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Here is what happened on the show tonight:

Excalibur greets audiences at home, alongside Mark Henry. Nyla Rose comes to the ring, with Max the Impaler waiting inside the ring.

Nyla Rose vs. Max The Impaler

The bell rings and the two lock up. Nyla sends Max to the mat, followed by a dropkick to the face. Max sends Nyla into the ropes and hits her with a couple body blocks. Nyla hits a neck breaker on Max. Nyla looks for the Beast Bomb on Max, but they counter with a back drop. Max hits a spear, then goes for a spear in the corner, but Nyla moves out of the way and sends Max into the middle turn buckle. Nyla hits the Beast Bomb for the win.

Winner: Nyla Rose

After a short ad for Draft Kings, Private Party comes to the ring, with SK Bishop and Camaro Jackson already waiting inside.

Private Party (Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy) vs. Camaro Jackson and SK Bishop

Quen and Bishop start off the action. The bell rings and Quen sends Jackson off the apron. Quen hits Bishop with a dropkick, then tags in Kassidy. Quen hits an assisted taharas, followed by an escalaris off the top rope. In the ring, Bishop rolls up Kassidy but Kassidy kicks out. Kassidy kicks him on the mat in the midsection.

Kassidy tags in Quen as Bishop tags in Jackson. Jackson hits Quen and Kassidy with a series of chops, followed by a few kicks. Quen manages to hit an insiguri, then tags in Kassidy. Private Party hit a shooting star-neck breaker combination for the win.

Winners: Private Party

After a short promo for Forbidden Door, Ortiz comes to the ring with Anaya already waiting inside.

Ortiz vs. Anaya

The bell rings and the two lock up. They exchange a series of submissions before Ortiz gains the upper hand and hits a power slam. Ortiz hits a standing shooting star press.

Anaya sends Ortiz into the corner. Ortiz hits a cross body off the top rope, then hits a double drop kick. He hits the Fisherman’s Buster for the win.

Winner: Ortiz

Serena Deeb comes to the ring, followed by Mercedes Martinez. Tootie Lynn and Miranda Gordy are already waiting in the ring.

Mercedes Martinez and Serena Deeb vs. Tootie Lynn and Miranda Gordy

Gordy and Deeb start off the action. Commentary notes that there is a bit of a standoff between who should start off the match between Martinez and Deeb. The bell rings and Deeb hits a shoulder tackle on Gordy, then hits another one. Deeb tags in Martinez as Gordy tags in Lynn.

Lynn and Martinez roll around the ring, but Martinez gains the upper hand and hits a vertical delayed suplex. She goes for the pin, but Lynn kicks out at two. Deeb tags in. She hits Lynn with a neck breaker, then begins attacking her knee. Gordy tries to interfere, but Deeb hits her with a suplex while wrenching Lynn’s knee. Deeb teases Martinez with a tag, but Martinez decides to tag herself in.

Martinez hits Gordy with a spinebuster, then spikes Lynn on top of her. She slingshots Lynn off the top ropes, then locks in the Brass City Sleeper. Gordy tries to interfere, but Deeb locks in the Serenity Lock. Lynn and Gordy tap out at the same time.

Winners: Mercedes Martinez and Serena Deeb

After the match, Martinez and Deeb face off to tease a future match between the two for the ROH Women’s World Championship. We then go to a short ad for Draft Kings. Once we return, “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard and “Cool Hand” Angelo Parker make their way to the ring, with Warhorse and Danny Adams already waiting inside.

Jericho Appreciation Society (“Daddy Magic” Matt Menard and “Cool Hand” Angelo Parker) vs. Warhorse and Danny Adams

Before the bell rings, Menard and Parker attack Warhorse and Adams. The bell rings, with Adams and Parker starting off the action. Parker hits Adams with a snap suplex. Parker hits a stomp, breaking Adams’ glasses.

Menard tags in and stomps on Adams’ glasses to fully destroy them. He hits a chop on Adams, then whips him into the corner. Parker tags back in and the two hit a double spine buster into the top turn buckle. Parker hits Adams with a right hand. He manages to make the tag to Warhorse.

Warhorse hits a drop kick. He hits a lariat, but he gets sent to the mat. Menard tags in and the duo hit the double DDT for the win.

Winners: “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard and “Cool Hand” Angelo Parker

Ruby Soho comes to the ring, with Heidi Howitzer waiting inside.

Ruby Soho vs. Heidi Howitzer

The bell rings and the two lock up. Howitzer breaks the lock, then delivers a head butt. Howitzer blocks the No Future, then goes for a leg drop but misses. She hits a clothesline on Soho and goes for a pin, but Soho kicks out. Howitzer hits a double chop, then goes for a move, but Soho moves out of the way to send her into the corner. Soho hits a shoulder tackle to the midsection, then hits a series of forearms. She hits Howitzer with a bunch of kicks.

Commentary notes Soho is more aggressive in this match. She hits Howitzer with a head butt. She goes for a suplex, but Howitzer blocks it. Howitzer goes for a move, but Soho counters and hits the Destination Unkown for the win.

Winner: Ruby Soho

QT Marshall and Aaron Solo come to the ring, followed by Evil Uno and 10.

The Factory (QT Marshall and Aaron Solo) vs. The Dark Order (Evil Uno and Preston “10” Vance)

Solo and Uno start the action. The bell rings and Solo hits a kick to the midsection. Uno counters with a shoulder tackle. Uno hits a Manhattan Drop, followed by a stomp to Solo’s fingers. 10 tags in as Solo tags in Marshall.

10 hits Marshall with a forearm. Marshall goes for a chop, but 10 counters with one of his own. Marshall hits a drop kick, followed by a chop. He tags in Solo. 10 hits a vertical delayed suplex, then tags in Uno. Uno hits a vertical suplex on Solo, then delivers a chop. He hits a stomp on Solo’s foot, followed by a big right hand. Marshall grabs Uno from the outside, giving Solo the chance to gain an advantage. Solo tags in Marshall.

Uno is sent to the outside. Marshall hits a double axe handle off the apron, then sends Uno back into the ring. He hits Uno with a chop, then tags in Solo. Solo delivers a boot to Uno’s ribcage, but Uno fights his way out and hits Solo with a lariat. Solo tags in Marshall and he knocks 10 off the apron. Uno hits a neck breaker and makes the hot tag to 10.

10 takes down Marshall with a massive back body drop. He hits Marshall with a spine buster, then attempts the Full Nelson. Solo interferes, but Uno takes him out. Marshall hits a thrust kick, then 1o takes him out and tags in Uno. Uno hits a senton off the top rope, then goes for the pin but Marshall kicks out.

Uno and 10 get Marshall up, but Solo makes the save. Solo hits Uno with a corkscrew kick, followed by a Diamond Cutter from Marshall. He goes for the pin, but 10 breaks it up. Uno hits Solo with a jaw breaker, then 10 makes a blind tag. Uno and 10 hit a sling shot-puck shot combination. 10 locks in the Full Nelson submission on Solo for the win.

Winners: Dark Order

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