Effy is booked. Effy is busy.

The outlaw wrestler recently visited Renée Paquette on her “The Sessions” podcast to talk about his current run on the indies and giving veteran talent what he calls the “Effy epiphany.”

Paquette asked Effy about the possibility of signing with a more conventional company like AEW or WWE, as opposed to his independent freelancer life, and Effy refused to state whether he would or wouldn’t, as he doesn’t “always know everything” and doesn’t want to close himself off from opportunities to grow, especially as “distribution” of Effy continues to get easier for him.

“Its very easy to stand on top of a mountain and go, ‘I’ll never help anyone or work for anyone,'” Effy said, saying that he’s recently gotten a much closer look at putting together a TV show and “wanting to put out a good project.”

“I have a voice role on Netflix coming out soon,” Effy said, allowing himself a chance to pat himself on the back, “I am entering a new ether where I’m going to be a part of a show, as a main cast member, I believe, going into the second season.”

The project Effy is referring to is “Dead End: Paranormal Park”, an animated series that dropped on the platform last week. He says that it was an opportunity he didn’t think was possible for him, as he’s “an outlaw wrestler out here working in bingo halls.”

Effy says that accomplishments like the show help during those dark nights of the soul for an independent contractor. “Every time I get to the point where I’m like, ‘This would be a lot easier if you just had the paycheck every week,'” Effy said, referring to the hardships, “… I also understand that at 32 right now, I am physically in the best shape I have ever been in.

“I can go in the ring, I can do any kind of match you want. I’m gonna have the match I want to have because I know what will work,” saying that he doesn’t want to miss out on “a time where I always feel like I’m the main event. Even if I’m 5 minutes, I always feel like the main event if I’m in control.”

Not to be pigeonholed though, Effy says that there are times where that kind of control can be “a little selfish.”

“Anyone who hires me, I’m gonna come in and they’re gonna say, ‘just be Effy, it works,’ and there’s a little bit of laziness to that,” noting that what works isn’t going to always work, and so its good to expand one’s horizons or “see if you can handle someone else’s assignment instead of just making up your own.”

“… I’ve got to get the shovel out every day and do the digging,” Effy said about the hardships of life on the independent scene, “but whatever gold I find is all mine once I find it.”

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