AEW Rampage Results (05/27) – New TNT Title Unveiling, Ruby Soho Vs. Kris Statlander

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Here is what happened on the show tonight:

The show opens with Excalibur greeting audiences at home, alongside Taz, Ricky Starks and William Regal. Matt Sydal and Bryan Danielson are already in the ring and the bell goes straight off the bat.

Matt Sydal vs. Bryan Danielson

The two lock up and Danielson sends Sydal to the mat. He gets back up quickly and the two lock up again. They exchange submissions with one another for quite a while, but Danielson gets the upper hand and hits a back breaker. He hits thee uppercuts on Sydal, then locks in a full body stretch.

Danielson delivers a shoulder tackle, but Sydal hits a leg lariat. He hits a standing moonsault, and goes for the pin but Danielson kicks out. Sydal kicks Danielson in the leg. Danielson fires back with some knees. He hangs Sydal off the top rope and hits a knee to his head off the top term buckle. He gloats in the ring.


Danielson sends Sydal to the mat, then delivers a knee to his neck. He goes for the pin, but Sydal kicks out. Sydal hits a rising knee strike on Danielson. He delivers a couple chops to Danielson. Sydal goes off the ropes for another leg lariat, but Danielson catches it. He goes for a move, but Sydal reverses it into a hurricanrana. Sydal goes for a pin, but Danielson kicks out.

Sydal hits a kick to Danielson's head. He goes for another pin, but Danielson kicks out again. Sydal goes to the top rope and Danielson joins him on the second rope. Sydal pushes him off and hits a Meterora. Danielson counters and locks in a single leg crab. He locks in the submission deeper. Sydal rolls over, but Danielson locks in a knee bar. Sydal makes it to the ropes to break the submission.

Danielson hits his signature Yes Kicks. He sits Sydal on the top term buckle, but Sydal gets up and hits a sunset flip powerbomb. He goes for the pin, but Danielson kicks out.

The two exchange forearms, but Sydal manages to get in a backslide. Danielson kicks out. Danielson hits a psycho knee, then hits smoke hammer and anvil elbows. Danielson locks in a chokehold double wrist lock for the win.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

Regal leaves commentary after the match.


Back from the commercial break, there is a video package recapping Hookhausen's journey to becoming a tag team.

The Young Bucks come to the ring with the Hardy's music and are dressed up like them, getting in their heads for their match at Double or Nothing. Gangrel accompanies them to the ring, along with Brandon Cutler who is their cameraman. Jon Cruz and Taylor Rust are already in the ring waiting.

Young Bucks vs. Jon Cruz and Taylor Rust

Nick and Cruz start off the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Nick delivers a shoulder tackle and mocks Jeff. Nick delivers a Manhattan drop to Cruz and tags in Matt. Matt sends Cruz into the corner and delivers a body slam. Matt climbs to the top term buckle and Nick tags in. The two deliver a signature Hardy move.

Cruz tags in Rust. Rust delivers a kitchen sink to Matt, then hits a scissor kick. Rust goes off the ropes, but the Bucks hit a double super kick. Cruz tags back in and the Bucks hit another soubrette super kick on him. Matt hits a Twist of Fate and tags in Nick. Nick delivers a Stanton Bomb for the win.

Winners: The Young Bucks

After the match, the Bucks attack Gangrel and go for the BTE. Before they can hit it, the Hardy Boyz show up to make the save. The two teams stare down one another and go for a double twist of fate, but Cutler hits them from behind. Gangrel takes him out, before Matt delivers a Twist Of Fate and Jeff delivers a Swanton Bomb.


Dante Martin comes to the ring, followed by Max Caster, accompanied by the Gunn Club and Anthony Bowens. Caster cuts his typical rap promo. Dante charges at them with a. springboard high crossbody, but Billy Gunn sends him into the apron, then into the ring steps. Billy tosses him in the ring.

Dante Martin vs. Max Caster

The bell rings and the match officially starts. The referee ejects The Gunn Club and Bowens. Martins goes for a schoolboy roll up, but Caster kicks out. Caster delivers a few kicks, but Martin fights back. Caster hits a double shoulder tackle, then goes for a pin, but Martin kicks out. Martin fights back with some fists and a knee. He goes off the top, but Caster catches him and locks in the Figure Four lock. Martin reverses it on Caster, but Caster escapes.

