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Here is what happened on the show tonight:

The show opens with Matthew Rehwoldt and Tom Hannifan standing in the ring. Hannifan says that it is a “very special night” because Slammiversary is happening in five weeks, marking the twenty year anniversary for the company. Rehwoldt and Hannifan promote the Gauntlet For The Gold main event match taking place later in the show. There is then a promo package hyping the match.

Kenny King comes to the ring with the rest of Honor No More. Maria Kanellis joins Rehwoldt and Hannifan on commentary as the remainder of the stable leaves. The pair wish her a Happy belated Mother’s Day.

Chris Bey comes to the ring with Bullet Club before they leave. Both teams have been banned from ringside due to the events of Under Seige. They briefly show what occured between Bullet Club and Honor No More at Under Seige.

 Kenny King vs. Chris Bey in a X-Division Qualifier Match for Slammiversary

The bell rings and the two lock up. King and Bey exchange submissions with one another. King delivers a pair of arm drags to Bey, before locking his arm in a submission. Bey is thrown off the ropes and King goes for a kick. Bey ducks and hits King with a kick of his own. Bey hits a dropkick on King and sends him out of the ring.

The pair are now on the outside of the ring. King hits Bey with a forearm and tosses Bey back in the ring. Bey hits a flip over the top rope on King.

Bey tosses King back in the ring. Bey attempts an elbow on King in the corner, but misses. King pulls Bey off the top rope, then hits the double knees on Bey. King goes for the pin, but Bey kicks out at one. King locks in a headlock but Bey escapes. Bey rolls up but King kicks out at two. King delivers a powerslam and goes for the pin, but Bey kicks out at two.

King locks in a neck and arm submission, but Bey escapes and hits King with a forearm. King slams Bey into the mat. Meanwhile, Maria hypes up Honor No More and says they don’t get the credit they deserve. Back in the ring, Bey hits King in the corner with a forearm. He goes off the top rope and hits a jumping forearm. He gets King up on his shoulders and drops King. He goes for the pin but King kicks out at one and a half.

King gets Bey up on his shoulders and hits the chin checker. He hits a tiger driver and goes for the pin, but Bey kicks out at two. King gets Bey up on his shoulders and goes for another chin checker, but Bey reverses it into a kick. Bey goes for the moves off the ropes, but slips and King takes advantage by going for the pin. However, he rests his arm on the rope. The referee takes notices and stops the count. Bey hits a DDT, then goes for the pin but King kicks out at two.

Bey kicks King in the head. He attempts the Art of Finesse, but King moves out of the way before he can hit it. Bey hits a sliced bread in the middle of the ring. Bey goes up to the top rope, looking for the Art of Finesse again. Maria becomes worried about King, so she leaves the commentary desk. She begs Bey not to hit it, causing a distraction to allow King to take advantage. She returns to the commentary desk. King hits a single leg drop kick, then gets Bey up on his shoulders. He hits the Royal Flush, then pins Bey for the win.

Winner: Kenny King

Alisha is shown knocking on Gisele Shaw’s dressing room door, telling her they are up next. Shaw comes out, annoyed and asks Alisha why she is bossy. We then go to commercial break.

We return from the break. Alisha and Shaw come to the ring. The Influence then comes out to boos from the crowd.

The Influence (Madison Rayne & Tenille Dashwood) vs. Gisele Shaw & Alisha for the Knockouts Tag Titles

Alisha and Rayne start off the action by locking up with one another. Rayne pushes Alisha into the corner. Rayne mocks Alisha’s height. Alisha gets angry and rolls up Rayne twice, but Rayne kicks out both times. Alisha hits a modified slingblade and pins Rayne, but Rayne kicks out. Alisha tags in Shaw.

Alisha and Shaw get Rayne up for a double move, but Dashwood enters the ring and saves Rayne. Shaw and Alisha send the Influence off the ropes at the same time, and then beat them up at the same time. There is another commercial break.

Returning from the break, Rayne has Alisha in the corner. Tenille hits Alisha from outside the ring on the apron. Shaw rallies the crowd in support of Alisha. Rayne attempts a couple pin falls, but Alisha kicks out both times. Rayne wears Alisha down through a headlock, but Alisha escapes. Rayne hits the neck breaker and pins Alisha, but Alisha kicks out. Rayne delivers a cheap shot to Shaw on the apron. Alisha hits a kick on Rayne and attempts to make the tag but is unsuccessful. She knocks Rayne down and successfully makes the tag to Shaw. Shaw delivers multiple forearms to Rayne and knocks her down. Tenille enters the ring and Shaw kicks her in the midsection. Shaw kicks Rayne in the back and delivers a draping DDT to Rayne. She goes for the pin, but Rayne kicks out at two. Rayne sends Shaw into the middle term buckle.

