AEW Dynamite Results (6/1) – MJF Speaks, The Forbidden Door Opens, Double Or Nothing Fallout

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CM Punk & FTR vs. Max Caster & Gunn Club

Max Caster kicks off claiming that they're going to make his opponents pay like Amber Heard while stating that FTR needs to ride CM Punk's coattails to get on the show. Dax Harwood then starts the match with Austin Gunn, who drops the FTR star, but Harwood responds with a chop and a tag to his partner.

They work together to quickly bring Austin down, but Colten Gunn then comes in, only to eat a big back body drop and then some hip tosses. Caster is able to tag in, but that leads to CM Punk also getting involved after Wheeler takes control of the arm, and the World Champion drops down from the top rope.

Caster switches things up in the corner though, yet he then eats an elbow and then a crossbody. Wheeler comes back in and he nails a powerslam from the top rope as Dax then gets back in and gets a near fall. Austin quickly tags in, but Dax fights his way out of the corner only for Austin to drop him at the ankle, allowing the heels to regain control.

Billy Gunn then takes a cheap shot, but Dax fights back by sending everyone out of the ring to then drop Colten inside of it. He looks for a tag, but his opponents pull his partners from the apron, stopping a potential tag. Caster then launches Dax into the turnbuckles and looks for a pinfall, but Harwood kicks out.

The heels keep making frequent tags, but Dax then plants Caser with a German suplex which is followed with a double clothesline. Caster is up first and he looks for a Sharpshooter, but he fights out of it only for Austin Gunn to come in, yet Harwood tags out and Punk slips off the top rope.

Despite that he begins attacking both members of The Gunn Club and follows it with a roundhouse kick to Caster. He nails Austin with a knee and then he heads to the top rope and connects with a huge Elbow Drop! Billy then stands on the apron and looks to get into the ring, he does the DX pose and Austin goes for a roll-up, but it doesn't work.

Punk then hits a powerbomb to Austin which sends him into Billy Gunn, while he then nails a GTS straight into the Big Rig for the win.

Winners: CM Punk & FTR

- After the match, Punk says he's never done drugs but he guesses this is what it feels like. He says he knows he needs to get better, that is what this title is about. He says his road to be here is littered with mistakes, and he will keep learning from them, and people can say positives or negatives, but they can call him a champ.

Harwood then says the things Punk hasn't done, he has, and this is what it feels like. He puts over his wife and daughter who are in the crowd, and they're the only things that mean more to him than wrestling. He says when you attack him and Cash it doesn't sit well, so he says if you're from a different company or the same company, sorry Finlay, bring your ass out here and he will kick it.

Punk says NJPW has some of the best wrestlers in the world, and he says he knows the Forbidden Door is back there... he wants to know who he's got...Hiroshi Tanahashi then makes his presence known!

Let's Hear From MJF 

MJF appears and says he's in a lot of pain right now after Sunday, but all the people want is to hear him talk. He says it would be a real shame if something bad happened tonight as there are a lot of important people in the audience. MJF says Tony Khan has been wanting to sit down with him for a while, but it's too little too late.

He says everyone was handed a ticket at the start, but he had to write his own. He created moment after moment for this company, but he still gets no respect, and MJF claims nobody is on his level, as there's nothing he cannot do. MJF is expected to hit grand slams and he does that sh*t on a weekly basis, he has to be perfect as he's held under a microscope as he's the only guy capable of carrying the company.

He says it is interesting that he hears clapping, where were they this weekend when they called him unprofessional. MJF tells the guys in the back they can have his spot, because he doesn't want to be here anymore. He tells the fans they're uneducated marks who sit and tweet their opinions.

MJF tells the fans they don't know sh*t, and their opinions suck and change at the drop of a dime. He says people claim they always knew he was a good wrestler, but that wasn't what they originally said. Is it because he doesn't pretend to watch New Japan or chase star ratings? He's the best because he makes you feel, and unlike the rest, he doesn't need to do bullsh*t to get fans there.

He says it isn't just the fans who take him for granted, it's the big man in the back as well. He asks who the second biggest minute-for-minute raw in the company is, it is him, and they should ask stat boy Tony. But don't ask him to pay the man who has been busting his ass for him, he should hoard all that money to give it to all the ex-WWE guys who can't lace his boots.

