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Announced card

Alex Shelley vs. Jordan Oliver vs. Nick Wayne

Alex Colon vs. Dale Patricks for the GCW Ultraviolent Championship

Los Macizos (Ciclope & Miedo Extremo) vs. Joey Janela & Cole Radrick

Ninja Mack vs. Calvin Tankman

Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner, Matthew Justice & 1 Called Manders) vs. Horrorslam (Breyer Wellington, Malcolm Monroe III & Tommy Vendetta)

Blake Christian vs. Chase Burnett

Hoodfoot vs. Slade

Akira vs. Shane Mercer

Tony Deppen vs. Dark Sheik vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Alec Price vs. Yoya in a Scramble Match

Dark Sheik gains an early advantage as the match begins. Sheik manages to take out Jimmy Lloyd and Tony Deppen, sending them out of the ring. Alec Price and Yoya got at it in the middle of the ring and trade pinfall attempts. Deppen returns and slaps Yoya in the mouth. Deppen begins to dominate. Deppen manages to lock Price and Lloyd in a submission at the same time. Sheik breaks up the holds with a leg drop from the top turnbuckle.

Sheik and Yoya go at it before Deppen re-enters the fray. Lloyd delivers a Tombstone Piledriver on the apron to Yoya as Price dives out of the ring onto Dark Sheik. Deppen eventually soars through the middle rope. Back in the ring, Yoya nails Jimmy Lloyd, before Price sends Yoya head-first into the bottom buckle. Sheik punches Price in the lower region and lands her finisher. Deppen steals the victory by rolling up Sheik.

Winner: Tony Deppen via pinfall

Chase Burnett vs. Blake Christian

Christian backs Burnett into the corner, immediately intimidating him. Burnett uses his cane, but Christian responds to send him crashing down to the mat. Burnett delivers two arm drags to Christian as he begins to build some momentum. Christian fires back and stops Burnett in his tracks with a flurry of strikes. Christian begins to find his groove and sends Burnett face-first into the canvas.

On the outside, Christian is in control, and he chops Burnett as he sits on a chair in the front row. He delivers another chop before sending him back into the ring. Burnett finds a window of opportunity and tries to rally. Christian lands a big spine buster, but Burnett kicks out of the pin attempt. Burnett manages to send Christian out of the ring and stuns everyone by hitting a springboard moonsault from the top turnbuckle.

Back in the middle of the ring, Burnett spikes Christian with a piledriver. Both men trade pin attempts as Burnett exits the ring. Christian follows him with a dive over the top rope. Moments later, Christian hits a Paradigm Shift and a Curb Stomp in the center of the ring to win.

Winner: Blake Christian via pinfall

– After the match, Blake Christian speaks about Jon Moxley ahead of their match next month. The microphone isn’t clear enough to work out exactly what was said.

Ninja Mack vs. Calvin Tankman

Tankman and Mack try and figure each other out to start the match. Mack hits a low strike on Tankman which forces him to retreat to the corner. Tankman hurls Mack outside the ring. As he returns, he locks Tankman in a headlock, but is sent down once again. Tankman runs at Mack but is forced over the top rope. Tankman resumes control by sending Mack face-first into the ring post. Tankman delivers a series of chops before slamming Mack onto the apron.

Back in the ring, Tankman catches Mack with a stiff strike to the face using the forearm as he continues to dominate. Mack manages to fight back, but Tankman stops him in his tracks with another big forearm. Tankman delivers an elbow and drops Mack onto the mat with a powerbomb. Mack rallies again and lands a Phoenix 630 from the top to win.

Winner: Ninja Mack via pinfall

Alex Shelley vs. Jordan Oliver vs. Nick Wayne

Shelley and Wayne go at it as Oliver watches on. Shelley gains the advantage over Wayne, so Oliver steps up and goes toe-to-toe with the Impact Wrestling star. Oliver and Wayne decide to team up to take on the veteran. Despite the odds being against him, Shelley takes Oliver and Wayne down with a series of clotheslines. Oliver and Wayne resume teaming against Shelley, but as Shelley is sent out of the equation, both men shake hands and then go at it.

Shelley ultimately returns as Wayne is building some momentum. Oliver lands a crossbody on Wayne. Oliver sends Shelley face-first into the corner. Shelley eventually turns the tide and plants Oliver into the canvas face-first. Shelley is feeling it as he maintains wrist control on Wayne. Shelley manages to lock in a Border City Stretch to Oliver, but Wayne breaks the hold. Shelley then locks a Crossface on Oliver and a toe hold on Wayne.

Oliver and Wayne agree to team up again after Shelley is sent out of the equation once more. Oliver instead tries to pin Wayne, and the pair begin to have a shoving contest. Oliver and Wayne trade chops to the chest. Wayne lands a Code Red on Oliver, but Shelley returns. Oliver hits a flurry of moves on Wayne and Shelley. Shelley locks in the Border City Stretch on Oliver. Wayne hits a Senton Bomb on Oliver as Shelley gets out of the way.

As the match begins to take its toll, all three men do battle on their knees in the middle of the ring. They all trade a series of super kicks. Wayne hits an Ace Crusher on Shelley as Oliver lands a Clout Cutter on Wayne. Oliver then pins Shelley for the win.

