IMPACT Wrestling Under Siege 2022 Results (05/07) – Bullet Club/Honor No More & More

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Announced card

Josh Alexander (c) vs. Tomohiro Ishii – IMPACT World Championship

The Bullet Club (Jay White, Chris Bey, Doc Gallows, El Phantasmo, and Karl Anderson) vs. Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, Kenny King, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, and Vincent)

Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo – AAA Reina de Reinas Championship

Violent By Design (Eric Young, Deaner, and/or Joe Doering) (c) vs. The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe) – IMPACT World Tag Team Championship

Tasha Steelz (c) vs. Havok – IMPACT Knockouts World Championship

Chris Sabin vs Steve Maclin

Alex Shelley vs Mike Bailey

Ace Austin (c) vs. Trey Miguel – IMPACT X-Division Championship


Gisele Shaw w/ Alisha vs. Madison Rayne w/ Tenille Dashwood

This match was initially set to be on the pre-show. Shaw dominates early on, but Rayne escapes the ring to collect herself. Rayne returned to the ring and Tenille Dashwood grabbed the foot of Gisele whilst the referee's backed was turned. Rayne locked Gisele in a Headlock in the middle of the ring. Rayne is now in control, and Tenille interfered again when Gisele was draped over the middle rope. Rayne hits a Northern Lights Suplex and goes for a series of pinfall attempts.

Rayne goes to the top turnbuckle, but Gisele gets back to her feet. Gisele then delivers a Superplex from the top turnbuckle. Rayne and Gisele trade forearms in the middle of the ring. Gisele delivers a kick to the head of Rayne and follows it up in the corner with a DDT off the middle rope. Rayne connects with a Driver into the mat, but Gisele kicks out of the pin attempt. Gisele goes to the top, but Tenille tries to get involved. Gisele then eventually connects with a knee to the face of Madison Rayne on the mat to pick up the win.


Winner: Gisele Shaw via pinfall

- The Briscoes are interviewed backstage. They say the titles are coming to The Briscoes tonight, no matter who they face from Violent by Design.

Chris Sabin vs Steve Maclin

Maclin uses his power to take Chris Sabin down. Sabin tries to go toe-to-toe with Maclin as they lock hands and test each other's strength. Sabin delivers a flurry of Armdrags to Maclin, and then sends him over the top rope. Maclin returns to the ring, but Sabin manages to ground him. Sabin sends Maclin into the corner. Both men end up on the outside and Steve Maclin plants Sabin with a Powerbomb onto the ring apron, before slamming him face-first. Maclin goes for a cover back inside the ring.

Maclin works on the back of Chris Sabin. Sabin attempts to fight back with punches to the midsection. Sabin turns things around for a moment, but Maclin counters with a Clothesline. On the entrance ramp, Maclin attempts to go for a Suplex. Instead, he sends Sabin into the ring post, and follows it up with an Elbow Drop. Back in the ring, Maclin has Sabin upside down in the corner and delivers a Spear to the midsection. Sabin manages to hit a Tornado DDT.

Sabin delivers a flurry of moves, as Maclin rolls out of the ring. Sabin heads to the outside and connects with a Spinning Neckbreaker. Sabin connects with a Missile Dropkick in the middle of the ring. Sabin goes for the Crossbody from the top, but Maclin catches him and plants him into the canvas. Maclin covers Sabin with his hand on the rope, however, the referee spotted it and the match continued. Sabin and Maclin trade blows in the center of the ring. They both trade moves, before Sabin hits a Tornado DDT and a Cradle Shock to win.


Winner: Chris Sabin via pinfall

- Deonna Purrazzo is interviewed backstage. Deonna says she is a four-time world champion all over the world. Deonna reminds everyone she is The Virtuosa. Deonna says she's proved she can get the job done tonight.

Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo – AAA Reina de Reinas Championship

Deonna knocks Taya down before the match starts. The bell rings and The Virtuosa goes straight after Taya. Taya manages to take Deonna off of her feet and then delivers a seated Dropkick. Purrazzo turns the tables and connects with a kick to the midsection. Deonna works on the left arm of the champion. Taya responds with her good arm, but Deonna immediately counters and locks in a Headlock on the canvas.

Deonna stomps on the face of Taya and applies another submission in the center of the ring. Taya fights back and eventually delivers a Thunderbomb of sorts. Deonna replies with an inch-perfect Standing Moonsault, but Taya sweeps her legs to take her down. Taya hits a flurry of moves, but is unable to put Purrazzao away. Taya stomps Deonna face-first into the canvas. Deonna regains some control and retaliates by stomping Taya into the mat on two occasions.

Purrazzo hits The Queen's Gambit, but the champion kicks out of the cover. Deonna locks in an Armbar and eventualy pulls back both arms. Taya ultimately gets her foot on the bottom rope. Deonna grabs the championship belt, but the referee tries to snatch it off her. It allows Taya to roll her up for the win.


