AEW Dynamite Results (6/8) – Interim AEW Title Chase Begins, Will Ospreay Appears, More!

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Casino Battle Royal (Winner Faces Jon Moxley where the winner will compete for the Interim World Title)

First 5 entrants: Darby Allin, Daniel Garcia, Tony Nese, Lance Archer, & Eddie Kingston

Eddie Kingston immediately charges at Daniel Garcia and the two men just brawl until they go down, while Allin grabs his skateboard. Tony Nese takes trash to Lancer Archer, who drops him with a Chokeslam. Allin hits Archer on the back with the skateboard and he sends him out of the ring, and Allin follows it with a tope suicida.

Back inside the ring it is Allin and Kingston squaring off as they both throw hands with huge slaps and forearms.

Next 5 entrants: Ricky Starks, Jake Hager, Rey Fenix, Swerve Strickland, & Keith Lee

Starks immediately gets wiped out with a Code Red while the Jericho Appreciation Society members work together to attack Kingston. Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland work together to attack Nese with some smooth teamwork. Nese and Strickland then fight on the ring apron as Mark Sterling grabs Swerve's leg to help him. Lee comes in with a clubbing blow to Nese though and then shoves him out to eliminate him.

- Tony Nese eliminated by Keith Lee

Archer attacks Lee with a big crossbody, and he almost eliminates him but Lee hangs on just in time. He then gets back into the ring and lifts Archer, and he manages to push him out.

- Lance Archer eliminated by Keith Lee

Next 5 entrants: John Silver, Konosuke Takeshita, Max Caster, Austin Gunn, & Colten Gunn

Max Caster hits his usual rap on the way to the ring which takes the focus away from the in-ring product. Everyone begins to find their corners as the ring fills up, but Fenix goes close to being eliminated by Strickland. He then tries to throw out Silver, but The Dark Order star hangs onto the bottom rope.

The Gunn Club then begin working on Silver, but he shows plenty of fight back against them. Austin is almost eliminated, but he clings onto the tope.

Next 5 entrants: Powerhouse Hobbs, Bobby Fish, Kyle O'Reilly, Dante Martin, & Wheeler Yuta

Allin immediately attacks reDRagon, including hitting his Coffin Drop to the outside while everyone continues brawling inside the ring. Gunn Club and Caster take the time to scissor but they get broken up by Fenix, and he dropkicks Caster off the top turnbuckle.

- Max Caster eliminated by Rey Fenix

Lee delivers a double chop to the Ass Boys, which is followed by a double cutter from Fenix, and Lee charges from behind o eliminate him. He and Strickland laugh t them, but Swerve then lives up to his name and eliminates his tag team partner.

- Austin & Colten Gunn eliminated by Keith Lee

- Keith Lee eliminated by Swerve Strickland

The Joker entrant is: Andrade El Idolo

Andrade immediately goes for Allin, and he and O'Reilly work together in order to attack the face-painted wrestler. Kingston and Garcia brawl on the ring apron, but at the other side of the ring Hobbs blasts Silver off the apron and out of the match, while Garcia, Kingston, and Hager all go out in a flurry.

- John Silver eliminated by Powerhouse Hobbs

- Daniel Garcia eliminated by Eddie Kingston

- Eddie Kingston eliminated by Jake Hager

- Jake Hager eliminated by Wheeler Yuta

Takeshita and Hobbs then go back and forth with some huge forearm strikes, but in the end Hobbs gets help from Starks to rush him off the apron. They then work together to eliminate Martin, with Hobbs sending him to the apron as Ricky pulled it down.

- Konosuke Takeshita eliminated by Powerhouse Hobbs/Ricky Starks

- Dante Martin eliminated by Powerhouse Hobbs/Ricky Starks

Fenix then lights up Starks, springboarding with a kick to knock him out.

- Ricky Starks eliminated by Rey Fenix

Swerve and Darby then work together in order to attack Andrade, but reDRagon come in and take control, only for their High/Low to be intercepted by Swerve who takes them both out. Allin continues to fight against reDRagon, and he managed to drag Fish out of the ring.

- Bobby Fish eliminated by Darby Allin

However, Swerve once again goes against someone he's been working with as he lifts Allin out of the ring using his own momentum. But he can't brag for long as Andrade connects with a big boot to eliminate him as well.

- Darby Allin eliminated by Swerve Strickland

- Swerve Strickland eliminated by Andrade El Idolo

Hobbs smashes Fenix from behind and follows it with a huge spinebuster as he then looks to dump him out, but Yuta comes from behind and sends Hobbs out.

- Powerhouse Hobbs eliminated by Wheeler Yuta

Final four: Fenix, O'Reilly, Yuta, Andrade

The heels work together early on, taking control of both opponents, but Yuta fights back with a missile dropkick to Andrade, and O'Reilly eats a German Suplex but he charges back with a lariat. Andrade then catches Fenix in mid-air, but he then swings off the ropes to kick Andrade. He then goes for a high-flying move but Andrade nails a low blow and then throws him out of the ring.

O'Reilly and Andrade then work together, but as El Idolo charges in, Yuta and O'Reilly end up throwing him out.

