Former WWE Divas Champion Jillian Hall took to social media this week and showed her appreciation for WWE and John Laurinaitis. In her series of tweets, Hall reflects on when she suffered a devastating miscarriage that triggered a mental breakdown, all while she was preparing to appear on RAW that night.

“So many people want to bash WWE for how they treat their talent, but it’s a business, like any other. It’s a tv show!” Jillian Hall wrote. “Did u know in spring (I think) 2009 I lost a baby while on the active roster? I had a complete mental breakdown in LA.

“I was booked for RAW but  John Laurinaitis handled it so gracefully,” she continued. “He got me on a flight home and found me a dr immediately for intense therapy for the next 6 weeks. I was off the road for a bit and checked on frequently. They made sure I was totally ok before returning to work.”

Hall was a part of WWE and their developmental territories from 2003 to 2010, finally making her debut on SmackDown in 2005 as a “fixer” for the group of Melina, Joey Mercury, and John Morrison (Johnny Nitro at the time). Hall may be well-remembered for the “growth” she was sporting on the left side of her face as part of her gimmick, or, later on in her WWE run, for intentionally singing poorly.

Hall would continue as a manager for stars like JBL until she eventually shifted into regular competition inside the ring. She won her first and only WWE Divas Championship when she defeated Mickie James on the October 12, 2009 episode of RAW, but lost it to Melina right after.

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