AEW Dynamite Results (5/4) – ROH Women’s Title Match, Owen Hart Cup Qualifiers, W. Morrissey Appears

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Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Fish (Owen Hart Cup Qualifier)

Jeff Hardy starts out confidently, dropping Bobby Fish with a shoulder tackle as he then dances in the middle of the ring. In the corner, Hardy continues his attack, but Fish then turns it around and sends Jeff into the turnbuckles, lighting him up with strikes. Fish then unloads with body shots, and knee strikes, keeping in control.

That is until he leaps over the top rope to try and drop down to Jeff, as Hardy moves out of the way. However, when they head to the outside, Fish connects with a dragon screw that sends Jeff into the barricade. Back inside the ring, Fish continues his attack until Hardy goes for a roll-up out of nowhere.

The Undisputed Elite star kicks out, and then nails Jeff with a knee strike to regain control. Jeff looks for a jawbreaker but Fish sees it coming and hits a knee to the face, but Hardy goes back to the well again, and the second time it connects. Bobby doesn't waste any time responding with some strikes of his own though, as this match continues to go back and forth.


Jeff does manage to drop Bobby in the landing zone, and Hardy heads to the top rope, but Fish kicks him down. Fish then climbs up to meet him and nails the avalanche falcon arrow, but Hardy kicks out! However, Fish catches the leg, instantly locking in a submission, but Jeff grabs the ropes.

Fish then runs into an elbow, and Hardy follows up with a whisper in the wind to take his opponent down. Jeff then nails the Swanton Bomb in order to progress.

Winner: Jeff Hardy 

- After the match, The Young Bucks make their way down to the ring and they face off with The Hardys.

- William Regal video package that aired on social media earlier this week about the Blackpool Combat Club is shown.

 Blackpool Combat Club vs. The Butcher, The Blade, & Angelico

As soon as Jon Moxley gets over the barricade, The Butcher is on hand to attack him, launching Moxley into the barricade, while the rest of his team jumps the Blackpool Combat Club. Inside the ring, Angelico ties up Bryan Danielson, but he quickly gets out and gets lit up with some huge kicks and chops.

Wheeler Yuta then tags in and starts throwing chops as well, but Angelico fights back to get The Blade involved. The Pure Wrestling Champion takes him down as well though, as he begins working the arm, stomping away on it. The Butcher comes in, and he brushes off the dropkick of Yuta.


Angelico and Blade get a few cheap shots in, and The Butcher then charges at Yuta with a running crossbody. The heels continue to isolate Wheeler, with those on the outside taking cheap shots and distractions. The butcher drops Wheeler with some huge chops, and he then brings in his partner, as they both drop Yuta several times with double sledges.

Yuta manages to hit a German suplex on Butcher! That allows him to hit the hot tag, and Moxley then tags in and starts dropping Blade with lariats. Jon then sends Blade around the outside of the ring, into the timekeeper's area and then the stairs. Inside the ring Moxley hits a cutter, and then he bits The Butcher.

However, he runs into the turnbuckle. Despite that, all of BCC take control, and they all begin stomping away on an opponent each as they then all lock in submissions to get the win.

Winners: Blackpool Combat Club

- Backstage, Jungle Boy tells Ricky Starks that he wants a shot at the FTW Championship before he gives them a go at the AEW Tag Team Titles, and he accepts.

- Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland are then shown, as they tell Hobbs that he will swerve in their glory.

Wardlow vs. ???

MJF makes his way out, and he says he'd be a lying piece of sh*t if he said he was happy to be here. He's not staying out here because he can't stand looking at the disgusting pigs. He tells Wardlow he should be scared of who he is about to face...William Morrissey!


The two big men lock up a few times, and then Wardlow powers Morrissey into the corner, showing his power. The Impact star turns things around quickly with a knee, and then some clubbing blows. He charges in with a splash, but as Morrissey looks to run from the other corner, Wardlow follows him, and hits a shoulder attack.

