Eric Bischoff Believes ‘The Story’ Has Become Secondary In AEW

As of late, former WCW President Eric Bischoff has been very critical of storytelling in modern pro wrestling. For example, Bischoff recently knocked All Elite Wrestling for their inability to tell "basic" stories. Now, Bischoff is weighing on on the latest episode of "Strictly Business about WWE's storytelling style and why he believes it's lacking as of late.

"When you produce as much content as WWE does, the amount of content that they have to create to satisfy this monster they've created in television and the amount of revenue that those television contracts create for them, I think the quantity of content has forced them to de-emphasize the story," Bischoff said."Structuring story and adapting to things that happen in wrestling, injuries, personal issues, and contractual problems, forces you to adapt the story and it's very very time-consuming. I think now in the case of WWE, they crack out so much product that the sheer volume is taking precedence over the quality of the story.

Bischoff continued to describe the difference between WWE's storytelling and that of its competition.

"I think with AEW, it's more of a cultural thing where the decision is being made that it's all about the quality of the matches and the dream matches and the story has become secondary. That's being kind for the most part and I'm talking about a traditional beginning, middle, and end story with a great arc that takes the viewer on a journey and makes you emotionally invested. That element is mostly gone in AEW for the most part, in my opinion, and it's more about the exhibition for the sake of the exhibition."

The former WCW President did however praise AEW for the great job they've done with the MJF storyline, calling this past Wednesday's AEW Dynamite the exception to the rule. The show saw MJF cut a scathing promo on AEW President Tony Khan over the amount of money he spends on ex-WWE talent rather than on an AEW original like him.

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