Wardlow Sees Comparisons Between His Current Booking And WWE Story

If the current storyline between Wardlow and MJF feels familiar, that's because it is, as he's admitted there are comparisons between this and what Triple H and Batista did in WWE.

Batista is someone who helped to influence Wardlow's love of professional wrestling when he was growing up, therefore comparisons between the two are something he has no problem hearing. Wardlow told Shak Wrestling that the storyline similarity is something they "did without even realizing."

He has yet to get his hands on MJF properly, but they are set to collide at AEW's Double Or Nothing event this weekend.

"We kind of mirrored it in a way, it was very different but also the same. The crazy thing is this wasn't my idea, I didn't have any say-so in this. This just organically happened, my career just seems to be mimicking a little bit of Batista's," he said. "Yes, you can compare The Pinnacle to Evolution and can compare myself and Max to Triple H and Batista, it's really unfolded very similar to how that did and it's a really special thing because we didn't plan it that way."

Wardlow is one of few larger wrestlers in AEW right now, which is something that he has taken advantage of in recent months with his Powerbomb Symphony. He feels that wrestling, "used to be all about the big guys," which isn't necessarily the case anymore. Many of AEW's top names are smaller wrestlers such as CM Punk and Bryan Danielson, but that Wardlow doesn't fit into that mold.

"I mean, the whole locker room was full of big guys," he said in the past in wrestling. "So now, with the way wrestling is and the fact that I am one of the only bigger guys, gives me a huge opportunity to stand out and really be the monster of the company without much competition."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Shak Wrestling with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.