Nick Khan To Reportedly Take Over Most Of Stephanie McMahon's WWE Duties

WWE President & Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan will be taking over most of Stephanie McMahon's duties at WWE, according to Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics.

"Nick Khan will be taking over most of Stephanie McMahon's duties in her absence, according to multiple people at WWE," Thurston tweeted. "Select business partners have already been informed."

Earlier on Thursday, Thurston also reported that WWE employees were unaware of McMahon's intention to take a leave of absence until she announced it via Twitter.

As noted earlier, PWInsder also reported that McMahon's announcement came as a shock to people within WWE, with many in the company being taken aback by the news. It was also noted that only McMahon's "most inner circle" were aware of her decision to step away from her role as Chief Brand Officer.

"As of tomorrow, I am taking a leave of absence from the majority of my responsibilities at WWE," McMahon tweeted Thursday afternoon. "WWE is a lifelong legacy for me and I look forward to returning to the company that I love after taking this time to focus on my family."

WWE has yet to officially address Stephanie McMahon's announcement.