On the January 19 episode of AEW Dynamite, former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley made his long-awaited return following a three-month hiatus due to entering an alcohol treatment program. During his return promo, a heckling fan reportedly yelled, “Get this drunken piece of trash out of the ring!” Moxley responded with, “Hey, go f**k yourself. Get that guy out of here. Piece of sh*t.”

Moxley’s wife and former WWE on-screen personality, Renée Paquette, recently spoke with NBC Sports Boston and would explain her perspective on the confrontation.

“I don’t know what happened, and I’m pretty sure Jon doesn’t know what happened because he didn’t give it a second thought after that moment,” Paquette recalled. “I don’t know if the guy got kicked out or not, but I’m glad that Jon reacted and said something to them. In a normal situation, you can’t hear individuals sometimes when you’re in the ring, but they were in a smaller arena at the time, so Jon really could hear everybody. And it was really quiet while he was talking because everybody was giving him the respec,t and welcoming him back, and letting him have the floor … It was such a rare instance of actually being able to hear someone, the guy saying something stupid and then Jon immediately asking for that guy to be removed.”

Renée Paquette went on to explain why she was proud of Moxley for setting the fan straight but hints that she wasn’t too surprised to see her husband waste no time in cursing on national television.

“I love that he had not been on TV for, what, like three months or so? And within the first couple minutes of being on TBS, just dropping an F-bomb, an S-bomb,” Paquette said. “You know, if it’s your knee-jerk reaction and you swear, I don’t know, I’m also pretty loosey-goosey when it comes to the cursing, so I’m never all that offended by it.”

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