Winner: Taya Valkyrie via pinfall

- Deonna Purrazzo attacks Taya after the match. The lights go out in the arena. Mia Yim appears and gets in the face of The Virtuosa. Deonna immediately leaves the ring. Purrazzo returns to try and jump Mia Yim, but Deonna escapes.

- Trey Miguel is interviewed backstage. Trey says it feels like he's been chasing Ace Austin the entire time he's been in IMPACT. Trey says he has the X-Division title tattooed on his leg, and it is his favorite championship. Tonight, he says he will take the title.

Ace Austin (c) vs. Trey Miguel – IMPACT X-Division Championship

Trey and Ace lock up to get the contest underway. Austin manages to ground Miguel, before both wrestlers try to control each other with a Wristlock. Trey is driven down into the canvas from the top turnbuckle. Ace takes control and kicks Trey in the back. Austin and Miguel collide and go over the top rope at the same time. Ace delivers a big knee to Trey on the ring apron. Austin goes for a cover in the ring, but Miguel kicks out. Trey tries to fight back as Ace continues to hammer away.

Ace has Trey draped over the middle rope and delivers a Backbreaker. Austin continues to go to work on the challenger. Trey delivers a series of forearms and follows it up with a missed Moonsault. Ace took advantage, but was unable to put Miguel away. Trey spikes to head and neck of Ace Austin. Miguel hits a flurry of kicks and a stomp to the back. Trey locks Austin in a submission, but Ace escapes.


Ace spits in the face of Trey, as both men trade slaps to the face. Miguel catches Ace with a Superkick, and follows up with a Split Legged Moonsault. Ace goes for a cover and puts both of his feet on the rope, but Trey kicks out at two. On the apron, Trey connects with a Neckbreaker. Ace sends Trey shoulder-first into the ring post and then delivers The Fold in the middle of the ring to retain.

Winner: Still X-Division Champion, Ace Austin via pinfall

The Bullet Club (Jay White, Chris Bey, Doc Gallows, El Phantasmo, and Karl Anderson) vs. Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, Kenny King, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, and Vincent) w/ Maria Kanellis

The bell rings and a huge brawl takes place. Everybody takes the fight to the outside. Karl Anderson sends Eddie Edwards into the ring and some order is restored. Karl and Eddie trade forearms. Gallows is tagged in, and The Good Brothers work on Eddie. Kenny King is tagged in, but Gallows immediately knocks him down. El Phantasmo is tagged in. Kenny plants El Phantasmo with a Spinebuster. Vincent is tagged in. ELP tags in Chris Bey, who goes for a quick cover on Vincent. He then delivers a Dropsault, before Vincent gets the better of Bey.

Mike Bennett is tagged in, and he goes to work on Chris Bey in the corner. Bennett drops Bey with a Brainbuster. Jay White is tagged in and receives a big ovation. Matt Taven is also tagged in for his team. White and Taven go at it. Taven hits a Dropkick. White immediately responds, and ELP is tagged back in. Chris Bey eventually becomes the legal man. Bullet Club work on Taven in the corner. They each take turns raking the back of Taven. The referee loses control once more as Honor No More enter the ring.


Kenny King and Karl Anderson are now the legal men. Eddie Edwards is tagged in, and he delivers a big chop to the chest of Anderson. Taven becomes the legal man again and locks Anderson in a Headlock. Anderson replies with a Spinebuster. Gallows then enters and tries to take on everybody. Edwards is the legal man again and tries to lift Gallows up. Kenny King is tagged in, but Doc takes both Edwards and King down. ELP tags in, but Honor No More takes control. Bey tags in, and he works together with El Phantasmo.

Jay White tags in and so does Matt Taven. Taven cleared the ring and apron of Bullet Club. Taven connects with a DDT to Jay White. Jay White immediately replies and goes for Click Click Boom, but another brawl takes place. Kenny King dives over the top rope. Chris Bey also dives over the top. Vincent takes a dive from the top turnbuckle onto everyone on the outside. Jay White tags in Karl Anderson, and he is distracted by Maria Kanellis. Mike Bennett, who became the legal man in the middle of the chaos, then ultimately picks up the win for his team.

Winner: Honor No More via pinfall

Tasha Steelz (c) vs. Havok – IMPACT Knockouts World Championship

Tasha started the match full of confidence. Havok immediately brings it to an end, and splashes the champion in the corner. Havok knocks down Tasha and goes for Legdrop, but misses. It allows Steelz to keep the challenger grounded. Tasha delivers a series of elbows. She sends Havok into the corner and connects with some big chops. Steelz bites Havok and hits a Codebreaker.


Tasha talks trash to Havok and began to twerk in front of her. Havok kicks her down. On the outside, Havok drops Steelz face-first onto the ring apron. Havok goes knees-first into the steel steps as the champion moved out of the way of her run towards her. Back in the ring, Steelz delivers a kick to the side of the face, and eventually plants Havok with a Tornado DDT.

