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Here’s what’s in store for tonight:

  • Jay Lethal vs. Jake Something
  • Kiera Hogan vs. Skye Blue
  • Gunn Club vs. Fly Def
  • Lee Johnson & Brock Anderson vs. Brick City Boyz
  • Evil Uno & 10 vs. Cezar Bononi & Tiger Ruas
  • Nick Comoroto & Aaron Solo vs. The DKC & Kevin Knight
  • Captain Shawn Dean vs. Serpentico
  • Rohit Raju vs. Adam Priest
  • Alex Reynolds vs. Jake Manning
  • Abadon vs. Vicky Dreamboat
  • Jora Johl vs. Trip Jordy

Live Coverage

Jay Lethal (with Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh) vs. Jake Something

Lethal attacks Something right as the bell sounds. Lethal drills Something with a series of stomps and throws his shirt in Something’s face. Lethal plants Something with a slam then poses, Something kips up right behind him and drills Lethal with a knife edge chop. Lethal rolls out of the ring to recover, Something follows him out with a dive over the top rope and comes face-to-face with Singh. Back in the ring, Lethal kicks Something off after the latter goes for a corner splash. Lethal with a slam and unloads the ground-and-pound. Something kicks Lethal into the ropes, Lethal catches himself and trips Something to the mat. Lethal looks for a leg-lock but Something cradles and goes for the cover but Lethal kicks out. Something sends Lethal to the corner and wallops him with an elbow before going for the cover but Lethal lifts the shoulders at two. Something sends Lethal back to the corner and lands a few chops before putting him on the top turnbuckle. Something looks for a super-plex, Lethal knocks him back to the mat with headbutts and crashes own onto Something with an elbow. Dutt yells at Lethal to go for another elbow, which he does. Lethal goes up to the camera and yells at Samoa Joe that the same will happen to him. Lethal drills Something with the Lethal Injection and gets the 1-2-3!

Winner – Jay Lethal

After the match, Dutt and Singh rush the ring and go on the attack as Lethal goes back to the camera and tells Joe that this will be his fate. Singh nails Something with a big boot then a chokeslam as Dutt starts a ‘Joe! Joe! Joe!’ chant.

Alex Reynolds vs. Jake Manning

Reynolds with a slam to start. Manning rolls back to the corner and reads a page of his ‘scouting’ book, throws it a Reynolds and clocks him with an uppercut. Reynolds trips Manning and goes up top but Manning trips Reynolds to the outside. Manning mocks The Dark Order hand gesture and sends Reynolds back into the ring. Manning slams Reynolds and goes for the cover but Reynolds kicks out. Reynolds powers out of a head-lock and cracks Manning with a back elbow and a corkscrew uppercut as his finally puts together some offense. Reynolds lifts Manning and plants him with a neck-breaker before going for the cover but Manning kicks out. Manning retreives his book and tries to hit Reynolds with it but Reynolds ducks out of the way and plants Manning with an elbow before picking up Manning’s book and reads it while he goes for the cover and Reynolds gets the win!

Winner – Alex Reynolds

After the match, Tiger Ruas and Cezar Bononi attack Evil Uno and 10, who came out from the back to congratulate Reynolds, who chases off Ruas and Bononi.

We then see Jora Johl backstage who cuts a promo on Matt Hardy. Johl says Matt Hardy never gave him a chance in the HFO but now Andrade is his boss in the AFO and he’ll show Matt why he made the biggest mistake of his career.

Gunn Club (Austin Gunn & Colten Gunn) (with Billy Gunn) vs. Fly Def (Warren J & Zack Zilla)

Colten and Warren start this one off. Colten slams Warren and makes the tag to Austin. Warren trips Austin to the mat and Billy trips Warren from ringside as Austin attacks from behind. Austin tosses Warren to the corner and makes the tag to Colten as both Austin and Colten yell at the crowd to stop calling them ‘Ass Boys’. Austin makes the blind-tag to Colten, Warren makes the tag to Zack, who wallops Austin with a drop-kick. Zack sends Austin to the corner an drills him with a stomp before making the tag to Warren. Fly Def hit a tandem offense, Warren with a spring-board splash on Austin and goes for the cover but Colten makes the save. Austin sends Zack to the outside and Gunn Club hits Quick Draw on Warren for the 1-2-3!

Winner – Gunn Club

‘Captain’ Shawn Dean vs. Serpentico (with Luther)