Shaw tags in Alisha. Rayne goes for a kick to the head, but Alisha sucks out of the way. She hits a flat liner on Rayne, but Dashwood interferes and breaks up the pin. Shaw gets in the face of the referee, giving Dashwood the chance to hit Alisha in the back.

Rayne tags in Dashwood and they hit the Collab. The duo pin Alisha for the win.

Winners: The Influence

Violent By Design cuts a backstage promo. Eric Young (flanked by Deaner and Joe Doering) says that the Briscoes will find out the story of VBD when they take back their power and control. Young then promotes the Gauntlet for the Gold match, saying that he will take back his power and control by winning the match and facing Josh Alexander at Slammiversary. Another commercial break.

Back from the break, Gail Kim is in the ring and the crowd cheers her on. Kim says that this year’s Slammiversary marks 20 years of Impact Wrestling. She says that the Knockouts have been part of several groundbreaking moments in the company’s history. She announces the first ever Queen of the Mountain match. Kim goes on to say that the five competitors will be Tasha Steelz (Knockouts Champion), Chelesa Green, Jordynne Grace and Deonna Purrazzo. Before she can announce the final competitor, Steelz comes to the ring with Savannah Evans.

Steelz tells Kim she believes Kim wants to take her title away from her and would do anything to do so because she is the last of her generation to do so. Steelz announces that the fifth competitor will be Savannah Evans, but Kim inturupts her and says that it is not her. Kim says all the competitors are former Knockouts Champions, and announces that the final competitor is Yim.

Steelz gets angry and says that Kim made it personal. Steelz and Evans flank Kim on either side, ready to attack her but the lights go out. When the lights come back on, Yim’s music hits and she comes down to the ring. Yim goes right after Evans and Steelz. She delivers forearms to the both of them. Evans grabs her around the midsection in an attempt to restrain her. As Steelz is about to hit her, Yim double kicks Steelz and escapes Evans’ grasp. Yim delivers a kick to Evans head and sends Steelz into the corner.

Deonna Purrazzo appears out of nowhere and hits Yim from behind. Steelz, Evans and Purrazzo start attacking Yim, but then Jordynne Grace and Taya Valkyrie make the save. All six women start brawling with one another. Grace, Yim and Valkyrie gain the upper hand. Yim delivers a german suplex to Purrazzo, Valkyrie clothslines Evans out of the ring over the top rope and Grace delivers a spinebuster to Steelz. The three stand tall in the ring and we go to commercial.

After the break, Gia Miller is with Rich Swann backstage. Miller asks Swann what it would mean for him to win the Gauntlet of the Gold match. Swann says opportunities like this don’t come everyday. He says all of his other competitors want the same thing that he does and put Cardona on notice, saying he’s coming after the Digital Championship. Swann says he willing to do whatever it takes to win the match and walks off.

Jay White and El Phantasmo come to the ring with the rest of The Bullet Club to a pop. Tomohiro Ishii comes to the ring, followed by Josh Alexander.

Jay White & El Phantasmo vs. Tomohiro Ishii & Josh Alexander

Alexander and White start off the action. White mocks Alexander, then tags in Phantasmo. The two lock up, but Alexander immediately pushes him into the corner before the pair can really lock up. The two exchange a few submissions with one another.

The two give one another a forearm each. White tags himself in, then Alexander tags in Ishii. White puts Ishii in a healdlock. White hits Ishii with some forearms to the back. White kicks Ishii and delivers another forearm, but Ishii no sells. Ishii shoulder tackles White to the mat. Phantasmo interferes, but Ishii sends him to the corner and Alexander hits him with the forearm. Ishii then bulldozes Phantasmo.

Ishii tries to set up White for the brainbuster, but White escapes. White hits Ishii with a DDT. Outside of the ring, Phantasmo pulls Alexander off the apron and starts beating him down. White poses on the top rope. White tags in Phantasmo.

Phantasmo goes to the top rope as White holds Ishii in place. Phantasmo hits a neck rake from off the top rope and goes for the pin but Ishii kicks out at two. White tags himself in.

White runs his nails down the back of Ishii. White tags in Phantasmo again. Phantasmo hits an arm drag off the top rope and tags in White. Ishii catches Phantasmo by the throat, but White runs his nails down Ishii’s back again. Ishii delivers forearms to the pair, but the duo both hit him with the nails. White goes for the pin, but Ishii kicks out.

