Former TNA/Impact Wrestling announcer Don West continues his ongoing battle with brain lymphoma.

West made the announcement at the beginning of 2022 that his cancer had returned and he was battling it with chemotherapy. At the time, West’s brain tumor had reappeared but he and his wife were hoping that progress would be made with scheduled chemo treatments.

In a new update via PWInsider, it appears as though the treatments didn’t work out as intended and the brain tumor is “twice the size it has been”. The couple has pivoted to the idea of stem cell treatments for West. Unfortunately, the size of the tumor forced doctors to cancel the stem cell treatment altogether.

West notes that he hasn’t given up hope and is scheduled to start a different treatment beginning next week.

If you are able to assist in Don West’s battle with cancer, please donate to his GoFundMe Campaign at this link. It was announced this morning by Impact Wrestling’s Scott D’Amore that he will match 100% of the donations contributed to the GoFundMe Campaign until this Friday, June 3.

West was a staple on TNA/Impact commentary from 2002-2012, and then returned to the company back in 2017 to work in the merchandise department. He made one more appearance as a guest commentator at the 2017 “Slammiversary” pay-per-view.

We here at Wrestling Inc. send our best wishes to Don West and his family at this time.

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