Jeff Hardy joined AEW in March after he was released by WWE due to a situation at a live event that the company assumed was drug-related. When the situation was proven to be non-drug related, WWE offered Hardy a Hall of Fame induction as a way to smooth out the situation, which the Charismatic Enigma ultimately declined.

During the latest episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the AEW superstar spoke about the Hardys’ WWE Hall of Fame potential and whether or not WWE will eventually include them.

“I think so, yeah, I feel very confident about that,” Hardy said. “I think that would be fitting, obviously, we’re a deserving team and Jeff would be deserving on his own. I think there’s a lot of cases that could be made that I am very deserving on my own as well, 100%, considering some of the people that are in there. So, who am I kidding? I’m being very humble here. I could definitely go in on my own.

The former WWE superstar also talked about who he’d like to induct himself and his brother into the Hall someday.

“I feel like the most fitting person to induct us would be the guy who we learned the most from, who really helped us when we first started becoming a success in pro wrestling, and that would be Michael Hayes.”

Continuing to talk about his Hall of Fame potential, Matt Hardy revealed who he’d like to induct him as a singles competitor, outside of his brother Jeff.

“I could see it being MVP,” Hardy said. “Bray Wyatt would also be interesting, too. Put the Fiend out there.”

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