Eric Bischoff Calls Out AEW Stable For Similar Logo To The NWO

Since the inception of the nWo in WCW, many believe wrestling companies have tried to duplicate the success of the faction in their own unique ways, including former WCW President Eric Bischoff.

During the latest episode of the 83 Weeks Podcast, Bischoff spoke about two current groups he believes are directly trying to be like the nWo. In the past, Eric has been critical of WWE for their creation of DX, calling the group a derivative of the nWo. The WWE Hall of Famer also mentioned the Bullet Club as a derivative of the Black and White group on this week's show and also named an AEW team that's doing the same.


"What they want is that version of the next level of excitement, that's what they want," Bischoff said, referring to why companies try to replicate the success of the nWo or other successful factions/talent in the past. "That's why you see people forming factions that are in one-way shape or form, some in more ways than others [copying the nWo].

"Take the Bullet Club, is that not a direct obvious derivative of the nWo when you have everybody running around throwing the two sweet sign up? Come on. When you look at the Blackpool Combat Club, have you seen their logo lately? Come on.

"I think what people are striving for and hoping for is that next level of breaking through and being that powerful, whether it's The Rock, Steve Austin, Ric Flair. Whatever you name it, they're looking for that level of excitement and striving for that period again. They want to experience that buzz again, that's all it is."


While continuing the podcast, Eric Bischoff was asked by a fan whether or not AEW would catch up to WWE if they were able to get one or more WWE Executives in Bruce Prichard, Michael Hayes, and Kevin Dunn.

On a previous podcast, Bischoff revealed that he doesn't think AEWs current creative strategy is going in the right direction and continued that sentiment by saying their only catering to the internet wrestling fan.

"No, it's a 50-year head start," Bischoff said. "That's like 75% of everything right there, I don't believe in the creative strategy AEW has. Doesn't mean I like [WWEs] better, by the way, doesn't mean I find it more entertaining to watch but as a business strategy oh yeah I do because WWE is providing wrestling content for a global mass audience.

"I would say that AEW probably has an 80% lock on the internet wrestling audience. Those people who are most active on the internet, 75-80% of them are probably really big AEW fans and that's the market that AEW is targeting and catering and reacting to whereas WWE is catering to and building a broader audience. Not just that hardcore wrestling fan, dream match, highflying spectacle audience."

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