Caster slams Martin's ankle into the mat. He locks in an arm submission, but Dante escapes. Martin hits a forearm, but Caster sends him off the apron.

Back from the break, Caster hits a chop, followed by a sidewalk slam. Caster climbs to the top and goes for the Mic Drop, but Martin moves out of the way. Martin hits a sunset flip and goes for a pin, but Caster kicks out. Martin sends Caster to the mat with a couple elbow strikes, then hits a diving crossbody off the top. He goes for a pin, but Caster kicks out.


Martin hits a nose dive on Caster and pins him for the win.

Winner: Dante Martin

Following the match, there is a video package for the Adam Cole and Samoa Joe Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Men's Finals Match at Double or Nothing.

Scorpio Sky heads to the ring, along with Ethan Page and Dan Lambert. They show a clip from last week of Sammy Guevara, Tay Conti and Frankie Kazarian.

Scorpio Sky Gets The New TNT Championship

Dan Lambert gets on the mic and trash talks the audience. He then says that he put a new title together in a week. Page holds the title, covered with a cloth. He unveils it and reveals the new title design. Page says they can be done with Guevara and Kazaria. Just then. Guevara, Conti and Kaz enter the American Top Team headquarters and they smash the glass case with all the UFC titles in it. They each take a belt for themselves and say if they want them back, they'll be in Vegas on Sunday. Conti says to bring Paige Van Zant. Sky gets angry, and grabs the mic to accept the challenge at Double or Nothing. Sky says that if Page, Scorpio and Van Zant win, Guevara and Kaz can never challenge for the TNT title again.

Back from the commercial break, Mark Henry asks Ruby Soho what winning the match tonight would mean to her. Soho says she has lost confidence in herself, but winning this would help her gain her confidence back. Statlander responds by asking what she has to show from being in AEW from the beginning. She says nothing will stop her from getting this opportunity.


Commentary runs down the card for Double or Nothing on Sunday. Kris Statlander comes to the ring, followed by Ruby Soho.

Ruby Soho vs. Kris Statlander in a Owen Hart Foundation Women's Tournament Semi-Finals match

The bell rings and the two lock up. They exchange submissions, but Statlander gets the upper hand and sweeps the leg. Statlander delivers a shoulder block to Soho, then tosses her to the mat. Statlander delivers another shoulder block and goes for the pin, but Soho kicks out at one.

The two lock up again and Soho delivers an arm drag from the middle rope. Statlander delivers a forearm, then Soho delivers a kick. Statlander take Soho down with a kick to the knee. Statlander hits a delayed suplex. She goes for the pin, but Soho kicks out. Statlander locks in a neck submission, but Soho escapes. Soho goes off the ropes, but Statlander catches her. She hits her with a bodyslam, followed by a standing crossbody. She goes for the pin, but Soho kicks out again.

Soho gets a roll up, but Statlander kicks out. Statlander hits Soho with another bodyslam and gets Soho up, but Soho counters with a crossbody. The two exchange forearms with one another, before Statlander gets the upper hand and delivers a power slam. She goes for another pin, but Soho kicks out.


Statlander gets Soho on her shoulders as she stands on the top rope, but Soho counters into a huricanrana. Statlander hits a powerbomb and pins Soho, but Soho kicks out. Statlander gets Soho up on her shoulders, but Soho counters into the No Future. Statlander falls out of the ring and Soho tries to get her back inside. Soho leaps up to the apron and hits the hurricanrana. Soho sends Statlander back into the ring and hits a shoulder drive into the mat off the rope rope. Soho locks in a shoulder submission, but Statlander grabs the bottom rope to break it up.

Statlander gets Soho up on her shoulders and sends her face first into the top term buckle. Statlander hits the German suplex and the Big Bang and goes for the pin but Soho kicks out. Soho trips Statlander and rolls her up for the win.

Winner: Ruby Soho

Britt Baker's music hits after the match and Soho tells Baker to put her mic down because no one wants to hear her talk anymore. The crowd boos Soho as Soho says Statlander is her friend. Soho says she saw what she just did and on Sunday she's going to hurt her and cash in her receipt.