At AEW “Double or Nothing“, wrestling fans were treated to the chaos that was “Anarchy in the Arena” between The Jericho Appreciation Society and the team of Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson, Eddie Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz. The match was absolute chaos, with wrestling happening all throughout the arena. It left most of the wrestlers bloodied up and battered by the end of the match.

When the match began, Jon Moxley’s “Wild Thing” theme music continued to play throughout his entrance into the beginning of the match. With anarchy happening all throughout the arena, the fans continued to chant the song while the wrestlers laid waste to each other. The Wizard, Chris Jericho detailed during the AEW Post Show Media Scrum where the idea to continue the song came from.

“We were harkening it back to New Jack, when his music would play throughout his matches,” Jericho said. “Which kind of took away the fact that they were just basically plunder and just garbage going on, but the music added some excitement to it. So we thought, okay, so if we could play the music for the first third of the match, that will kind of sustain it … ’til we get to some of these biggest moments. I think because nobody’s ever done that here in AEW or anywhere since then, it kind of makes it seem different, makes it different.”

The first-ever AEW World Champion ended the ongoing “Wild Thing” music when he broke the soundboard ringside, leading to a parade of boos from the All Elite Wrestling fans.

“I thought, well, this is great and I’ll be the party pooper who hates this song and let’s break the soundboard,” Jericho said. “So let’s put a soundboard thing up there and break it. And that was my favorite part too, like as soon as we hit the ground, it goes off.

“I was telling Tony too, like I love wrestling. I still love wrestling for moments like this. Yes, it’s comic, but it’s like the a-----e heel that just hates music, and it’s like, I’m going to smash the soundboard and finally cut it off, and then that enabled us to go to the next stage of the match. So it was kind half of a que, half of a really opening of chaos and then gives me the cool moment of the curmudgeon who hates Rock n’ Roll music, turn it down.”

The match ended when Jericho and Jake Hager had Bryan Danielson in the ring locked in a submission hold with the top turnbuckle, leading the AEW star to pass out, giving JAS the win.

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