WWE’s Butch Reveals Vince McMahon’s Reaction To His Recent Work

Butch may not quite be a household name in pro wrestling, but the former 'Bruiserweight' plans on establishing his new identity as a name to remember.

"I knew it was coming," the man once known as Pete Dunne told Metro.co.uk. "I didn't know the name Butch specifically [was coming], but I figured there would be a name change ... I knew there would be multiple changes alongside that, so I went in with a very open mind."


Butch did work under names like William Regal down in NXT, someone who was able to make plenty of wild ideas work for his persona over the years, and he applied that to now with his new pairing with Sheamus and Ridge Holland.

"I was aware of that," Butch said regarding the potential backlash, "And that's quite nervewracking at the time 'cause you know the reaction that's coming from people. But you just have to tune out from that and focus on what you can and that's the quality of the work you put out."

So far, Butch has been happy with what he's seeing when it comes to fan reaction and has embraced the process of developing the new identity.

"Seeing it catch on in different places, it's almost more rewarding because I know who I am with Pete Dunne and the Bruiserweight, that's established. But to start establishing something new is a really rewarding process."


What Butch has been doing on SmackDown, Vince McMahon has seemed pleased with it.

"He seems really into this, as you can imagine," Butch smiled. "He seems really into the idea of Butch. It is entertaining."

Butch echoed similar sentiments back when he was first called up to the main roster under the new role.

"So, why not, right? It feels right, it's a fit, and I'm 28 now. I'm growing up even further. I've been in NXT for a long time, so if there's ever a time to try something new and just for it, it's right now. I'm excited to see what it brings."