AEW Dark Results (05/24) – The Wingmen Vs. Roppongi Vice, AQA In Action

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Here is what happened on the show tonight:

The show starts with a promo for "Double or Nothing". Excalibur and Taz greet fans to the show as Kris Statlander makes her way to the ring. Avery Breaux is already waiting inside the ring.

Avery Breaux vs. Kris Statlander

The bell rings and Statlander through Breaux to the mat. Statlander delivers a hip toss, followed by an arm drag. Statlander sends Breaux off the ropes, then delivers a body drop. Breaux gets a big boot up, but Statlander gets her up on her shoulders and sends her face first in the mat. Statlander locks in a waist lock, but Breaux escapes and wails on Statlander. She hits a Senton and poses.

Statlander makes her way to her feet and delivers a back breaker. Statlander hits a couple lariat, followed by a power slam. Statlander hits the Night Fever on Breaux for the win.

Winner: Kris Statlander

Back from the ad break, Daddy Magic and Cool Hand make their way to the ring. Eli Isom and TUG Cooper are already waiting in the ring.

Menard grabs a mic and tells them to cut the music. He says because Jericho is absent, he gets his way and there is no singing along to their entrance music. Parker grabs the mic and tells the audience to take a peak at their opponents. He says that they're a couple of fine wrestlers, but says the JAS will beat them up for the AEW galaxy. He says this is because they know everyone appreciates sports entertainer.

J.A.S. ("Daddy Magic" Matt Menard and "Cool Hand" Angelo Parker) vs. Eli Isom and TUG Cooper

Parker and Isom start off the action. The bell rings and Isom hits a drop kick right off the bat. Parker hits a blind tag. He delivers a suplex to Isom and slams him into the mat. Menard delivers a chop, followed by a clothesline. He tags in Parker.

Parker gets Isom up and kicks him to the mat. He sends him into the term buckle and mocks Isom. Isom reverses things and sends Parker into the corner. He goes for a tag, but Parker prevents this from happening. Isom breaks free and manages to make the tag to Cooper.

Parker sends Isom into Cooper and tags in Menard. The duo hit the elevated double DDT for the win.

Winners: J.A.S.

AQA makes her way to the ring, with Brittany Jade already inside.

Brittany Jade vs. AQA

The bell rings and the two lock up. Jade sends AQA into the corner, but AQA kicks her in the face to escape. The two lock up again and exchange submissions. AQA gains the upper hand and drags Jade to the mat. She tries to pin Jade, but Jade kicks out.

AQA hits an arm drag and turns it into a side headlock takeover. Jade escapes and drags AQA to the mat with a side headlock takeover. AQA hits a leaping elbow strike, followed by a bulldog. She goes for the pin, but Jade kicks out. Jade sends AQA into the corner and hits an elbow. She drags Jade to the mat and hits into a modified face buster. She goes for the pin, but AQA kicks out.

Jade gets AQA on her shoulders, but AQA escapes. She hits Jade with some fists, followed by a knee. She hits a flying clothesline on Jade, followed by a sling blade. AQA hits an insiguri, then a  flipping neck breaker for the win.

Winner: AQA

After a short commercial break, Lee Moriarty makes his way to the ring, followed by Alan Angels.

Lee Moriarty vs. Alan "5" Angels

The bell rings and the two shake hands. They lock up and Moriarty hits a mat return on Angels. They exchange submissions and Angels hits an arm drag. Moriarty locks in an abdominal stretch and sends Angels into the rope, where he escapes. They lock up again and Angels sends Moriarty into the ropes.

Angels hits an elbow strike. Moriarty comes back with a knee, followed by a forearm. Angels hits a drop kick, followed by an arm drag. He locks in an arm submission.

Angels hits a kick to the midsection. Moriarty drags him to the mat, then hits a round kick to Angels' back. Moriarty goes for a kick, but Angels catches it. He hits an open handed strike, but Angels fires back with a series of chops and kicks. Moriarty drags Angels to the mat. He cranks on Angels' shoulder and hits a knee on it. He hits a front chancery into a suplex into a bridge on Angels and goes for a pin, but Angels kicks out.

