MLW owner Court Bauer recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. Managing Founder Raj Giri on The Wrestling Inc. Daily about former WWE Superstar Killer Kross.

With the former NXT Champion returned to the promotion, Court claims he is ready for a new chapter.

“I think his outlook is just a new chapter and writing a new chapter,” Court said. “He’s such a creative and driven person, he has a real cinematic vision for his character. For him, it’s always about creating this well-rounded character in this world and trying to distinguish himself in that way. He already knows he can go bell to bell, but how can he distinguish himself and differentiate himself from everybody else out there?”

Court Bauer believes that Killer Kross is motivated to show the world what he is all about, and pointed out that most wrestlers go through bumps in the road. But it’s about not allowing that to halt your momentum, which he thinks Kross hasn’t.

“I think for him, now, he is so motivated and driven to show what Killer Kross is all about,” he said. “The shackles have come off and I think so many people, so many very talented wrestlers, you want to have that linear path up, right? There are no bumps in the road, there are no hurdles to overcome. But I think 8 out of 10 wrestlers probably have to deal with the bumps in the road and the hurdles.

“I think people outside the ring have those things, you’ve got to find a way to not let it deter you, not let it take away your momentum and what you bring to the game. He certainly hasn’t had any issues with that. I think he’s just charged up, fired up to go and embark on this new chapter.”

Court Bauer also shared a story about Wrestling Inc. as a website from his time in the WWE writing room. He revealed that the writers would often be reading articles, and would get frustrated when things broke out.

“When I was at WWE, I was in the writer’s room, right? Everyone’s so paranoid, you’re not supposed to read the dirt sheets, or the Observer, or go to websites. God forbid, it was like you’re working for the CIA, they wanted it real air-tight,” he said. “But I would look and see everyone’s laptop screens, there were, I would say, predominantly Wrestling Inc. articles popping up.

“And when they would get pissed, they were reading a Wrestling Inc. article because something got out. I am not saying I had anything to do with it. But what was fascinating to me was, like, you read certain newsletters and they were so way off. Yet, Wrestling Inc. had great stuff, so it was really interesting to see how your site had evolved into something so big, but also the go-to for everybody in WWE.”

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If you use any quotes from this article, please credit The Wrestling Inc. Daily with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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