 A lock-up to start. Dean rolls out of an arm-hold and applies a head-lock. Dean with an arm-drag then sends Serpentico to the corner. Dean stands on the middle rope and delivers 10 straight punches as the crowd counts each of them. Dean with a back-body drop and goes for the cover but Serpentico kicks out and calls a timeout as Luther tries to rally him on. Dean leaps over Serpentico’s corner splash attempt and Luther trips Dean and drags him groin first into the ring post. Serpentico goes on the attack with some ground-and-pound then sends Dean to the corner. Serpentico sends Dean to the outside and Luther launches him into the barricade and then a slam on the apron. Serpentico leaps over the top rope and stomps on Dean on the apron before saluting the crowd and goes for the cover but Dean kicks out. Luther calls the referee a ‘bald idiot’ and says it should’ve been a three-count. Dean trips Serpentico the mat, Serpentico counters with a thrust kick and goes for the cover but Dean lifts the shoulders yet again. Serpentico with a snap-suplex then goes up top and goes for a diving stomp but Dean rolls out and plants Serpentico with a back-body drop. Both competitors struggle to their feet, Dean cracks Serpentico with a pair of clotheslines then a corner splash. Dean cracks Serpentico with an sliding elbow to the back of the head and gos for the cover but Serpentico kicks out at two-and-a-half. Dean goes for a suplex but Serpentico slides out and kicks Dean back before hitting a flatliner and goes for the cover but Dena kicks out as Luther continues to hurl insults into the referee’s direction. Luther tells Serpentico to hit a Luther Bomb, Serpentico goes for it but Dean rolls out and right into Luther, who holds him up and Serpentico goes for a super-kick but Dean ducks and Serpentico drills Luther. Dean rolls out of a back-slide and plants him with a package driver for the three-count and the win!

Winner – ‘Captain’ Shawn Dean

Lee Johnson & Brock Anderson vs. Brick City Boyz (Julio Cruz & Victor Chase)

Johnson and Cruz start this one off. Johnson gets the better of a quick back-and-forth and makes the tag to Anderson, who gets tripped to the mat and Cruz makes the tag to Chase. Anderson shoves Chase back but Chase sends Anderson to the corner and scoop and slams him before making the tag to Cruz, who rocks Anderson with an uppercut and makes the tag back to Chase. Anderson leaps over Cahse and makes the tag to Johnson, who takes both Brick City Boyz out and slams Chase before goin for the cover but Cruz makes the save. Anderson plants Cruz with a spine-buster and goes right back to the apron so  Johnson can make the tag and Anderson plants Chase with a brain-buster for the 1-2-3!

Winners – Lee Johnson & Brock Anderson

Abadon vs. Vicky Dreamboat

 Abadon slams Vicky with a slam to start. Abadon trips Vicky to the mat unloads a bevy of strikes before tossing Vicky to the corner and blasts her with a double knee strike. Abadon drills Vicky with a senton then the Black Daliah for the win!

Winner – Abadon

Jora Johl (with Angelico) vs. Trip Jordy

– Johl with an arm-lock, Jordy rolls out and applies one of his own. Jordy trips Johl to the mat and kips up before sarcastically clapping for Jordy. Johl launches Jordy across the ring with a trio of belly-to-belly suplexes and cracks him with a right hand. Johl lifts and plants Jordy with a suplex and asks the crowd who brought Jordy here. Jordy tries to fight back with some strikes and a drop-kick but Johl catches him off the ropes and plants him with a cutter to stymie Jordy’s momentum. Johl sends Jordy to the corner and lands a chop to the chest before tossing Jordy to the opposite corner and goes for a splash but Jordy kicks him back. Jordy goes up top and dives down but Johl catches him and plants him with a slam. Johl lines up Jordy and lays him out with a pump kick for the 1-2-3!

Winner – Jora Johl

Kiera Hogan (with Red Velvet) vs. Skye Blue

Skye with an arm-drag to start. Skye sends Kiera to the mat with another arm-drag and Kiera rolls to the outside to recover. Skye goes to the outside and chases Kiera, Velvet stops her, Kiera gets back in the ring, Skye does too and Kiera uses the distraction to use the ropes for a neck-breaker on Skye before going for the cover but Skye kicks out. Kiera with a slam then another cover but Skye, kicks out once again. Kiera witha snap-suplex and another cover but Skye kicks out for a third time. Kiera with some strikes and then a cut throat before going for the cover but Skye kicks out yet again. Skye fight back with punches and cracks Kiera with a pump kick then a running knee and an enziguri before going for the cover but Kiera kicks out. Skye goes up top and dives down but Kiera catches her with a super-kick and goes for the cover but Skye lifts the shoulders at two-and-a-half! Kiera looks for a roll-up, Skye shoves her back and Velvet catches Skye with a super-kick and Kiera makes the cover and gets the three!

Winner – Kiera Hogan

Nick Comoroto & Aaron Solo (with QT Marshall, Anthony Ogogo and The Factory) vs. Kevin Knight & The DKC