Angels hits a kick to Moriarty's upper thigh. He slams Angels arm into the mat and goes for a pin, but Angels kicks out. Moriarty continues to work Angels' shoulder. Angels hits a chop on Moriarty. Moriarty sends Angels into the corner, but Angels counters with an elbow. Moriarty sends Angels to the outside and begins the 10 count, but Angels gets back in at 5.

Angels hits a drop kick, followed by a clothesline, followed by an insiguri. Angels hits a forearm, followed by a Northern Lights suplex. He goes for the pin, but Moriarty kicks out.

Angels hits a chop. He sits Moriarty on the top term buckle and heads up there. Moriarty pushes him off, but Angels hits a knee strike. Angels hits a Spanish Fly and Moriarty rolls out of the ring. Angels attempts a move out of the ring, but Moriarty rolls back in the ring. Moriarty hits a taupe suicida on Angels and sends him back in the ring. Moriarty hits a rolling hand chop and goes for the pin. Angels kicks out, but Moriarty locks in the Border City Stretch for the win.

Winner: Lee Moriarty

After another short commercial break, Sonny Kiss comes to the ring. Carlie Bravo is already in the ring.

Carlie Bravo vs. Sonny Kiss

The bell rings and Bravo pushes Kiss' face. Kiss knocks Bravo to the mat and knocks him to the mat. They hit him with a bunch of fists. Bravo hits a kick to the midsection. He sends Kiss into the corner and goes after them. He hits a bunch of right hands. Bravo goes for a splash, but Kiss moves out of the way. Kiss hits a kick, then slams Bravo to the mat. Kiss hits a backflip into a knee drop and goes for a pin, but Bravo kicks out.

Kiss sends Bravo into the corner and hits a springboard elbow, followed by a leg lariat. Bravo drags Kiss to the mat after Kiss goes for a spring board. Bravo hits a knee to the head and goes for a pin, but Kiss kicks out.

Bravo hits a forearm to Kiss' face. He hits a bulldog off the term buckle and goes for a pin, but Kiss kicks out. Bravo kicks Kiss to the mat and gets them back up. Kiss hits a forearm, followed by a rolling elbow. Bravo rolls to the outside and Kiss hits a crossbody over the top rope. They send Bravo back in the ring and hit the split legged moonsault for the win.

Winner: Sonny Kiss

Robyn Renegade comes to the ring, with Vicky Dreamboat a,ready waiting inside.

Robyn Renegade vs. Vicky Dreamboat

The bell rings and Renegade hits a pump kick to the face out of the ring. The crowd boos and Renegade makes her way to the outside. She hits a few chops and sends her head into the apron. Renegade throws Dreamboat into the ring. She locks in the cross face but releases it to continue the match. Dreamboat rolls up Renegade, but Renegade kicks out. Dreamboat hits a series of chops, but Renegade counters with a  boot to the face. She goes for the pin, but Dreamboat kicks out. Renegade slams Dreamboat's head into the mat. She hits a pump handle slam. She gloats, then goes for a moonsault, but Dreamboat moves out of the way. Dreamboat gets Renegade up on her shoulders, but Renegade reverses it into a slam for the win.

Winner: Robyn Renegade

In a post match interview with Tony Schiavone, Tony asks if Robyn has seen her sister. Robyn says she hasn't, but her twin sister crawls out from under the ring and joins her inside. Tony says that they cheated by using a swap, but they denied it. Tony asks how they're continuing this charade, but they continue to deny it. Tony says that there needs to be an investigation and congratulates the two of them.

Ogogo comes to the ring, with Trenton Storm already waiting inside.

Trenton Storm vs. Anthony Ogogo

The bell rings and the two lock up. Ogogo hits a mat return on Storm, followed by a series of kicks to the midsection. Ogogo gets Storm up for a modified standing sunset flip. Ogogo hits an uppercut, followed by a kitchen sink. Ogogo hits another knee, followed by a forearm to the back. Ogogo hits a chop. He goes off the ropes, but Storm counters and hits a drop kick. Storm hits a chop, but Ogogo comes back with a forearm. Storm hits a thrust kick to Ogogo's jaw, followed by a clothesline.