Tasha locks in a submission. Havok bites the hand of the champion. Havok then delivers a Death Valley Driver but Tasha kicks out of the cover. Tasha applies the Sleeper, and then connects with a Bulldog off the ropes. Steelz connects with a Cutter after trying to untie the top turnbuckle. Steelz hits the Blackout and retains the title.

Winner: Still IMPACT Women's World Champion, Tasha Steelz via pinfall

Violent By Design (Eric Young, Deaner, and/or Joe Doering) (c) vs. The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe) – IMPACT World Tag Team Championship

The Briscoes immediately take the fight to Violent by Design before the match officially gets underway. Joe Doering enters the ring, but The Briscoes attack him, until Violent by Design re-enter. The referee finally rings the bell, and Mark Briscoe and Eric Young start the bout. Jay and Deaner are tagged in. Mark tags in and he goes to work on Deaner. Mark and Deander trade loud chops. The Briscoes take turns in taking a dive over the top rope.


Joe Doering gets involved as the referee had his back turned, which allows Violent by Design to take advantage. Eric Young and Cody Deaner work on Jay Briscoe in the corner. The referee is distracted again, as Doering takes out Jay on the outside. Jay eventually makes the tag to Mark, and he takes out Young and Deaner. Mark tries to put Deaner away, but he gets his shoulder up.

The Briscoes now work together. Jay is taken outside of the ring by Eric Young. Violent by Design work on Mark. Young is now the legal man. Eric Young hits a Death Valley Driver, but Mark kicks out of the pin attempt. Young and Mark trade blows, but Jay returns and tags in. Mark connects with an elbow from the top, but Deaner breaks up the subsequent cover. All four men are now down. Young lands an Elbow Drop from the top to Jay. Deaner is tagged in. Deaner is sent into Doering on the apron. Jay Briscoe then wins the match for his team following a Doomday Device to win the championship.

Winner: New IMPACT World Tag Team Champions, The Briscoes via pinfall

- Moose makes his way out to the ring. Moose says he has done a lot of terrible things the last few months and he has no remorse because it made him the greatest champion. Moose says IMPACT and the fans repaid him with disrespect. Moose says IMPACT only gave him five days to prepare for his rematch after he lost his World Championship. Moose says Josh Alexander won't be defending the World Title now because he's hijacking the show. The lights go out and Sami Callihan makes his return with a baseball bat in hand. Sami hits him with the bat and hits a Cactus Driver. Callihan grabs the mic and says he's back.


Josh Alexander (c) vs. Tomohiro Ishii – IMPACT World Championship

Both men feel each other out early on in an attempt to gain the advantage. Alexander takes Ishii down with a Headlock. The champion then tries to knock Ishii down again and fails. Ishii responds with an Armdrag and knocks Josh Alexander down. Alexander eventually knocks Ishii down with shoulder tackle. Alexander delivers a series of chops to the challenger. Ishii delivers a Suplex to the champion. Ishii delivers his own chops in the corner, but Alexander reverses. Ishii then gains the upper hand again with a flurry of punches and slaps.

Josh Alexander drops the singlet showing he means business. Ishii catches Alexander in the throat with a chop. Ishii continues to deliver the same chops to neck region. Alexander connects with a big boot, but Ishii remains standing. The pair exchange blows in the middle of the ring, before Alexander manages to knock Ishii down with his boot. Alexander takes Ishii to the outside with a Crossbody. The champion manages to hit three German Suplexes. Alexander lifts Ishii up for a Rolling Senton, and follows it up with a blow to the back from the top turnbuckle.

Alexander hammers shots to the back of Ishii. Ishii manages to catch Josh Alexander in a Powerslam after he hit the ropes. Ishii and Alexander exchange forearms in the center of the canvas. Ishii then drops Alexander with a Suplex. Josh manages to lock in the Ankle Lock on Ishii in the middle of the ring. Ishii manages to reverse it, but then the champion reverses. Ishii tries to grab the referee, but ultimately makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold. Alexander connects with a stiff punch and nails a Clothesline.


The champion lifts Ishii up and plants him down on the canvas. Ishii kicks out of the cover. Both men collide and eventually drop down to the canvas. Alexander connects with a shot to the back of Ishii's head. Ishii delivers a Superplex from the top turnbuckle. Alexander locks in a small package on Ishii but he kicks out at the last second. Alexander goes for a Moonsault but Ishii moves out of the way. Ishii headbutts the champion and follows it up with a Clothesline. Alexander replies by delivering a Powerbomb and then a C4 Spike to retain the championship.

Winner: Still IMPACT World Champion, Josh Alexander via pinfall

- That's all for IMPACT Wrestling Under Siege 2022!