White hits Ishii with the chops in the corner. Ishii gets fired up, and hits White with a powerslam. Alexander rallies the crowd around Ishii and is able to make the tag to Alexander.

Alexander comes in hot, knocking down Phantasmo to the mat with a couple lariats. He delivers an uppercut, then a forearm. Alexander hits a german suplex on Phantasmo. Alexander locks in the ankle lock, but White makes the save. White attempts his finisher, but Alexander reverses it into the C-4 Spike. Phantasmo rolls up Alexander from out of nowhere, but Alexander kicks out. Phantasmo hits a cross body, then pins Alexander but he kicks out again. Phantasmo tries to hit the CR2, but Alexander reverses it. He tags in Ishii.

Ishii hits White with a german suplex. The crowd cheers him on. He attempts the basement lariat, but White takes him off his feet. Phantasmo goes off the ropes, but Alexander then takes him off his feet. Phantasmo hits Alexander with a kick to the midsection, then delivers a chop to Ishii. Alexander drops Phantasmo off his shoudlers, then Ishii hits him with the basement lariat. Ishii hits Phantasmo with the brainbuster and pins him for the win.

Winners: Tomohiro Ishii and Josh Alexander

After the break, The Briscoes cut a backstage promo responding to VBD’s promo from earlier saying they are not afraid of them and they are ready for their match next week.

It’s time for the Gauntlet main event

Gauntlet For The Gold for an Impact World Championship Opportunity Against Josh Alexander at Slammiversary

Chris Sabin and Alex Shelly are the first two participants, pitting the Motor City Machine Guns against one another. We then go to commercial.

Back from the break, Hannifan and Rehwoldt remind the audience of the rules of the match. Two men will start it off and every 90 seconds, a new participant will enter the ring. A participant is eliminated when they go over the top rope and both their feet hit the floor. When it is down to the final two competitors, the match turns into a normal one where the winner can only win by pin fall or submission.

Sabin and Shelly lock up. Sabin and Shelly hit one another with a series of fast-paced moves. Sabin hits an arm drag on Shelly. Shelly locks in an arm submission on Sabin. The two keep the fast-paced action going as Eddie Edwards is the next entrant and enters the ring.

Shelly and Sabin gang up on Edwards. They send him off the rope, but Edwards kicks the two and delivers a couple chops to the pair. Sabin drop kicks Edwards and Shelly DDT’s him. The two charge at him in the corner, but Eddie escapes. Sabin kicks Edwards in the head to save Sabin.

The next entrant comes to the ring and it is Edwards’ fellow Honor No More teammate Vincent. Vincent and Shelly exchange blows as Edwards and Sabin go at it. Vincent swiftly takes down Shelly and him and Edwards team up on him. Shelly holds Edwards in place as Sabin kicks him in the head. Sabin and Shelly deliver a few lariats to Vincent before they kick him to the mat. The crowd cheers on Shelly and Sabin.

The fifth person enters the ring and it is Steve Maclin. Maclin goes right after Sabin and delivers a chokeslam to him. Maclin delivers a backbreaker to Shelly. Edwards and Vincent tell Maclin to go after Shelly and he sends him into Sabin in the corner. Vincent goes through the ropes and goes off the top rope to hit Shelly with a flip. Honor No More tries to toss Shelly out of the ring.

Shark Boy is the next entrant. He delivers a lariat to everyone in the ring. He delivers a shummer to Maclin. Honor No More gains the advantage over Shark Boy. Vincent charges at him in the corner to deliver an elbow, but Shark Boy moves out of the way. Shelly and Sabin deliver a double super kick to Vincent and deliver a series of fast-paced double offence moves to Edwards. Shark Boy shummers both members of Honor No More presently in the ring.

During the break, Edwards tosses Shark Boy out of the ring and eliminates him from the match. Raj Singh and Trey Miguel have both entered the match as well. Back from the break, the next participant comes to the ring and it is Bhupinder Gujjar. Gujjar stares down Raj Singh, then delivers a slingblade to Maclin. Singh takes down Gujjar. Gujjar throws Singh over the top rope, but Singh lands on the apron. Singh tries to push him off, but is unsuccessful. He drop kicks Singh and Singh is eliminated. Meanwhile, Maclin throws Sabin over the top rope onto the apron. He rolls back into the ring.

Shera is the next entrant. Shera goes straight for Gujjar. Shera hits Gujjar with a series of punches. Shera dominates Gujjar in the corner. Maclin dominates Sabin in the opposite corner. Maclin delivers a shoulder breaker to Trey Miguel and attempts to toss him out of the win, but fails.