- Kyle O'Reilly eliminated by Wheeler Yuta/Kyle O'Reilly

The two final men then brawl back and forth, but in the end, it is O'Reilly who wins, smashing the Lucha Bros star out.

Winner: Kyle O'Reilly

- Jon Moxley is backstage cutting a promo, and he says O'Reilly is in the wrong place, at the wrong time as the Forbidden Door belongs to him. He ends the segment saying he loves his mom.

JR reveals that CM Punk's lower leg surgery is complete and doctors were happy with it.

- It is so revealed that a brand new championship is coming to AEW! The All Atlantic Championship, which promises to bring fans the best of the best and will represent the fans in all the countries around the world who watch AEW. A tournament is kicking off with wrestlers from around the world, and the winner will be crowned in a fatal four-way at Forbidden Door.

Buddy Matthews vs. PAC (winner advances to the All Atlantic Championship match)

Buddy Matthews instantly starts working the arm of PAC, grinding him down to the mat, but the Englishman fights back by working against the same area of the body. PAC picks up the pace and sends his opponent out of the ring, but rather than teasing diving out of the ring, he slides out of it behind himself while Matthews slides in to do his trademark pose.

Both men then end up on the outside as Matthews is sent over the timekeeper's table. They then get up to the top turnbuckle, and Matthews drops to the mat while launching PAC in the air as he bounces off the top turnbuckle to the floor. Buddy then repeatedly drops PAC onto the ring apron, as he remains in control.

PAC makes an impact as they re-enter the ring though, connecting with a big DDT from the ropes. The two men then begin lighting each other up with strikes and uppercuts, while Matthews then nails a big rising knee strike only for PAC to fire back with a German suplex and lariat combination.

Once again they head to the top turnbuckle, and Matthews dumps PAW to the floor and then rolls through a sunset flip to connect with a Liger Bomb, which almost gets the job done! PAC then spikes his opponent with a poisonrana, immediately following it with a pump kick in the corner. He heads to the top again, connecting with the Black Arrow to progress to Forbidden Door.

Winner: PAC

- Eddie Kingston is backstage saying they gave him a minute, but he doesn't need that. Jake Hager cost him the chance to be World Champion, he then says he hates the rest of Jericho Appreciation Society as he demands that the staff don't count him down. He makes it clear he wants Hager on "AEW Rampage" this week.

- Trent Baretta makes his way to the ring, he says he is bummed out as today is national best friends day and his aren't here. A few weeks ago they competed for the ROH Tag Team Titles, and he believes they deserve another shot down to how it finished. Trent calls out FTR to make things right, and the champions make their presence known.

Cash Wheeler says the result of that match doesn't sit well with them either as they want to show they're the best tag team on the planet. Dax Harwood says if it was up to them they'd have done it tonight, but Trent's partner is in Japan and the problem he has shouldn't be with them, it should be with on Will Ospreay's b*tch boys.

The United Empire music then hits...WILL OSPREAY is here! He waves his hand and United Empire members appear, attacking FTR and Trent, laying them all out inside the ring, with Ospreay then nailing Trent with his finisher as his faction stands tall.

- Kyle O'Reilly is backstage with Tony Schiavone, and William Regal appears and says he taught them all a lot over the years. He asks Kyle if he is ready for tonight, and he gives him the best wishes, saying it will hurt him as he commentates as O'Reilly gets his head caved in. Kyle says he came here to fight the best and fight for the title, and tonight he does both.

Hangman Page vs. David Finlay 

The former AEW World Champion starts out dropping his opponent with a shoulder tackle, but David Finlay responds with a pin-point dropkick. Page then drops Finlay with a body drop, following it up with a big boot and some chops. He sends the New Japan star outside the ring, and then leaps out of the ring to smash Finlay into the barricade as he then takes a swig of beer from a fan.

Finlay responds back inside the ring though, catching Page's knee and jarring it over his shoulder before nailing a chop block. He then keeps focusing on the knee, but Page sees it coming and kicks him out of the ring, yet when Page slides out of the ring David pays tribute to his father. He pulls the ring apron, trapping Page as he beats him down with several shots.

Finlay keeps exploiting the injured leg, hitting a body slam directly onto the bottom rope, but once again Hangman tries to fight back, kicking away at him. Page caches the crossbody attempt and then connects with the fallaway slam, and he then charges into the corner with a clothesline.

Page hits a springboard clothesline which knocks Finlay to the floor and he then throws himself over the top rope to take out Finlay once again on the outside. Back inside the ring Page hits a powerbomb, but that only gets a near fall. Finlay responds well with a backbreaker, which gets him a near fall as well, with this one continuing to go back and forth.

Finlay looks for a German suplex but Page lands on his feet, and he then gets an uppercut which has Finlay stumbling. This provides an opportunity, and Page connects with the Buckshot Lariat to get the win.

Winner: Hangman Page

- After the match, he says there's a lot he wants to say about the World Title, but not tonight. He wasn't in the "little battle royal," and it doesn't seem like he will get a title shot anytime soon. But Page says he knows there isn't only one World Title in professional wrestling, so at Forbidden Door, he wants the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship. Page wants Okada!