MJF asks Tony if he'd treat him better if he was an ex-WWE guy, but he says the only position Tony should have is behind the guard rail. He doesn't want to wait until 2024, he tells Tony to fire him, and calls him a fu*cking mark, and then his microphone gets cut and the entire stream gets cut off.

Johnny Elite vs. ???

Miro appears and says he is going to redeem everyone, and the good deeds will bring him back to the kingdom of heaven. He says his neck of sand is fixed, but it is his heart that is broken, he doesn't wish to come home to his God, he wants to take his.

Miro starts out the match aggressively, attacking Elite in the corner as he launches him across the ring. He comes in with a pump kick but misses and Elite responds with a roundhouse kick of his own as he then starts throwing hands of his own with an elbow strike in the corner and he follows it with a springboard strike to Miro.

Elite connects with the standing shooting star press, but Miro kicks out immediately. He attempts a move from the top rope, but Miro avoids it, nails a pump kick, and locks in the Game Over submission.

Winner: Miro

- Angelo Parker says JAS dominated the Anarchy in the Arena, so the AEW Galaxy should appreciate them. Danny Magic then adds that people will now know that they're the princes of pain because nobody does it better. Jericho says what the fans deserve is the winners of the match on Sunday, which is them.

He says winning the match wasn't without a price as he lists some of the injuries and then points out that Kingston tried to set him alight. He points out that when sports entertainers face pro wrestlers, sports entertainers always win.

Eddie Kingston then appears and says he will fight them all right now and he then tells William Regal to let them know where he wants to fight them...BLOOD AND GUTS. Jericho says he isn't getting it, and the faction then jumps Kingston, but as he turns around Ortiz has his socks with the snooker balls in and he nails him in the head with it as he then cuts off some of Jericho's hair. That's enough to get the Blood & Guts match, as Jericho says they've got it...but he wants something as well. He's going to shave Ortiz bald, he wants him in a hair vs hair match. He will beat him, shave him, and burn him...because he's a wizard.

- A video package is shown of Samoa Joe being attacked after Double Or Nothing by Jay Lethal and his group.

reDRagon, Hiku Leo & The Young Bucks vs. Jurassic Express, Christian Cage, Darby Allin & Matt Hardy

Jungle Boy takes down Bobby Fish early and brings in Christian Cage as the two of them work together with some double hip tosses. Matt Hardy then gets brought in as he drops down an elbow from the second rope, but Fish reverses the Twist Of Fate with a sharp kick. This allows Matt Jackson to come in, but he gets attacked in the corner by Cage, who nails a swinging DDT.

Cage then hits the classic move of standing on Matt's back and pulling the top rope, following it with a slap. Jungle Boy takes Fish down as he tries to get involved and Christian dives onto Jackson, which is broken up and all 10 wrestlers come in and brawl. Darby then dives to the outside as Jurassic Express then dives out as well.

Matt Jackson hits a superkick to Cage, and Nick dives out of the top rope to take down everyone on the outside. Christian almost catches Matt with an inside cradle though as he spends too long bragging. Hiku Leo then steps in and begins dominating with his strength and height advantage, sending Christian into the second turnbuckle.

The Young Bucks miss with superkicks to him after that, and he gets both men and drops them down as Luchasaurus comes in and starts clearing house to everyone in sight. He plans Nick Jackson and then Jungle Boy comes in with a destroyer to Matt. The big man connects with a standing shooting star press, but Leo breaks it up and then tags in.

The two big men then both look for a Chokeslam, but then they end up being taken down with double clotheslines. Allin gets involved and he starts charging back and forth at reDRagon in each corner. Leo then gets sent to the outside and Allin tries to follow with a Coffin Drop but he catches him as reDRagon then hit a double team.

Inside the ring, Matt begins his delete turnbuckle attack to four members of the Undisputed Elite.  He tries to do it to Leo but he puts on the brakes only to miss with a splash in the corner and he gets dropped with the Twist Of Fate. Cage then Spears him off the apron, but O'Reilly sends him flying and the Bucks hit double superkicks to Matt and Luchasaurus.

Jungle Boy then gets caught with his own as Matt is dropped again with the High-Low after he tries to get involved, and the Bucks hit the Meltzer Driver for the win.

Winners: Undisputed Elie & Hiku Leo

- After the match, Matt looks to show his respect to Jungle Boy, but Cage pushes him away.

- Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee are backstage and Swerve introduces several friends of his. Keith says whether it is tag the gold came before and it will come again and they can swerve in their glory.

- Tony Schiavone then welcomes Athena to AEW Dynamite for the first time. She says Athena is All Elite baby, and it's not a surprise why she's here, the top competition. She says all streaks are made to be broken and she's the one to break Jade's, so she can say this or that, but she's the Fallen Goddes...but Cargill tells Tony to cut the shit.

She appears and says she is that b*tch as she introduces Stokely Hathaway. He says it is a shame, and as her publicist he is letting everyone know Jade is a queen and a goddess. He knows Athena wants a title shot...but not today. Kiera Hogan then gets in Athena's face and Anna Jay and Kris Statlander then appear to level the odds.

Wardlow vs. JD Drake

JD Drake looks for a chop to start but he is immediately rocked by a huge lariat. Wardlow then drives his opponent into the corner and plants him on the mat. That is quickly followed up by the Powerbomb Symphony to get the win.

Winner; Wardlow

- After the match, Mark Sterling hits a lawsuit to Wardlow for the security that he's been beating up. But he responds by grabbing a security member and powerbombing him.

Toni Storm & Ruby Soho vs. Jamie Hayter & Britt Baker

Jamie Hayter distracts Toni Storm to start which allows Britt Baker to get a few shots in, but Toni responds and that leads to Britt running away and bragging about her title belt from the Owen Hart Cup. Ruby is able to tag in, but she gets a big boot from Hayter as Britt then sweeps the leg and delivers a twisting neckbreaker to her on the floor.

Back in the ring Britt just stomps away at Ruby, taking control with a stiff forearm. The action continues on the outside as Toni gets planted to the floor, while Soho drops down to Hayter, but she then eats a sling blade for her troubles. Toni slams down Hayter to turn things around and Soho tags in looking for a foot stomp but misses and runs into a thrust kick.

Hayter then drops her straight down across her back, while Britt hits a butterfly suplex to Ruby. Britt then hits a swinging neckbreaker, and then there is almost a miscommunication between her and Jamie. This allows Soho to turn things around with a kick and then the Destination Unknown for the win.

Winners: Toni Storm & Ruby Soho 

- After the match Hayter uses Britt's title to knockdown both Ruby and Toni, leaving them laying at the end of the night.

Daniel Garcia vs. Jon Moxley 

The two men lock up and Daniel Garvia takes the Blackpool Combat Member into the corner and grinds out his face, but Jon Moxley responds with a big shoulder tackle which he follows with some big chops. They then go back and forth with strikes and then Garcia just pushes Jon in the face until he gets slapped.

Moxley then takes down his opponent and kicks him repeatedly in the back, but he responds with a couple of headbutts until Garcia just charges him out of the ring as Jon's injury from Sunday is exposed as he starts bleeding. Garcia charges Moxley into the stairs and then dropkicks them into his knee for added damage.

Back inside the ring, Garcia continues the attack of the leg, twisting it onto the ropes as he follows it with a Figure Four. He gets to the ropes but Garcia takes a while to let go of the hold, only for him to eat an elbow strike. But Mox attempts to climb to the top rope, which Garcia cuts away and then bites his head and the bloody.

Garcia then slams Moxley from the top rope to the mat and he tries for a Sharpshooter but Moxley gauges the eye. The fight then continues outside the ring and Moxley ends up launching Garcia into the air, spinning him and slamming him onto the stairs. Back in the ring Moxley takes his opponent to the top turnbuckle, and he connects with a suplex and then he batters down with some elbows to the face, but Garcia reverses and hits some of his own.

Moxley then turns things around again and then locks in the cross arm breaker, which Garcia reverses out of into a submission of his own, yet Moxley gets to the ropes. Jon connects with a German suplex, but he then eats one of Garcia's, who follows it with a piledriver, which gets a near fall!

Garcia then locks in the Sharpshooter tight, but he responds with a choke that Garcia counters with a pinfall attempt. The two then go back and forth with huge strikes until they both spill out of the ring and then brawl over the timekeeper's table. Jericho then heads down to the ring to try and distract Jon, but Eddie Kingston comes down to level things as Moxley nails a Paradigm Shift and then the Bulldog Choke for the win.

Winner: Jon Moxley

- After the match, Jon Moxley says he's signed up for Blood & Guts!