Last night at an IWE Pro Wrestling show, an indie promotion that runs events in the Augusta, GA area, a fight broke out between a fan and one of the competing wrestlers.

As seen below, multiple videos of the incident have now made their way to social media and show the incident breaking out between the fan and heel wrestling character, Joe Black. Black can be seen making his way to ringside after the match and playing up his heel persona. This inspires the fan to rise to his feet and viciously headbutt Joe Black, inciting a brawl to begin.

Chaos ensues as referees, security, and other fans start getting involved in the mix. You can hear people yelling to throw the fan out of the building, and people close by were reportedly shaken up after the incident.

One fan that provided a video of the incident, Twitter user @CanBeOnly1Leage notes that the fan was definitely not a plant and it was 100% legitimate.

There’s no word on if charges will be filed following the brawl but we will keep you updated.

The videos can be seen below:

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