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Here is what happened on the show tonight:

The show opens with Tony Schiavone, Paul Wight and Mark Henry greeting audiences at home. The Factory come to the ring, followed by the Dark Order (accompanied by Evil Uno).

The Factory (Aaron Solo, Anthony Ogogo, Nick Comoroto and QT Marshall vs. Dark Order (John Silver, Preston ‘10’ Vance, Alan ‘5’ Angels and Alex Reynolds)

Reynolds and Comoroto start off the action. The bell rings and Reynolds tags in Silver. Comoroto pushes him and mocks Silver. Silver kicks him and goes off the ropes. Comoroto tags in Solo and Silver tags in Angels.

Angels delivers a spin suplex to Solo and goes for the pin, but he kicks out. He tags in Reynolds. Solo sends Reynolds into the ropes and his other team members attack from the apron. Solo tags in  Ogogo.

Ogogo delivers an elbow to Reynolds, then goes for the pin but Reynolds kicks out. Marshall tags in. He sends Reynolds into the corner, then delivers a drop kick. He hits a sit out power bomb on Reynolds, then goes for the pin but Reynolds kicks out.

The referee has her back turned and Marshall manages to get a chair. Uno gets onto the apron and grabs it away from him. The referee turns her back around and kicks out Uni for holding the chair. Reynolds hits a DDT on Marshall. He tags in 10 as Marshall tags in Solo. 10 knocks him down, then hits Solo with a belly to belly suplex. 10 hits a spine buster on Solo, then tags in Angels. He hits a discus forearm, then goes for the pin but Marshall breaks it up.

The other Factory members try to interfere, but Dark a order takes them out. Angels hits a double stomp to Solo’s back, but Solo made the bling tag to Ogogo. Ogogo hits the pop up punch for the win.

Winners: The Factory

There is a video package with Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian (Kaz) stating how excited they are to bring AEW to Los Angeles. The Wingmen appear and say that they are the biggest stars to appear in the Kia Forum. We cut back to Kaz, who is recounting his memories in the arena. He says it is a full circle moment for him to preform there tonight.

Serpentico comes to the ring, followed by Kaz (accompanied by Christopher Daniels).

Frankie Kazarian (w/ Christopher Daniels) vs. Serpentico

The bell rings and the crowd is thoroughly behind Kaz. The two lock up and Kaz gets the upper hand. He goes for the pin, but Serpentico kicks out. Kaz hits an elevated body drop, then hits a fall away neck breaker. Kaz hits a chop, followed by a body slam. He hits a springboard leg drop on Serpentico.

Serpentico hits a stunner to Kaz on the rope. He delivers a fee forearms to the head, followed by a double axe handle. He hits a huricanrana, followed by a kick. He goes for the pin on Kaz, but Kaz kicks out.

Kaz recovers and hits a chop on Serpentico. He hits another one. Serpentico goes off the ropes and out of the ring. He taunts Daniels and Kaz takes advantage, attacking him from behind. The two get back in the ring and Kaz hits a flying elbow. He hits a slingshot cutter on Serpentico for the win.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

After a short promo video for Forbidden Door, Nyla Rose and Serena Deeb come to the ring. They are followed by Skye Blue and Miyu Yamashita. Yamashita (who is making her AEW debut from Toyko Joshi Pro) comes out to a pop.

Nyla Rose and Serena Deeb vs. Skye Blue and Miyu Yamashita

Blue and Rose start off the action. The bell rings and Rose hits a boot to the midsection. Blue hits some kicks to the thigh, but Rose counters. She hits a back elbow, then tosses Blue to her corner. Deeb tags in.

Deeb knocks Blue down. Blue delivers an arm drag and tags in Yamashita. Yamashita delivers a knee to Deeb’s midsection. She hits a kick, then goes for a pin but Deeb kicks out. Yamashita hits a spinning corkscrew forward kick and goes for the pin, but Deeb kicks out.

Deeb hits a dragon screw on Yamashita. She hits a suplex on Blue (who tries to interfere) while holding Yamashita in a leg submission. Deeb works on Yamashita’s leg, then tags in Rose.

Rose delivers a body slam, followed by a leg drop. She goes for the pin, but Yamashita kicks out. Rose hits an atomic drop, then tags in Deeb. Deeb locks in a modified Figure Fourxankle lock combo, but Yamashita makes it to the bottom rope to break the submission. Deeb tags in Rose.

Yamashita clubs Rose with some forearms, followed by a kick off the ropes. She makes the tag to Blue. Blue clubs Rose with a series of forearms, but Rose sends her into the corner. Rose goes for a cannonball, but Blue moves out of the way. Blue tries to hit a sunset flip, but Rose doesn’t go down. Blue hits a jawbreaker, but Rose hits a spine buster.

Deebs tags in. Rose hangs Blue on the top rope, then hits her signature knee off the top term buckle. Deeb plants Blue face first, then locks in the Serenity Lock on Blue for the win.

Winners: Nyla Rose and Serena Deeb

The Wingmen come out first. The lights go out, and when they come back on, Penta Oscuro is standing behind a grave. Rey Fenix and Pac flank him on either side. The duo are accompanied by Alex Abrahantes.

Death Triangle (Penta Oscuro, Rey Fenix and Pac) vs. The Wingmen (Peter Avalon, Ryan Nemeth and Cezar Bononi)

Penta and Bononi start off the action. The bell rings and the crowd cheer for Penta. Penta does his ‘cero miedo’ gesture and pulls off his glove. Death Triangle hits a triple drop kick. The trio take out Nemeth on the outside with a flip off the ropes by Pac and a pair of taupe suicida’s from Penta and Fenix. The trio hit a casadore. Penta goes for the pin, but Nemeth and Avalon break it up.

The Wingmen launch a triple attack on Penta. This gives Bononi the chance to beat Penta down. He hits a bodyslam on Penta, then tags in Avalon. Avalon hits the double knee on Penta, then tags in Nemeth.

Penta delivers a kick to Nemeth’s head, followed by a sling blade. He tags in Fenix. Fenix hits a kick to Nemeth’s knee, then him and Penta hit a double kick on Nemeth.

Pac tags in as Nemeth tags Bononi. Pac hits a shotgun drop kick on Bononi. He tags on Penta. Pac locks in the Brutalizer on Nemeth as Fenix and Penta hit a double team fear factor for the win.

Winners: Death Triangle

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