Ogogo hits a stomp to Storm's midsection. He hits a couple uppercuts, followed by a big body shot. The referee calls for the bell after Storm can't continue.

Winner: Anthony Ogogo

Post match, Ogogo hits a Tower of London on Storm.

Leva Bates comes to the ring, with Dream waiting inside.

Leva Bates vs. Kiah Dream

The bell rings and Dream knocks Bates' book out of her hand. She gets in her face and steals her glasses. Bates gets mad and drags Dream to the mat. She takes back her glasses.

Bates hands her glasses to the ref and Dream hits a drop kick. She chokes Bates off the ropes. Dream hits a roundhouse kick to Bates back and slaps her in the face. Bates comes back with a series of chops. Bates hits a Northern Lights and goes for the pin, but Dream kicks out. Dream sends Bates off the ropes and goes to roll her up, but Bates counters and rolls up Dream for the win.

Winner: Leva Bates

It's main event time! The Wingmen come to the ring, accompanied by JD Drake. Roppongi Vice follows them to the ring.

The Wingmen (Peter Avalon and Ryan Nemeth) vs. Roppongi Vice (Rocky Romero and Trent Beretta)

Roppongi Vice pose on the apron, but The Wingmen take advantage and attack them from behind, tossing them out of the ring. Avalon and Nemeth go after Beretta. Avalon hits a stomp and Nemeth sends him into the barricade. Avalon goes after Romero and takes him out. Nemeth and Avalon drag Beretta up the ramp. They continue to beat him down, and the Wingmen hit a double vertical suplex on the stage. The two go after Romero and beat him down. Avalon holds Romero in place as Nemeth goes for a forearm. Romero moves out of the way and Nemeth hits his partner. Romero hits a diving splash onto the Wingmen off the steps. Beretta recovers and hits a moonsault off the stage on the two. Romero and Beretta hit their trademark high five.

Romero sends Avalon into the ring and the bell rings. The match officially starts and he tags in Beretta. The two ping pong Avalon with a series of fists. Romero hits a knee and Beretta hits a clothesline. Beretta goes for a pin, but Avalon escapes and tags in Nemeth.

Beretta hits Nemeth with a chop. Beretta tries to send Nemeth off the ropes, but Nemeth slides out of the ring. Nemeth sends Beretta into the ring cloth. Avalon slams Beretta's head into the apron. Nemeth yells at Beretta to get back in the ring, and Nemeth tosses him back in. He goes for a pin, but Beretta kicks out. Nemeth tags in Avalon. Avalon hits a kick to the midsection, followed by a forearm to the back. He hits a suplex and goes for a cover, but Beretta kicks out. Avalon tags in Nemeth.

Nemeth beats him down, but Bereta hits a move off the top. Beretta makes the hot tag to Romero as Nemeth tags in Avalon. Romero hits a huricanrana on Avalon. Romero hits the forever clothesline, followed by a lariat. Romero hit a drop kick as Beretta hits a sliding knee strike.

Avalon sends Beretta into the corner, but Beretta escapes. Avalon tags in Nemeth. Nemeth hits a pendulum DDT and goes for a pin, but Beretta kicks out. Nemeth tags in Avalon.

Nemeth hits a neck breaker as Avalon hits a diving splash. He goes for the pin, but Beretta kicks out. Avalon tags in Nemeth and the two showboat. Nemeth charges at him, but Beretta hits an elbow. Beretta sends Avalon over the top rope.

Roppongi Vice hit a double knee, Beretta hits another knee strike, and Beretta goes for the pin. Nemeth kicks out. Beretta goes off the ropes, but Drake trips him to the mat from the outside. Orange Cassidy makes his way to the ring and does his signature kicks on Drake. Romero hits a taupe suicida from in the ring to neutralize Drake.

Inside the ring, Roppongi Vice hit the Strong Zero for the win.

Winners: Roppongi Vice

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