Winner: Jordan Oliver via pinfall

– After the match, Shelley says he was undefeated in GCW until tonight. Shelley says Oliver and Wayne are a great team, but he’s got a couple of tag team partners. He then teases Chris Sabin teaming up with him. Shelley tells Oliver and Wayne they are the future of pro wrestling. Oliver says he and Wayne love the idea of facing The Motor City Machine Guns in Detroit this year.

Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner, Matthew Justice & 1 Called Manders) vs. Horrorslam (Breyer Wellington, Malcolm Monroe III & Tommy Vendetta)

After an initial encounter in the ring, The Second Gear Crew take a sip of some beer at ringside and call Horrorslam to fight them on the outside. Justice, Manders and Warner immediately dominate as the brawl goes all around the venue. The war eventually returns to the ring, with Horrorslam in control. They release a box of Lego in the center of the ring, which is used moments later with a double Side Russian Leg Sweep.

Manders is sent to the outside as the battle is once again taken to the ringside area. Justice pulls out a door from underneath the ring. Warner and Justice set up a door on two chairs in the middle of the ring. MMIII connects with a Double Stomp from the top turnbuckle to send Justice through the door. Warner and Vendetta trade forearms in the ring. Warner is sent through a door in the corner. SGC go wild and use broken pieces of the doors to repeatedly hit Horrorslam. SGC then pull out a table from underneath the ring.

Horrorslam respond and MMIII dives over the ropes to take out SGC. Manders returns with a steel chair and attempts to take out Horrorslam on his own. SGC regain control as Warner throws chairs at Horrorslam as a table is set up in the center of the ring. Manders uses Warner as a weapon, slamming him on top of Horrorslam through the table. Justice follows it up with a splash onto Vendetta from the top to win.

Winners: Second Gear Crew (Matthew Justice, 1 Called Manders & Mance Warner) via pinfall

– We have a 15-minute intermission.

Hoodfoot vs. Slade in a Deathmatch

Both men go nose-to-nose as the bell rings. They trade blows before having a battle against each other with light tubes. Hoodfoot is badly cut open on his left arm, and the referee immediately calls for the bell.

Winner: No contest

Akira vs. Shane Mercer in a Deathmatch

Mercer is busted open early on. Akira hits a Double Stomp on Mercer, who had a light tube placed on top of him. Akira scales the ropes and takes Mercer out on the outside. Akira uses a GCW personnel to take out Mercer. Back in the ring, Akira has Mercer seated on a chair in the corner of the ring as he goes to work with a light tube. Mercer responds by power slamming Akira on to a light tube. Mercer uses a broken tube to scrape open Akira’s forehead.

Mercer smashes another light tube over the head of Akira and follows it up by putting a broken piece in his mouth. Akira likes it and begins to chew the glass. Mercer manages to hit a Superplex from the top turnbuckle on Akira, who lands on a light tube. Akira and Mercer continue to go back-and-forth. Akira smashes a bunch of tubes on Mercer in the corner of the ring. Akira elevates Mercer and hits a Northern Lights before setting up a barbed wire door on top of two chairs. Akira goes to the top, but Mercer smashes him with a bundle of tubes. Mercer then holds Akira as he moonsaults from the middle rope through the barbed wire door before picking up the win.

Winner: Shane Mercer via pinfall

Alex Colon vs. Dale Patricks for the GCW Ultraviolent Championship in a Deathmatch

Both men struggle to gain an advantage in the early goings. Patricks finds an answer by using a light tube to send the champion down. Colon responds by smashing Patricks down onto a small pile of tubes. Colon took a dive through the middle ropes, but when he went for a second attempt with some tubes, Patricks had his number. Patricks shows his strength by lifting Colon up and power slamming him down onto a bundle of tubes. Patricks choke slams Colon through a pane of glass already set up on the outside of the ring before the match began.

Just as Patricks resumes control, the champion begins to fight back. Patricks picks up Colon for an airplane spin and plants him down onto the canvas. Colon replied by shoving Patricks into a door in the corner of the ring before hitting a Double Stomp from the top rope. Colon then hits a Tiger Driver onto some tubes to retain the championship.

Winner: STILL GCW Ultraviolent Champion, Alex Colon via pinfall

Ciclope vs. Miedo Extremo vs. Cole Radrick in a Deathmatch

Joey Janela couldn’t make it to the venue due to travel issues. A quickfire start allows Radrick to dive over the ropes to take out Ciclope and Extremo on the outside. Radrick uses the tubes to his advantage until Extremo hits a Dragon Suplex using a bundle of tubes. Extremo and Ciclope eventually find themselves teaming together to work on Radrick.

Radrick lands an Air Raid Crash on Extremo through a pane of glass that was set up on two steel chairs. After smashing Radrick with a steel chair, Ciclope sets up another pane of glass on two steel chairs. Ciclope then sends Radrick from the middle rope through the glass below. Extremo sends Ciclope through a pane of glass before sending Radrick through another pane of glass.

Radrick continues to be punished by Extremo and Ciclope. As Extremo is taken out of the equation, Ciclope forces Radrick to tap out with a submission.

Winner: Ciclope via submission

– That’s all for GCW Dead On Arrival 2022!

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