Former WWE writer and Hollywood star Freddie Prinze Jr. is working on a new project with WWE.

On a recent episode of Prinze’s podcast, Wrestling with Freddie, the former SmackDown writer professed Fit Finlay’s importance to the women’s revolution, something Prinze hopes earns Finlay a spot in the aforementioned special feature.

“I just did this documentary for A&E about the Bellas and their debut and their contribution to the business and I don’t know who all they had on there but hopefully they got Finlay because he was sort of the champion for all of the women’s wrestlers back then when they were called up,” Prinze admitted. “I mean, this was the guy who was trying to let them do the same techniques and moves the men do, every single production meeting.

“Hopefully they get Freebird [Michael Hayes] on there because he was the one that ran into the room when we were about to lose them because Brie Bella called John Laurinaitis and was like ‘look, our contracts are up, either put us on TV or we’re gone’ and Laurinaitis called Freebird and was like ‘you gotta find a way to get the [Bella] Twins on TV, right now!’ and Freebird runs in the writers’ room and is like ‘the Twins, we gotta get them on TV!’ And all the writers were like ‘What? Are we even allowed to watch the FCW tapes because you said I wasn’t’ [laughs].

“Everyone was so confused but it was because of Nikki and Brie, Brie was like the behind-the-scenes Jaws of the two of them, right? Like whatever the Killer Whale was, the Orca, that one, that’s Nikki, because she’s more hardcore, like in the ring but in life, Brie’s like, ‘Nah, dude, I will cut you [laughs].’ So, that’s why they accomplished all that they’ve accomplished but before the Bellas and before the women were getting commercial breaks and 10, 15, 20-minute matches, oh, here’s an Iron Man match for you between I think it was Sasha Banks and Bayley. Like, that’s sick!

“That all happens because the Bellas had a reality show called Total Divas and Total Bellas and it was getting higher ratings than Monday Night RAW, so they started bringing their storylines or they started creating storylines on their reality show and allowing those to motivate the matches, which was such a sick, next-level business move, Brie Bella, thank you very much. But before they existed, Michelle McCool was having to hold down this fort, it was all on her shoulders, and here comes this jerk writer from LA, who doesn’t know her at all and hasn’t even been there for half of a year and they’re gonna take it all away at the Royal Rumble and there’s gonna be a women’s WrestleMania match and she’s not gonna be in it but she’s been holding the fort for this PG brand that she’s been forced to hold? It was borderline G rating, the storylines that she was doing. She had to put up with a lot but I’m thinking maybe that.”

Prinze worked in WWE from 2008 until 2012 in a producing and writing role with some sporadic on-screen appearances. Prinze most recently confirmed that he’s working on debuting his professional wrestling promotion sometime in 2023.

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