This leads to Adam Cole appearing from commentary, stating that it could end up being Jay White who is the champion, and he tells Page he's not a champion anymore, he lost the title while Cole won the Owen Hart Foundation tournament and nobody will stop him. Cole believes he should get a shot at the title, because he is the franchise player in AEW.

- Tony Schiavone then welcomes Wardlow to the ring for an interview. Schiavone claims Wardlow opted not to be in the battle royal earlier and he knows there's something on his mind. Wardlow says the reason for that is that CM Punk is the champion, so if he's not beating him, he doesn't want the title yet.

Wardlow tells Punk to heal up real quick, because he will be waiting when he gets back. However, there is a title he does want, one that few men have carried that put respect to it. Since then, those men have diminished it, it was a title he had won three months ago and has thought about since that night. Wardlow wants the TNT Title as it is time for a change around here.

This leads to Scorpio Sky appearing and walking to the ring but, Dan Lambert and Ethan Page come and stop him, claiming he has a bad knee.

- Mark Sterling then appears and says because he's a nice guy he gives Wardlow two options. He can face him in the court of law, or he can wrestle 20 security members in an elimination match, as either way, he pays.

- The Young Bucks appear as they recap their performances last week, and Matt says they're back and they want their World Tag Team Titles back. The Hardys then appear and Matt Hardy heard what they said, but at Double Or Nothing they won. Christian Cage and the champions then appear and he doesn't think either team deserves a shot.

Cage recalls how Jungle Boy got pinned in his hometown and they're all about getting their wins back. He throws out a challenge, a match that made them household names, next week for the World Tag Team Titles...The Hardys vs. The Young Bucks vs. Jurassic Express in a ladder match. That leads to Jungle Boy questioning Cage, but it appears the match is set.

Thunder Rosa (c) vs. Marina Shafir (AEW Women's Championship Match)

Marina Shafir starts this one dominating with her strength advantage, attacking the champion in the corner, but Thunder Rosa rolls through a submission attempt and begins working the arm of the challenger. Shafir counters that herself and starts working the feet of Rosa, who responds with several chops.

Shafir connects with a snap suplex, and the two women then begin grappling until Shafir hits a big kick which rocks the champion. The women exchange kicks, but Shafir comes out on top and works in a Boston crab before transitioning into a bulldog choke. Rosa rocks Shafir with several forearm strikes though, and she then drives her knees into the corner.

As Shafir is laying on the second rope, Rosa comes in with a dropkick to the spine and then a Northern Lights suplex, which almost gets the job done. Shafir responds well though, launching Rosa across the ring, and this time she has to kick out at the last second, the balance of power shifts again though as Shafir begins hitting some kicks of her own.

Rosa then works a counter as Shafir is looking to slam her to the mat, and this allows her a roll-up victory.

Winner (and still AEW Women's Champion): Thunder Rosa

- After the match, Marina Shafir attacks the champion until Toni Storm makes the save. They start brawling, with Toni coming out on top with a German suplex. Rosa then plants her rival on the mat, but Storm then grabs the AEW Women's Title to hand it over, but she just pauses first.

- Backstage Jade Cargill and her crew are backstage promoting Red Velvet's upcoming "AEW Rampage" match.

Jon Moxley vs. Kyle O'Reilly (winner earns an Interim AEW World Title shot at Forbidden Door)

The two men feel each other out in the first moments, with Jon Moxley looking to grapple and Kyle O'Reilly going for strikes. Moxley eventually gets his opponent down, and he starts working Kyle's hand Pete Dunne style, snapping the fingers, and he then gets more into the brawling as he just stomps down on him.

Moxley then invites some blows from Kyle and he obliges as the two men go back and forth with strikes which the Undisputed Elite star wins, but Mox then charges in with some clotheslines in the corner. He goes for another but Kyle hits a dropkick to the knee. Kyle then hangs up Moxley on the second rope and then dives down with a knee strike, adding further damage to the leg.

Outside the ring, O'Reilly continues attacking him with kicks, but Jon then catches his foot and he begins throwing hands. O'Reilly then begins slamming the knee of Moxley onto the ring apron, as he continues to attack that area, but when Kyle goes to the top rope, Moxley knocks it to spill him down.

He then heads up with him and rakes away at the back, eventually launching Kyle from the top of the turnbuckle to the mat with a suplex. They then just unload on punches and big boots, which leads to them both falling down, but they immediately get back into the fight as Moxley looks for the Chicken Wing.

Kyle breaks the submission by biting the ring ropes, but Moxley then boots the ropes away and nails a big lariat before hammering down with elbows and knee strikes. O'Reilly comes back with a big knee strike of his own though, but out of nowhere, Moxley hits a stunner, only for Kyle to follow it up with a triangle submission, which translates into a knee bar.

Once again they just exchange strikes to the face, with O'Reilly getting the best and hitting a suplex, but that fires him up and he hits one of his own. The duo then hit a trio of double clotheslines, but Moxley then transitions into the BUlldog Choke, but he then comes out and hits the Regal Knee and then the Paradigm Shift. Moxley is going to Forbidden Door!

Winner: Jon Moxley