Solo and DKC start this one off. DKC with a waist-lock and rolls it into a cover but Solo slides out. DKC makes the tag to Knight, who unloads some chops to the chest of Solo. Knight plants Solo with a scoop and slam before a standing splash and then a cover but Solo kicks out. Solo drags Knight to the corner an makes the tag to Comoroto. Knight lands an elbow on Comoroto and sends him to the corner where he lands a trio of chops to the chest. Comoroto kicks his way out of the corner but Knight sends him back to it and lands a splash. Knight with a spring-board but Comoroto wallops him with a shoulder strike in mid-air. Solo’s tagged back in and plants Knight with a slam and then a cover but Knight kicks out. Solo sends Knight to the outside, QT cracks Knight with a right hand and Solo sends Knight back into the ring before making the tag to Comoroto. Solo and Comoroto hit tandem offense, Comoroto plants Knight with a back-breaker and goes for the cover but Knight kicks out. Solo tags himself back in and applies a choke. Knight shoves Solo back but Solo makes the tag to Comoroto and the big man sends Knight to the outside and charges towards Knight but Knight evades and Comoroto goes right into the steel steps. Solo helps Comoroto back in the ring, Knight makes the tag to DKC, Comoroto does the same to Solo, DKC wallops Solo with a bevy of chops to the chest then a slam and some more chops, but this time, to the neck and goes for the cover but Comoroto makes the save. Solo makes the tag to Comoroto, Knight attacks Comoroto, Knight and DKC go for the double-suplex but Comoroto counters into a suplex of his own. Knight and DKC attack Comoroto and Knight cracks him with a shoulder and DKC rolls it into a cover but Comoroto kicks out. Comoroto drops DKC with an elbow then wallops Knight with an elbow then a slam before making the tag to Solo. DKC comes in and trips Solo off the top rope and Knight cracks Comoroto with a clothesline before DKC comes diving off the top rope and drills Comoroto with a flying knee. Comoroto rolls to the outside, DKC comes diving through the ropes but Comoroto catches him and launches him into the barricade. Back in the ring, QT cheap shots Knight, Solo blasts Knight with a corkscrew kick and Comoroto follows up with a spear for win!

Winners – Nick Comoroto & Aaron Solo

After the match, QT Marshall grabs a microphone and gets in the ring. QT tells the crowd to give a hand to Knight and DKC for their effort, tonight. QT says the NJPW LA Dojo has clearly done wonders for them but The Factory could take them to that next level. DKC chops QT and The Factory goes on the attack. QT tells The Factory to retrieve a pair a tables, to which they oblige. Comoroto launches DKC through a table and The Factory surround Knight but members of the NJPW LA Dojo rush the ring and make the save. The Factory retreats we see a video package hyping up this Wednesday night’s episode of Dynamite.

Rohit Raju vs. Adam Priest

 A lock-up to start. Priest with an arm-lock, Raju rolls out and applies a head-lock before drilling Priest with a shoulder tackle then another. Priest with an arm-drag then a snap-suplex before going for the cover but Raju kicks out. Raju misses a roundhouse kick but trips Priest to the mat and wallops him with a pair of the chest. Raju sends Priest to the corner but Priest fights out and a pair of chest chops but Raju lands a fisherman’s suplex into a cover but Priest kicks out. Raju with an arm-lock and then drills Priest with a jumping knee before going up top and lands diving stomps for the 1-2-3!

Winner – Rohit Raju

Dark Order (Evil Uno & 10) (with John Silver, Alex Reynolds, Alan Angels & -1) vs. Tiger Ruas & Cezar Bononi

 Uno and Ruas start this one off. Ruas applies a head-lock, Uno slides out, Ruas misses a roundhouse kick and Uno makes the tag to 10, who sends Ruas to the corner and asks for Bononi. Ruas obliges and makes the tag to Bononi and he and 10 lock-up. Bononi grabs 10 by the throat and launches him to the corner and lands a few strikes. Bononi sends 10 to the opposite corner and goes for a splash but 10 knocks him back. Bononi shoves 10 back and makes the tag to Ruas as 10 does the same to Uno, who slams Ruas to the mat and goes for the cover but Ruas kicks out and Uno makes the tag to 10. Bononi comes in and shoves 10 back before he can suplex Ruas, Uno shoves Bononi to the outside, Bononi trips 10 and drags him to the outside. Bononi and Ruas double-team Uno back in the ring and Ruas makes the tag to Bononi, who unloads a bunch of stomps to Uno before going for the cover but Uno kicks out. Uno fights back with some punches and elbows and goes for the cross-body but Bononi catches him and makes the tag to Ruas, who drills Uno with a running knee and goes for the cover but Uno kicks out. Ruas chokes Uno with the middle rope and the referee forces the break. Ruas sends Uno to the corner and lands some knees to the mid-section and Uno stomos on Ruas’ bare feet. Ruas unloads a bevy of stirkes and plants Uno with a dead-lift German suplex. -1 climbs on the apron and kicks Bononi in the ankle, -1 does the ‘suck it’ gesture an Bononi is incensed. Back in the ring, Uno slides away from Ruas and makes the tag to 10, who clears the ring and plants Bononi with a back-body drop before letting out a yell and making the tag to Uno. 10 drills Ruas with a pump kick and a spine-buster, Uno goes up top and lands a senton on Ruas and goes for the cover but Bononi makes the save. Uno sends Bononi to the outside, Bononi trips him to the mat, 10’s taken down by Bononi and Ruas drills 10 with a corkscrew kick and Bononi goes for the cover but Uno makes the save. Bononi makes the tag to Ruas, Bononi and Uno brawl on the outside and 10 lariats Ruas back in the ring. 10 locks-in the choke and Ruas has no choice but to tap!

Winners – Dark Order

Evil Uno, 10, John Silver, Alex Reynolds, Alan Angels & -1 celebrate in the ring and the show goes-off-the-air.

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