Road Dogg Recalls Police Detainment During Infamous DX Segment

One of the most memorable moments during the "Monday Night Wars" between WCW and WWE happened when D-Generation X "invaded" WCW Monday Nitro, who were broadcasting their show that night near Monday Night Raw. The invasion happened in 1998 during the peak of the wrestling war and almost saw DX enter the building, but unfortunately, the parking garage door was closed shut as they approached in their tank.


After the memorable skit of DX invading WCW, two weeks later the group journeyed to the CNN Center, which was the headquarters of TNT at the time, the channel that broadcast WCW. During their journey to "invade" the CNN Centre, Road Dogg described how scary the situation was when police got involved.

"I remember a lot of stuff about that because that one was scarier to me because there was a lot of law enforcement involved," Road Dogg said, during the latest episode of the Oh... You Didn't Know? Podcast. "I laugh at these stories because I was ridiculous. I don't recommend anybody to do this stuff but when we went to CNN Center, I had a bunch of marijuana on me so we had that hidden in the van.


"The cops came, it was scary, I was scared that time because I thought now we're poking the bear for real again and they called the cops on us and now they detained us momentarily. We were literally detained, not in a prison or in jail, but they detained us. It got heated for a second."

The extent of the police detaining DX lasted 30-minutes and when that was over, the group ended the invasion with the group "blowing up" the CNN Centre. Brian James (Aka Road Dogg) described his thought process while being detained by the police and having marijuana on him.

"I felt like it was longer than 30-minutes, especially with the amount of weed I had tucked in the backseat of a van that we were in," James said. "I immediately was sweating and thought this is it, I'm going to jail in Atlanta. It was fine, they cited us, I think there was a donation made to the Policemen's ball or something and we went away."

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