to the mat and locks in an arm bar. Woods reverses it into a side hip toss and locks in an ankle lock. He attacks Yuta’s leg. Woods hits a few shots at Yuta, followed by stomps to the inside of his leg. Woods goes for the pin, but Yuta kicks out.

Woods goes after the leg of Yuta. He hits a couple standing drops, followed by a submission. Woods goes for a figure four lock, but Yuta goes for a roll up. Woods kicks out and the two roll around the ring trying to pin one another. Yuta gains the upperhand and pins Woods, but Woods kicks out. Woods goes for a bodyslam, but Yuta escapes. Yuta hits some fast palm strikes on Woods chest and hits an insiguri. Yuta goes to the top rope and hits a diving splash. Yuta goes for the pin, but Woods kicks out.

Woods locks in an ankle lock, but Yuta does a roll and sends Woods out of the ring. Yuta hits a taupe suicide and the referee starts the twenty count. Woods hits Yuta with an insiguri off the stage. Both men enter back in the ring at the fifteen count. Yuta and Woods exchange elbow strikes. They hit each other with pump kicks. Yuta suplexes Woods into the ropes. He drops Woods to the mat and goes for the pin, but Woods kicks out. Woods locks in another ankle lock on Yuta and uses his second rope break. Woods locks in the ankle lock again and uses his final rope break. Woods goes for the ankle lock, and Yuta manages to make it to the edge of the ring. Woods goes to throw Yuta, but Yuta counters and rolls him up. Woods reverses, but Yuta rolls him up again for the win.

Winner: Wheeler Yuta

The two shake hands after the match is over, then Yuta cuts a promo.

Chaos Project comes to the ring, followed by Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee in a bonus match on Dark.

Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee vs. Chaos Project (Luther and Serpentico)

Swerve and Luther start off the action. They poke one another in the chest in a shoving match. Luther bites Swerve’s hand, but Swerve bites Luther’s hand. Swerve hits the arm drag, sending Luther into his corner and allowing him to tag in Serpentico. Swerve trips Serpentico and locks in the side headlock. Serpentico attempts a monkey flip, but Swerve moves out of the way. Swerve drags Serpentico to the middle of the ring and hits a leaping stomp. Swerve tags in Lee.

Serpentico begs Lee not to hit him, and goes to tag Luther, but decides against it. Serpentico attempts a chop on Lee, but it is small and Lee stands there and laughs. Realizing he messed up, he tags in Luther.

Lee and Luther lock up. Luther locks in a side headlock. Lee sends Luther off the ropes and hits a shoulder tackle. The two attempt to go for a clothesline at the same time and they both no-sell. Lee hits Luther with a shoulder block. Luther reverses an insiguri and tags in Serpentico. Luther sends Serpentico into Lee by hitting a tilt-a-whirl. Serpentico goes for the pin, but Lee unsurprisingly kicks out. Serpentico tags in Luther, who tags him back in. Luther sends Serpentico into Lee, but Lee catches him and sends Serpentico back into him. Lee hits a splash in the corner. Lee tags in Swerve and Swerve hits their finisher for the win.

Winners: Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee

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