Two WWE Hall Of Famers Among The Most Profitable Athletes On Cameo

WWE Hall of Famers Ric Flair and Diamond Dallas Page are among the most profitable athletes on Cameo.

A recent study by Casumo revealed the list of athletes / sporting personalities who increased their per video rates the most on Cameo since 2021.


DDP, with an +8% increase in his fee from last year, was 11th overall on the list, behind the likes of Ray Lewis, Tony Hawk, and Bruce Buffer. DDP is presently charging a $128 fee for a personal video and stands to earn up to $93,400 in 2022, given he creates two personalized videos per day.

Meanwhile, Flair stands to earn up to $362,000 from Cameo in 2022, given that he posts two personalized videos per day. Flair charges $496 per video, the same rate as last year.

AEW star Matt Hardy ($109.67 per video) and WWE Hall of Famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan ($74.42 per video) are also among the top 20 athletes with the highest increase or decrease in rates on Cameo.

Football legends Drew Brees (+66% increase) and Brett Favre (+60% increase) topped the list of most profitable athletes on Cameo. You can click here to view the complete list.


While retired wrestlers such as Ric Flair continue to make the big bucks on Cameo, active WWE Superstars are only now able to profit off of the platform. In September 2020, Wrestling Inc. exclusively reported that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon issued an edict to prevent Superstars from "engaging with outside third parties."

Earlier this year, WWE lifted the ban on Superstars earning money from Twitch and Cameo. Previously, wrestlers were only allowed to offer Cameo requests as part of the official WWE channel. Now, they are able to make additional money/profit participation on top of their WWE contracts for revenue generated from third-party platforms.