According to former Intercontinental Champion Ahmed Johnson, the WCW locker room had a “tougher” disposition compared to WWE.

The few years Johnson spent with WWE were marked by major feats being accomplished, including becoming the first African American Intercontinental Titleholder. And when his journey there came to an end, he eventually returned to pro wrestling with World Championship Wrestling in 1999.

Though he didn’t see as much success in WCW as he did in WWE, Johnson tells “Iron-On Wrestling” Podcast that he would have fewer overall issues with WCW’s roster when it came to his physicality.

“The difference, it was the guys. Like in WWF, they cry a lot about, ‘Oh, you hit me too hard,’ or this, that, and the other. I was not even in shape when I went to WCW and I was hitting them guys and nobody ever complained, ever cried about it or anything.

“And I know a couple [of them maybe thought that I was] shooting on them. I didn’t mean to do it on purpose but it came out that way and they never did cry, did complain, or anything.  So, guys seem to be a lot tougher from WCW.”

Since retiring from in-ring competition in the early 2000s, Johnson became a trainer at Booker T and Stevie Ray’s “Reality of Wrestling” school. He continued wrestling some independent matches early on into his departure from WCW, but has remained retired from in-ring competition since 2003.

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