W. Morrisey is the next entrant. Morrisey beats down everyone in the ring and dominates. Shera grabs Morrisey by the throat, but Morrisey hits him in the head and takes him out.

Morrisey tosses Vincent over the top rope, but he lands on the apron. Morrisey kicks Vincent off the apron to eliminate him.

Edwards attacks Morrisey’s knee. Miguel goes after Edwards, but Edwards knocks him down. Sabin tries to eliminate him, but Miguel hangs on to the top rope.

VBD’s Eric Young is the next entrant. He hits Morrisey with his mask and delivers a piledriver to him. He tries to hit Gujjar with the mask, but Gujjar ducks. Gujjar sends him over the top rope, but he lands on the apron and slips back into the ring. Young tries to send Gujjar over out of the ring, but Gujjar hangs on. Gujjar tries to lock in the head scissors, but Young delivers a kick to take him out.

Young goes after Sabin. Maclin is attacking Miguel. Edwards and Morrisey are both down as officials check on Morrisey after taking the piledriver.

The next entrant is Johnny Swinger, being pushed to the ring on a mini ring on a cart. He gets in the ring, but is immediately eliminated.

During the break, Heath, Rhyno and Black Taurus enter the ring. Alex Shelly is eliminated by Eddie Edwards and Maclin eliminates Miguel. After the break, Rhyno is beating up Black Taurus

Moose is the next entrant. As he comes to the ring, the audience boos him. Black Taurus charges at him, but Moose flips him over the top rope. Moose then eliminates Rhyno.

Amongst all of the action in the ring, Edwards was eliminated. Heath tries to eliminate Moose, but Moose knees him in the head to escape. Heath and Moose exchange blows. Moose kicks Heath in the face, then tosses him over the top rope. Moose, Maclin, Young and Sabin still remain in the ring while Morrisey is on the outside.

The next entrant is Rich Swann. Swann goes right for Moose and delivers a series of chops. Moose grabs him by the throat, but Swann escapes. Swann kicks Moose in the head as the latter is on one knee. Swann goes for another kick but Moose catches it. Swann delivers a series of offensive moves, then hits the cutter off the ropes. Swann is fired up. Swann tries to eliminate Young, but Young hangs on.

Matt Cardona’s music hits, but he doesn’t show. Rehwoldt unexpectedly gets up from commentary and enters the ring as Hannifan shouts “What are you doing” to him. Rehwoldt tosses Swann out of the ring and eliminates him.

Hannifan says Rehwoldt is a surprise entrant in the match. He tries to eliminate Sabin, but is unsuccessful. He and Young double team on Sabin.

PCO is the next entrant. He dives into the ring to take out Maclin. He goes for Young and then attacks Rehwoldt. Sabin comes at him, but he tosses him into the corner. He is fired up. PCO delivers a DDT to Maclin. Rehwoldt tries to attack PCO, but PCO counters and tosses him out of the ring.

Morrisey is back in the ring and stands toe to toe with PCO. The two exchange punches with one another. Morrisey and PCO grab each other by the neck. As the two are distracted by one another, Maclin takes advantage and tosses them both over the top rope.

The final four participants are Moose, Sabin, Maclin and Young. Maclin charges at Sabin, but Sabin moves out of the way. Young hits Sabin with a forearm. Moose hits Young with a drop kick when the lights go out all of a sudden. When they come back on, Sami Callihan stands in the ring facing Moose with a baseball bat in hand. He hits Moose with the bat to eliminate him from the match and costs him his shot as revenge for breaking his leg last year. He then leaves the ring.

Maclin starts going after Sabin and delivers multiple kicks to the midsection. Maclin and Young face off, then start beating up Sabin in the corner with some kicks. They send Sabin off the ropes, but Sabin counters and hits them both with a double lariat. Sabin tosses Maclin over the top, but Maclin lands on the apron. Maclin tries to suplex Sabin out of the ring, but Sabin escapes. Sabin gets Maclin down to one knee and delivers a drop kick to take him out.

The final two are Sabin and Young. Young knocks Sabin to the mat and goes to the top rope. He hits an elbow drop and goes for the pin, but Sabin kicks out. Both men are down on the mat and the crowd cheers for Sabin. Young beats down Sabin and goes for another pin, but Sabin kicks out at two. Sabin hits a tornado DDT and goes for the pin, but Young kicks out at two. Sabin rolls up Young, but Young kicks out again. Young delivers a pile driver to Sabin for the win.

Winner: Eric Young

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