During the latest episode of the Monday Mailbag with Mike Chioda, the former WWE referee spoke about his experience’s working in the ring with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Spending 31 years with the WWE, Mike Chioda detailed exactly how cautious he had to be during a Vince McMahon match and what you have to do to take care of him.

“Man, yeah, there were some precautions,” Chioda said. “If Vince is hurt, you’ve got to let them know right away, you’re just worried about Vince in the ring. Whether he’s pulling his hamstrings or his quads, he blew out both his quads one time when he went to the ring. You just have to take care and make sure Vince knows his ques, and the times, and the spots. We used to have to call back spots to Vince and stuff like that, it was just taking care of the boss, head of the company, and you just had to make sure he was okay, that’s all. Just checking on him.”

Over the years, the wrestling community has learned about behind-the-scenes ribs from wrestler to wrestler within the confounds of WWE. From JBL ribbing Hornswoggle with a chicken under the ring to Owen Hart putting farm animals in Vince McMahon’s office, WWE has experienced many over-the-top ribs from their talent over the years.

Mike Chioda continued to talk about his time with the WWE and named the three people nobody would ever play a joke on or rib.

“There were a lot of guys that didn’t like ribs but who I wouldn’t rib, Triple H,” Chioda said. “You wouldn’t want to f*** with The Undertaker or Vince, definitely Triple H, he’s next in line. You’d be carrying water out to the ring or something. Triple H himself is a ribber, he is a joker and has a quick mind.”

Lastly, Chioda mentioned the four talents who he believes were the hardest working during live events throughout his 30+ year career with the company. The former WWE ref also named one talent who would tear the house down that wasn’t as big of a household name as the other four.

“John Cena, way back in the day it was Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the big boys,” Chioda said. “People would not leave until they walked out and went behind the curtain. When Stone Cold was finished, people would wait for every little thing he said. Rock, Stone Cold, Cena, those guys were on top of course. Somebody who didn’t really get a lot of TV time that would tear the house down wrestling-wise would be Dolph Ziggler for a while.”

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