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Here is what happened on the show tonight:

The show begins with Taz and Excalibur greeting audiences at home. Aaron Solo comes to the ring, followed by Lance Archer (who comes out to a pop).

Lance Archer vs. Aaron Solo

Before the bell rings, Solo jumps over the top rope and attempts to gain the upper hand on Archer. He fails and Archer sends him into the ring. The referee rings the bell and Archer delivers a couple elbows in the corner. He hits a body slam.

Solo manages to send Archer into the middle turn buckle, then goes off the top rope. He goes for a pin, but Archer kicks out. Solo goes off the top rope, but Archer catches him. Solo escapes with a double axe handle, but Archer sends him to the mat with a massive shoulder tackle. Archer hits a hellicoaster. He attempts a Blackout, but Solo escapes. Archer hits a choke slam, followed by the Blackout for the win.

Winner: Lance Archer

After a short promo video for “Dynamite”, Christopher Daniels comes to the ring to a pop. Steve Andrews is already waiting inside the ring.

Christopher Daniels vs. Steve Andrews

The bell rings and the two lock up as the crowd cheers for Daniels. The two exchange submissions, but Daniels gets the upper hand and delivers a shoulder tackle. Andrews hits an arm drag, but Daniels counters with a couple arm drags of his own. Daniels locks in an arm bar, but Andrews escapes. Andrews sends him into the top turn buckle. He hits a couple kicks on Daniels, then sends him into the corner.

Andrews sends Daniels to the mat, then into the corner. He sends him into the rope, but Daniels hits a back heel trip. He hits an insiguri on Andrews, followed by a choke slam. He hits the Best Moonsault Ever on Andrews for the win.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

After a short promo video for “Forbidden Door”, Skye Blue comes to the ring followed by Marina Shafir.

Marina Shafir vs. Skye Blue

Blue hits a drop kick as Shafir enters the ring. She sends her into the barricades. Blue tosses Shafir into the ring and the bell goes to officially start the match. Blue hits a couple thrust kicks, then sends Shafir out of the ring. Blue goes for a hurricanrana, but Shafir catches her and whips her into the barricades.

Shafir sends Blue back in the ring. She delivers a few hip attacks, followed by a slam. Shafir goes for a pin, but Blue kicks out. Blue rolls Shafir up, but she kicks out.

Blue hits a rising knee, followed by a kick to the midsection. Blue hits a forearm on Shafir, then goes for a lock, but Shafir tosses her to the mat. Shafir hits a kick to the back of Blue. Blue manages to get her ankle, then pins her, but Shafir bridges up.

Shafir delivers a hip toss, followed by an arm and ankle submission for the win.

Winner: Marina Shafir

After a short pride video promo, Serpentico comes to the ring, followed by Ortiz.

Ortiz vs. Serpentico

The bell rings and the crowd cheer for Ortiz. The two lock up and exchange submissions. Serpentico gains the upper hand and hits a forearm on Ortiz’s head. He gloats, and Ortiz takes advantage by delivering a chop. Ortiz hits a power slam, followed by a senton. He goes for a pin, but Serpentico kicks out at two.

Ortiz hits a chop on Serpentico, but he returns the favor. Ortiz hits a leg lariat. Serpentico hits a taharis, followed by some offensive moves and an insiguri. Serpentico hits a thrust kick to Ortiz’s head, followed by a DDT. He goes for the pin, but Ortiz kicks out. Ortiz hits a lariat, followed by a tiger driver for the win.

Winner: Ortiz

Toni Storm comes to the ring, as Zeda Zhang waits inside.

Toni Storm vs. Zeda Zhang

The bell rings and the crowd cheers for Storm. The two shake hands and lock up. They exchange submissions, but Storm gets the upper hand and delivers a shoulder tackle. She hits a drop down, followed by a chop. Storm hits an upper cut, then sends Zhang to the mat.

Zhang hits a few kicks, followed by a back elbow. Zhang delivers a hip toss, then locks in a crucifix submission. Storm escapes and hits an elbow strike to Zhang’s head. The two exchange forearms. Storm hits a German suplex, followed by a hip attack in the corner. Storm hits a swinging DDT, then the Storm Zero for the win.

Winner: Toni Storm

After a pride video for Anthony Bowens, Tony Schiavone is backstage with Ortiz. He asks Ortiz about his upcoming hair vs. hair match against Chris Jericho at Road Rager. He says the only way to really hurt him is to take his hair and finish the job. Schiavone clarified that Ortiz is going for the full head this time.

We go back to commentary and it is main event time. The Dark Order comes to the ring, followed by the Acclaimed and the Gunn Club. Max Caster cuts his typical rap promo

Max Caster and The Gunn Club (Austin Gunn and Colten Gunn) vs. Dark Order (John Silver, Alex Reynolds and Preston ‘10’ Vance)

Excalibur keeps hilariously almost referring to the Gunn Club as the Ass Boys. Silver and Austin start off the action. The bell rings and Silver hits an arm drag. He hits an uppercut on Austin, but Colten tags in. Colten hits him with a clothesline. He sends him into the corner and Colten delivers a kick to the midsection. He tags in Caster.

Caster hits a swinging neck breaker, then goes for a pin but Silver kicks out. Silver hits a couple body shots, followed by a back throw. Colten tags in, then immediately tags in Austin. The two double team on Silver, but it backfires and Silver makes the tag to 10.

10 takes down Austin and his partners. He hits a spine buster on Austin, and sends him out of the ring. 10 tags in Reynolds and Reynolds delivers an assisted flip over the top rope. The Dark Order hit an insiguri, followed by a rolling elbow, a stunner, a German suplex and a discus lariat. Reynolds goes for the pin, but Colten breaks it up. The Dark Order go for the pendulum bomb, but Caster and Colten save Austin. Colten hits Reynolds with a crutch, which allows for Austin to get a pin for the win.

Winners: Max Caster and The Gunn Club

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