Morrissey then shows his athletic ability, leapfrogging Wardlow, following up with a big boot as he then sends Wardlow out of the ring. Morrissey launches Wardlow into the ring post and then screams at the fans who are chanting about Enzo Amore. Wardlow gets slammed into the ring apron several times, and then Morrissey nails a Boss Man Slam, but Wardlow kicks out!

Wardlow gets set on the top turnbuckle but he fights his way out, only to hit a moonsault, taking the bigger man down! Wardlow then hits a huge Powerbomb to get the victory.

Winner: Wardlow

- After the match Wardlow attacks all the security members that MJF sends his way, clearing them all out! Wardlow then tells MJF he isn't going to stop until he gets his hands on him, and he releases him from his contract. MJF tells everyone to settle down, and he asks Wardlow how it sounds about them having a match.

He hypes up the crowd, and then says Wardlow is on...but. MJF is going to give him his conditions in a contract signing that will be happening in Long Island, New York.


- Backstage, Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter are backstage with Ruby Soho and Toni Storm. Ruby says if she listens to them any longer, and they can't wait to get their hands on them both this Friday.

- Hangman Page is out next, and he says it would be easy for him to say how much he respects CM Punk. Page says at Double Or Nothing, there won't be a handshake, there won't be a Bret Hart tribute match, he is going to destroy CM Punk. Hangman tells a fan that they will be asking for a refund on their Punk shirt after his match.

Page hates to be the bearer of bad news, but Punk isn't here tonight. If he was a better man, he'd guess Punk is filming a TV show. He says he will embarrass Punk, and he's got a fight, and it will be the fight of Punk's life.

- Sonjay Dutt is backstage asking where the red carpet was for him, Satnam Singh, or Jay Lethal. Jay then calls out Konosuke Takeshita, saying they will fight on Rampage.

Santana vs. Chris Jericho

Santana wastes no time attacking Chris Jericho, diving out of the ring as he makes his entrance. Santana continues the attack, launching Jericho into the barricade as he then pulls the stairs further out. But Santana doesn't get to do whatever he plans as Jericho begins fighting back.


Jericho ends up hiding behind Aubrey Edwards, but she then moves, and Santana nails a pump kick. He then slams Jericho into the steel steps. The match finally begins, but Danny Magic is able to grab the foot of Santana, which gives Jericho a second breath. He springboards and dropkicks Santana out of the ring, as he falls into the stairs.

Back inside the ring, Jericho hits several elbow strikes before launching Santana into the turnbuckle. He goes for some chops, but Santana nails a stiff chop back. Chris quickly regains control though, and that leads to him slingshotting Santana into the bottom rope, throat first. He then leaps from the top rope, but Santana is able to counter it in mid-air.

The two men then go back and forth exchanging blows in the corner, but as Jericho looks for a running bulldog, Santana hangs him up in the ropes. Santana then nails the Three Amigos, and despite Jericho initially stopping the top rope move, Santana fights back and hits a Frog Splash, which creates a nearfall.

Chris responds well by locking in the Walls Of Jericho, but Santana crawls to reach the ropes. Both men then begin exchanging strikes until Santana hits a cutter, but Chris kicks out! Jericho's group tries to give him the baseball bat, but Ortiz stops that from happening, and Santana gains another nearfall.


The tag team star then gets distracted by the JAS on the ring apron, and that allows Jericho to hit a low blow, and then the Judas Effect for the win.

Winner: Chris Jericho 

After the match, JAS ends up laying out Santana and Ortiz with a five-on-two attack.

- Samoa Joe is backstage, and he tells Jay Lethal that he is coming for him this Friday.

- The Acclaimed are then shown writing raps, but Gunn Club arrives with gifts. It's a pair of scissors for each of them, and Billy Gunn then tells them to stick it in there, and they hit the classic pose.

The Varsity Blondes vs. House Of Black

Brian Pillman Jr. stands in the ring, claiming he is a humbled young man. He is humbled by their encounter with the House Of Black many months ago, as that poisoned the mind of Julia Hart. He says everything they have ever fought for has been turned against them over recent times.

Pillman Jr. says he got comfortable, and the group lost their enthusiasm, which is when the House Of Black drove them apart. But instead, now it's a new day, and he feels enthusiastic about keeping the group together, and he tells them to fight. The trio make their way down to the ring, but rather than having a match they just lay out the tag team.


