Release Date For Mick Foley’s New Podcast Confirmed

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is the latest legend to start his journey after wrestling as a podcaster and one can only imagine the great stories he'll tell.

The Hardcore Legend will be joining the Podcast Heat network with his new show Foley is Pod which is co-hosted by Conrad Thompson and debuting on June 3. The show is said to be covering his entire career, from starting in 1983 to when he wrestled his last match with WWE at Royal Rumble 2012 to becoming the General Manager of "Raw" until 2019. While speaking to Sports Illustrated's Justin Barrasso, Foley had this to say about his new show.


"I know the way I feel when I hear a good podcast, how it can turn a whole day around and put a smile on my face,"  Foley mentioned. "I'm looking forward to telling stories and reminding people of a time they really enjoyed when they were big wrestling fans."

Foley announced the podcast back in March via social media, posting the logo of the show as well.

From falling off and through the "Hell in a Cell" structure at "King of the Ring 1998" to winning the WWF Championship on Monday Night Raw against The Rock, there's no telling how many great stories could be told from Foley's point of view.