Malakai then stares down Hart in the corner, and Buddy Matthews then brings her across. Brody King gives her a chair, but she can't use it, so Black rips away the eye patch and screams at her. The trio talk trash to her until Death Triangle appear, and they chase off the House Of Black.

- Mark Sterling says they have kept the celebrations going since defending the TNT Title, as he then puts over their trios match, and the fact Red Velvet is in the Owen Hart Cup. They say that they will be keeping that going.

Rey Fenix vs. Dante Martin (Owen Hart Cup Qualifier)

Dante Martin avoids Fenix to start, shoving him to add to that. However, Rey picks up the pace, sending his opponent outside the ring as he then leaps onto the top rope and out against him. Both men then go back and forth with pinning exchanges. Martin then catches Rey, throwing him across the ring, and he then picks up the pace and gets the best of Fenix a few times in a row.

Dante leaps in the air, catching Rey to drop him to the mat, and he follows that with a tope suicida! Back inside the ring Fenix leaps onto the ropes and nails a kick to the face, and then he springboards up to the second turnbuckle, hitting a backflipping Russian leg sweep, but Martin kicks out!


Martin then turns his opponent inside out, following with a boot to the face. Dante continues to outmaneuver his opponent, and he sends Rey into the ring, following with a huge crossbody, but Rey kicks out. Fenix then earns a near fall with a hurricanrana, with the two men going back and forth with pace.

Fenix then looks for a powerbomb, but instead throws him into the air for a cutter, yet Martin keeps fighting out! Martin then nails a superkick, and he heads to the top rope, but Fenix is able to stop whatever he had planned. Both men then climb up, they look for a Spanish Fly, but they both land on their feet!

Martin hits a poisonrana, but he misses with the Nose Dive, and Fenix drops his opponent down for a victory after a great match.

Winner: Rey Fenix

- Thunder Rosa heads out, and wants to tell her story. She says success is her being champion, but when she first arrived there were no expectations, but since then she's become the backbone of the division. Rosa says she is the top competitor, and she wants to work against the best with the most experience.

Before she was Thunder Rosa, she would drive around to watch one wrestler only, who inspired her to become the best. That leads to her calling out the number one contender...Serena Deeb. The challenger says it has been a long time. She's watched Thunder scratch her way to the top, and she respects her. Deeb says they can make this the best women's division in the world, but for that to happen, the best wrestler needs to be champion.


Thunder says the title indicates she is the best in the world, and Serena says it suggests it. But what everyone thinks is that she's on another level, she's on a class on her own, and it's time that she has the championship to show that. Serena bets that Rosa will have the shortest reign in history, because at Double Or Nothing she's taking the title.

Mercedes Martinez (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo (c) (Undisputed ROH Women's World Championship Match)

Deonna Purrazzo doesn't go along with the code of honor, and instead kicks away Mercedes Martinez's hand. Both women grapple and then miss wildly with chops as they look to kick things up a notch. Purrazzo attacks the arm of her opponent, and then she begins stomping down in the corner.

The interim champion fights back with some major slaps, and they then head to the apron as Deonna wraps Mercedes' arm around the ropes to attack it. She continues that by yanking it around the ring post as well. The two women then begin throwing hands on the outside until Deonna sends Martinez into the ring post.

Both of them make the 20 count and Martinez hits several lariats and then a backdrop to start picking up momentum. She charges into the corner and follows with a couple of boots to the face, but it's not enough to get the job done. Mercedes nails a running knee and a fisherman buster, but Deonna continues kicking out.


Purrazzo responds by turning her opponent inside out down to the mat, but this time it is Martinez kicking out. Both of them then go for a clothesline, and that leaves them laying. Purrazzo goes to the top rope but eats a slap as she then gets slammed back down. Martinez stomps Deonna into the ground, and she looks for a dragon sleeper, but Purrazzo tries to bite out of it. That doesn't work though, and Martinez locks in the submission as Deonna taps out!

Winner (and Undisputed ROH Women's World Champion): Mercedes Martinez